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Nine - Yellow-striped billiard ball

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  • Nine - Letter on N
  • 1 - st. word N
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E

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Nine - Common opening time Nine - See left Nine - Supreme court count Nine - Excellent-plus rating Nine - Prime time hour Nine - Emergency cb channel Nine - Lowest card in pinochle Nine - Mozart's age, when he wrote his fifth symphony Nine - Prime-time hour Nine - Five after four Nine - Target number in baccarat Nine - Opening time, maybe Nine - Muse count Nine - Shop-opening time Nine - Supreme court quota Nine - Wxyz, on the button Nine - Right fielder, to the scorekeeper Nine - Three squared Nine - Number of muses Nine - Cardinal with a loop Nine - 1982 tony musical Nine - Pretty high rating Nine - Supreme court complement Nine - Last single digit Nine - Cloud number Nine - Cloud ___ Nine - Ted williams wore it Nine - Kind of iron Nine - "a stitch in time saves ___" Nine - Low card in pinochle Nine - With 5- and 10-across, need for 69-, 70- and 71-across Nine - "the whole --- yards" Nine - Musical with the song 'be italian' Nine - Number dialed before two ones Nine - Inches in a span Nine - Salinger's '___ stories' Nine - Wxy neighbor Nine - Muses count Nine - A perfect square Nine - Almost perfect rating Nine - "the whole ___ yards" (2000) Nine - What a stitch in time saves Nine - Reindeer team, counting rudolph Nine - Prime-time time Nine - Shop-opening time, often Nine - Mudville group Nine - Best score in baccarat Nine - "... in the pot, ___ days old" Nine - Musical based on a fellini film Nine - 'the whole ___ yards' Nine - Prime time? Nine - When the hands form a right angle Nine - Largest digit Nine - Diamond complement Nine - Highest digit Nine - Comfy cloud Nine - Store opening time Nine - See 25-down Nine - Love potion's number Nine - When many doors open Nine - Pinochle low card Nine - Opening hour, often Nine - Half a course Nine - Roger maris's number Nine - Shortest iron, in golf Nine - Highest score in baccarat Nine - Five after four? Nine - Number of cats' lives Nine - Back __ Nine - Yarborough high card Nine - Yellow-striped ball in pool Nine - Excellent gymnastics score Nine - Small square Nine - Half of a golf course Nine - Mudville number Nine - Front __ Nine - Top baccarat score Nine - Diamond number Nine - Full complement of baseball players Nine - Workplace starting time Nine - Desirable cloud? Nine - First digit in a california zip code Nine - Midmorning Nine - Number of cat lives Nine - Low square Nine - Start of a critical call Nine - Top score in baccarat Nine - _______ladies dancing Nine - Highest sudoku number Nine - U.s. highway with a ferry connection between delaware and new jersey Nine - _____tte, manitoba Nine - A round of golf, informally Nine - Three-quarters of a dozen Nine - Happy cloud number Nine - Ix Nine - Baseball side Nine - ". . . in the pot, ___ days old" Nine - Baseball club Nine - Punch-in time for many Nine - Front or back at the course Nine - Yellow-striped pool ball Nine - Quick outing on the links Nine - Baseball team Nine - Striped billiard ball Nine - Baseball starters Nine - Tiger iron Nine - Opening time Nine - Wxyz button Nine - Mudville team Nine - Three's opposite on a clock face Nine - Wxy, on a phone Nine - Workday start for many Nine - It's a square Nine - Fine diving score Nine - Ball with a yellow stripe Nine - Blissful cloud Nine - Supreme court, e.g Nine - Number of men in a lineup Nine - Baseball team Nine - Midevening Nine - Roger maris wore it Nine - Baseball team, in old-timey lingo Nine - Unbeatable baccarat hand Nine - __-to-five worker Nine - Last digit in a price, often Nine - *start of a 38-across Nine - Musical inspired by fellini's "8â½" Nine - Workday start, for many Nine - Almost perfect? Nine - Work-shift start, at times Nine - Course half Nine - Clementine's shoe size Nine - Number of circles in dante's hell Nine - Beethoven symphony count Nine - Start time for judy, violet and doralee Nine - Perfect square Nine - Recent film, whether a numeral or a word Nine - Roger maris, for the yankees Nine - Ted williams's number Nine - Right fielder, on a scorecard Nine - High court count Nine - Figure in many a round-up? Nine - Start of the workday, often Nine - Turned six? Nine - Round of golf, informally Nine - Whom "seven ate," in a joke Nine - Yellow-striped ball Nine - Three hours before noon Nine - September's number Nine - Common punch-in time Nine - Starting time for some Nine - Number of dvorã¡k symphonies Nine - On cloud ___ (elated) Nine - Complement of dante's circles of hell Nine - "love potion no. ___" Nine - "the whole ___ yards" Nine - Yellow-striped billiard ball Nine - Diamond team Nine - Certain pet's proverbial life count Nine - Places Nine - Half