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Aired - Hung out to dry

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Aired - Hung out to dry Aired - Was shown Aired - Broadcast Aired - Shown Aired - Shown, in a way Aired - Televised Aired - Put on Aired - Broadcasted Aired - Put on, in a way Aired - Was on tv Aired - Made public Aired - Put on tv Aired - Put on the radio Aired - Came on tv Aired - Went public with Aired - Was on Aired - Played music on the radio, e.g Aired - Made known, as grievances Aired - Ran Aired - Hung out to dry, e.g Aired - Was on the waves? Aired - Ventilated Aired - Was on the tube Aired - Put on the tube Aired - Was on television Aired - Ran on tv Aired - Showed on tv Aired - Showed Aired - Was on the broadcast schedule Aired - Ventilated, with "out" Aired - Hit the waves? Aired - That's dry and ruddy well first-rate Aired - Is the top of 14 down firstrate when it's dry? Aired - It's just a shade first-rate and dry Aired - As a revolutionary, first-rate, but not a wet one Aired - What a fired-rate, dry revolutionary! Aired - That's ruddy first-rate and dry Aired - The revolutionary seems first-rate and quite dry Aired - That first-rate colour is nice and dry Aired - Made public in sundry ways? Aired - That's a first-rate colour now that it's dry Aired - First-rate and ruddy well dry Aired - Ventilated, or hung out to dry Aired - Exposed for drying Aired - Ventilated in the outdoors? Aired - Exposed to breeze for freshening - say damp clothes Aired - Vented to or exposed to breeze Aired - Publicised a first-rate shade Aired - Showed on television Aired - Like double-act with piano, this broadcast Aired - Dog deprived of drink when put on show Aired - Blushing after artificial insemination is made known Aired - Broadcast from a river delta Aired - Shown on tv Aired - Did express almost derail unexpectedly? Aired - Shown on television Aired - Appeared on tv Aired - Went on the radio Aired - Shown on the tube Aired - Public, as dirty laundry Aired - Made public a sign of irishness abroad finally Aired - Publicized Aired - Made known Aired - Expressed publicly by guderian taking part in retreat Aired - Put to dry; said publicly Aired - Broadcast from capital of russia before 1991? Aired - Excellent radical broadcast Aired - Raised a snooker ball i potted Aired - Fine sort of wine, dry Aired - Broadcast; dried Aired - Broadcast from engineer needing outside assistance Aired - Anger found in modern day broadcast Aired - Broadcast by a leading irish cardinal Aired - Excellent left-winger given broadcast Aired - Brought out into the open Aired - Vented Aired - River dance's first broadcast Aired - Came on Aired - Not kept secret Aired - Was broadcast Aired - Stated publicly Aired - Made part of a stream Aired - Ran on the tube Aired - Is not part of diaries broadcasted Aired - Expressed publicly Aired - In modern times, consuming anger is publicly displayed Aired - Telecast Aired - Was seen on tv Aired - No longer stuffy, maybe Aired - Said publicly