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Apostle - Mark, for one

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Apostle - Mark, for one Apostle - Matthew, for one Apostle - Man with a mission Apostle - Early christian Apostle - Jude, for one Apostle - Peter or paul, but not mary Apostle - Matthew or simon Apostle - Andrew, for one Apostle - Doubting thomas, for one Apostle - Last supper guest Apostle - Christian messenger Apostle - Mormon church official Apostle - Andrew or paul Apostle - Disciple Apostle - Judas iscariot, for one Apostle - Peter or paul but not mary Apostle - Thaddaeus, for one Apostle - Matthew or mark Apostle - John or paul, but not george or ringo Apostle - Mormon official Apostle - 31 down, for one Apostle - Believer Apostle - Deliverer of text messages? Apostle - Matthew or simon peter Apostle - James or judas, e.g Apostle - One of one dozen gets a drink round the mail Apostle - One of twelve might get a job with the french Apostle - One of twelve that gets drunk about the letters Apostle - One of twelve of what's in 8 across in the ale Apostle - One letter to the french is as good as one in twelve Apostle - One of twelve such might stick in the beer Apostle - Stick one of twelve in the beer to pass the word Apostle - Does one spread the word of a religious job with the french? Apostle - One of the biblical twelve Apostle - Luke or john, say Apostle - 'matthew or mark, say (7)' Apostle - A job with the french - just one of twelve Apostle - A position with the french, one of twelve (7) Apostle - A job with the french by the dozen Apostle - Leaps to find teacher of faith Apostle - Matthew or mark say Apostle - Teacher of new faith or movement Apostle - Missionary or evangelist Apostle - Leaps to find religious follower Apostle - A job with the french - one of twelve Apostle - One spreads the word that there's a job going with the french Apostle - Stick in the beer that's one of twelve Apostle - One of 12 in the new testament Apostle - 'last supper' figure Apostle - One of twelve placing the mail in beer? Apostle - Messenger has a job getting in beer Apostle - Preacher makes pleas to convert Apostle - A job for the french preacher Apostle - Porter is about to dispatch messenger Apostle - Missionary put in mid-wales Apostle - Appointment accepted by stout preacher Apostle - Preacher leaps to conclusion Apostle - Missionary uses stone to break a stick Apostle - Mark, perhaps, made on a spoon Apostle - Missionary who can handle a spoon? Apostle - A preacher of gospels Apostle - Divine messenger Apostle - Preacher of the gospel Apostle - Champion - one of twelve Apostle - Ardent espouser of new system Apostle - Disciple of jesus christ Apostle - Originally, one sent to preach the gospel Apostle - To lapse (anag) - ardent supporter of a cause Apostle - Evangelist Apostle - Last supper figure Apostle - Early christian missionary Apostle - Missionary Apostle - 43-down follower Apostle - After getting in the beer he went round preaching Apostle - Matthew or mark, say Apostle - Last supper attendee Apostle - John or paul Apostle - Bartholomew, for one Apostle - John or james Apostle - Ale pots (anag) Apostle - Missionary given drink, after being taken in Apostle - Missionary in retrospect felt so passionately involved Apostle - Chosen disciple Apostle - Holy person has job drinking beer? on the contrary! Apostle - Good man has a job with local employer, initially Apostle - Vigorous campaigner's job, intervening in possible source of drunkenness Apostle - One given a commission after the rising? Apostle - Disciple of christ Apostle - Paul felt so passionately about not a lot Apostle - One of twelve the french tied to a stake Apostle - Ardent supporter is pale when in drink Apostle - Early christian teacher Apostle - One of twelve old plates broken Apostle - Vigorous supporter's bitter about job Apostle - Spoon with this champion, perhaps Apostle - Advocate having job holding beer? just the opposite! Apostle - Slop tea, stirred by such a spoon? Apostle - Follower of jesus Apostle - One of christ's disciples Apostle - Follower of christ Apostle - Stake in drink for john, perhaps Apostle - Stone thrown into a bar in st. james, for example Apostle - Religious messenger Apostle - Eg john put pale into beer Apostle - Religious teacher gets job in 'ealthy environment Apostle - A saint seen in someone like john paul ii, disciple Apostle - What's seen on spoon that's placed upright in beer? Apostle - A delivery, extremely large, for thaddeus, perhaps Apostle - Send drink outside for messenger Apostle - Eg john, paul Apostle - An appointment with the french evangelist Apostle - About a saint, a foreigner; one of the early christians Apostle - Pleas to remove evangelist Apostle - Could be the lost copy held by a follower Apostle - Porter going around the office as a preacher Apostle - A follower of jesus Apostle - A situation confronting the french evangelist Apostle - An early christian porter drinking position Apostle - - - spoon Apostle - Lose pat, revolutionary supporter Apostle - Saint has alcoholic drink in course of work? the opposite! Apostle - Beer drinking job for a biblical type! Apostle - Christian position about beer? no, the opposite Apostle - A disciple Apostle - 'the --', 1997 film written and directed by robert duvall Apostle - Early christian given a job the spanish rejected Apostle - Missionary position, caught in draught? Apostle - A job accompanying the french missionary Apostle - Supporter Apostle - Perhaps matthew street's situated in north or south Apostle - Supporter after drink outside Apostle - American behind the parisian preacher Apostle - A job the french gave early christian Apostle - Advocate having job holding drink? just the opposite! Apostle - A pole's half-mile champion Apostle - Missionary position? it's bitter outside! Apostle - A job, extremely lucrative for bartholomew, say Apostle - Religious follower, a saint captivated by john paul ii perhaps Apostle - A job with laudable ends for missionary Apostle - After spiking drink, missionary appears Apostle - Missionary position being embraced by topless man Apostle - A pious type entering bar as preacher Apostle - Messenger of the faith Apostle - A way to interrupt european supporter Apostle - Supporter with a flagstaff crossing street Apostle - Messenger or porter, say, carrying letters Apostle - Bitter hiding place for missionary Apostle - A job extremely lucrative for james, say Apostle - John, james or judas Apostle - Bitter, perhaps, about job for disciple Apostle - Missionary that can handle a spoon? Apostle - You'd expect one of those to have some 27 down for judas Apostle - Messenger has porter keeping mail Apostle - Disciple of jesus Apostle - 'the last supper' attendee Apostle - Evangelist to lapse improperly Apostle - Porter securing job for messenger Apostle - Paul or simon Apostle - James, john or jude Apostle - Preacher has a job on the outskirts of liege Apostle - Andrew or bartholomew, in the new testament Apostle - Perhaps porter's to carry mail to missionary Apostle - John or james, for example, having pale ale outside Apostle - Judas for one bitter, perhaps, about situation Apostle - Any of 12 at the last supper Apostle - Biblical disciple Apostle - Any of 12 biblical disciples Apostle - Preacher with a stake in drink Apostle - Messenger has job getting in beer Apostle - Follower Apostle - A religious teacher, from a greek word for a messenger