a golf course Nine - Curvy square? Nine - Cat's proverbial life count Nine - Highest one-digit number Nine - Three's opposite, on a clock face Nine - Last single-digit number Nine - Cost in dollars of the world's first tv ad in 1941 Nine - Inverted six Nine - High digit Nine - Muse quantity Nine - 1982 tony-winning musical Nine - Fellini-based musical Nine - Day-shift start Nine - Cardinals or blue jays Nine - Shift start for many Nine - Musical based on fellini film Nine - Shift start Nine - Mid-morning Nine - Morning hour Nine - Near-perfect score, maybe Nine - Three threes Nine - Three trios Nine - On cloud -- Nine - A dozen minus three Nine - '-- to five' Nine - Baseball complement Nine - Upcoming daniel day-lewis movie musical Nine - Pen this in the form of a chain Nine - A c.a. could never make such a number like 11 across Nine - Figure how a c.a. might get so dogged with it Nine - As i might make this like 2 down Nine - Pen this in the form of a chain if you're one over the eight Nine - Thus might a c.a. be doggedly one over the eight Nine - As i reach this figure, i leave good sense behind Nine - Saw that it was a dalmatian - such a sweet one! Nine - What a c.a. might be dogged with Nine - One might pen them in the form of a chain Nine - A.c.a. might be dogged enough to get as many as this Nine - Pen them in the form of a chain in england Nine - Such ties would be for days gone by Nine - How a c.a. would become dogged if he was one over the eight Nine - Pen them in the form of a chain Nine - What pussy has and lives for them Nine - How a c.a. might get one.over the eight in dogged manner Nine - As i could make the number silly Nine - One of 20 down, one over the eight Nine - After most of saturday that's enough to make one gloomy Nine - As i make as many as this seem silly Nine - 1/10? Nine - Pen them in a chain to have them one over the eight Nine - Number of days in a novena Nine - Accountants have one over the eight in them for 22 across Nine - A stitch in time saves them Nine - A c.a. might so get dogged in a number of ways Nine - Pen such a number in the form of a chain Nine - Always one over the eight Nine - Such holes are only half round (4) Nine - This could make a chain after 20 down Nine - 'possession is... points of the law' Nine - Supreme court justice count Nine - A stitch in time saves it Nine - A stitch in time saves this Nine - 'a stitch in time saves . . . .' Nine - 'possession is ... points of the law' Nine - 'a stitch in time saves ....' Nine - 'possession is .... points of the law' Nine - Number for a club Nine - How a pen can make a chain in a number of ways (4) Nine - One off often? Nine - One short, often Nine - 1/8? Nine - Pen them in chain form when one is one over the eight Nine - As i got over this i got silly Nine - As i get this number it¿s silly Nine - Pen the number of them in the form of a chain Nine - Pen the number in the form of a chain Nine - A ca might make it doggedly? in short, no Nine - Lofted iron Nine - 'the ___ tailors,' dorothy l. sayers mystery Nine - Leo could make so many regal in a beastly way Nine - There's a number back in the northeast Nine - 3/4 of a dozen Nine - Baseball team number Nine - Start of a call for help Nine - "ladies dancing" carol contingent Nine - West coast zip starter Nine - Wxyz, on a phone Nine - Popular shift starter Nine - Day shift start Nine - Half a round Nine - Some men in back of morris? Nine - See 9 Nine - Woman in evening dress that's figure revealing Nine - A slight shift in einstein's original negative figure Nine - Number Nine - Number of lepers who failed to return Nine - Cat's lives? - the next clue? Nine - It's dialled three times in an emergency Nine - Number of feline existences Nine - Short time for a wonder Nine - Span's inches Nine - Square number Nine - See 122-across Nine - Store opening time, often Nine - Highest single digit Nine - The largest one-digit square Nine - Highest sudoku digit Nine - Upside-down six Nine - Number of 'lives' a cat has Nine - First digit in an alaskan zip code Nine - The whole ___ yards Nine - Golfer's front or back Nine - Three x three Nine - Famed love potion number Nine - Baseball starters, in number Nine - 7 in 8 hold the next number? Nine - Muses' number Nine - Summer sunset hour, for some Nine - Number of oscars for 64-across Nine - Signed on without dogs before ten Nine - Lucky figure in chinese culture Nine - Pocket billiards ball count, sometimes Nine - Near-perfect rating Nine - Love potion number Nine - Turns up six is the biggest single number Nine - Number of muses and days in a novena Nine - Top sudoku entry Nine - Alaska zip code starter Nine - Lives for garfield Nine - Half of a course Nine - Golfer's back Nine - Good diving score Nine - Ted williams' number Nine - Baseball team minimum Nine - Pease porridge's age in days Nine - Evening hour Nine - Baseball quota Nine - Number before