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Pathos - Evocation of compassion

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Pathos - Emotion of pity Pathos - Compassion Pathos - Sympathetic pity Pathos - Feeling of pity Pathos - Commiseration Pathos - Tear-jerking sentiment Pathos - Pity-evoking quality Pathos - Purple prose quality Pathos - Emotional appeal Pathos - Poignant quality Pathos - Poignancy Pathos - Feeling evoked in drama Pathos - Passionate appeal Pathos - Pitiful quality Pathos - Evocation of compassion Pathos - Compas-sion Pathos - Is it the turn of the little dog to clean up the mess? Pathos - A quality that arouses pity or sorrow Pathos - The quality arouses pity or sorrow Pathos - The quality moves one to pity Pathos - Cause of sympathy Pathos - Quality that arouses pity or sadness Pathos - Quality with power to provoke pity or sadness Pathos - At shop for poignancy Pathos - Quality of attracting pity Pathos - Quality that arouses pity Pathos - The quality arouses pity Pathos - Quality eliciting pity and sympathy Pathos - Sad how a little way gets to be so uppish Pathos - The quality that moves one to pity Pathos - Feeling love in little ways Pathos - Sadness in love in some ways Pathos - Pitiful affair of the quiet musketeer Pathos - Pity Pathos - Power to excite tender emotion Pathos - Quality arousing pity Pathos - Quality evoking pity or sadness Pathos - Feeling of compassion Pathos - Compassion for irishman holding on to most of the hose Pathos - Feeling of sympathy Pathos - Quality arousing pity in irishman's house Pathos - Arousing of pity Pathos - Wager your chap heard poet Pathos - Quality evoking pity Pathos - Potash has been dispersed - a cause for pity Pathos - Pity route like that goes uphill Pathos - In some ways, love can produce a feeling of pity Pathos - Quality evoking sadness Pathos - Cause for pity in foul-up at hospital Pathos - Ways to capture o'neill's initial poignancy Pathos - Something evoking pity Pathos - Quality inspiring pity Pathos - Course taken by ordinary seaman leads to pitiful feeling Pathos - Pitifulness Pathos - Sadness of chap at hospital Pathos - Poignancy seen among group at hospital Pathos - Map-makers following track's pitiable quality Pathos - Love, in some ways, is a sentimental feeling Pathos - Emotion shown by love in little ways Pathos - Pitiful quality of pedestrian routes around oval Pathos - Misery created by 'snip' at hospital Pathos - Way to surmount enormous sadness Pathos - Gently stroke husband, so upset it arouses pity Pathos - Father to most of those in tragedy Pathos - Sympathy Pathos - Plaintiveness Pathos - Pitifulness of dad, shot badly Pathos - Ways to hide love -- such will evoke sadness Pathos - Quality that arouses sympathy Pathos - Quality that arouses emotion Pathos - Tragedy of trail map-making body Pathos - Hot spa (anag) - sadness Pathos - Sorrow, of course, very uplifting Pathos - Quality arousing sorrow has power over dumas character Pathos - Compassion-evoking quality