lives or west, in brand names Nine - Not using obamacare, say Nine - Diamond group Nine - Salinger's "__ stories" Nine - Ennead Nine - Number of players or innings Nine - The digits in all but one of its two-digit multiples add up to it Nine - No. of cat lives Nine - Days lady jane 5 ac reigned Nine - Square dancing ladies? Nine - Number always worn by uwe seeler Nine - Number worn by henrik pedersen Nine - Iron for the halfway mark? Nine - Rooney's shirt number at euro two thousand and four Nine - Kyran bracken's shirt number Nine - Ted macdougall's goals against margate Nine - One more than fourteen across Nine - Wayne rooney swears by this england shirt number Nine - Olympic golds won by carl lewis Nine - Dwayne peel's shirt number Nine - Not entirely ten i need - just this? Nine - One's married partner Nine - Number of the muses Nine - So many women in exotic clothes Nine - What's essential to obtain in ennead? Nine - Prime time perhaps begins on the extremes of nihilistic magazine Nine - -- -to-fiver Nine - Opening time, often Nine - Lowest stripe Nine - Midmorning hour Nine - Number of heads of the hydra, in myth Nine - Start of the workday Nine - Eleven of the romans turned back Nine - How many see a knight in ecstasy? Nine - Cardinal's refusal to speak german Nine - Muses in a square Nine - Some women in essex were of their number Nine - Eleven out to score Nine - Number that's fashionable in humberside Nine - 3x3 Nine - How many are back in quarters? Nine - Second part of 14 Nine - Number seen in felixstowe! Nine - End of demonstration occupying centre of red square Nine - Square root of 81 Nine - And 23: flash in the pan Nine - Six turned over -- or beheaded? Nine - Number ix Nine - Less than ten, i need? Nine - Number of muses discovered in bahraini necropolis Nine - And 25: linesmen spraying part of wandsworth Nine - Orioles' complement Nine - Symbol for september Nine - Number of muses half feminine Nine - Baseball squad Nine - Best hand in baccarat Nine - On cloud __ (elated) Nine - Number included in concession i negotiated Nine - Half of eighteen Nine - Number on a diamond? Nine - Opening time, for many Nine - Occupant of train in euston square Nine - Number of players in a baseball fielding team Nine - Sudoku digit Nine - Three-fourths of a dozen Nine - ___ elms (london district where vauxhall motors was founded) Nine - "a stitch in time saves ____" Nine - Square symbolically seen here Nine - West coast zip-code starter Nine - Roger maris's retired number Nine - 1982 tony winner for best musical Nine - Ball team complement Nine - "the __" (book on the court) Nine - Muses number Nine - Four and five, but not six and seven Nine - Number going into eighteen, in effect Nine - Number of a cat's lives Nine - Common starting time Nine - Number sung four times in a carol Nine - Number of greek muses Nine - Mudville ___ (casey's team) Nine - Mudville __ (casey's team) Nine - Striped yellow billiard ball Nine - "front" or "back" course part Nine - California zip code starter Nine - Square in town in england Nine - Start of alaskan zip codes Nine - Gretzky's mvp award collection Nine - One over the eight Nine - Mudville complement Nine - Best hand value in baccarat Nine - Number dialed before 1-1 Nine - Front ___ (course half) Nine - -- -to-five Nine - Rock's ___ inch nails Nine - "story of a girl" (___ days) Nine - ___ inch nails Nine - When dolly parton clocked in? Nine - "absolutely (story of a girl)" ___ days Nine - Number of studio albums "round room" was for phish Nine - How many inches nails might be? Nine - '81 bob seger live album "___ tonight" Nine - The yellow striped ball Nine - Starting number of baseball players Nine - Baseball team count Nine - When some retire for the night Nine - Square next up after four Nine - First striped billiard ball Nine - Strongest single-digit rating Nine - Mudville player count Nine - Ten's last, eight's first - there's one number between them? Nine - Good score in diving Nine - Cloud __ Nine - Whole-yards link Nine - Highest figure in sudoku Nine - Square number unspecified? the writer's dismissing 1,000 Nine - Back-row bowling pin Nine - When many clock in Nine - "ladies dancing" carol count Nine - Musical based on fellini's '8 1/2' Nine - About 38% of 24 Nine - Work starting hour Nine - It comes between 3 and 27, in a series Nine - "___ to 5" Nine - Leaders of nations in northern europe — a smallish number Nine - End of an early-dealing maxim Nine - Square after four Nine - End of a think-ahead adage Nine - Cat's number of lives Nine - Russian revolutionary backed, then beheaded in square Nine - This puzzle's theme Nine - Age, in days, of pease porridge of rhyme Nine - Number of baseball fielders Nine - Number of baseball fielders Nine - Lowish square Nine - Lowish square Nine - Top sudoku digit Nine - Top sudoku digit Nine - Punch-in time, for many Nine - Punch-in time, for many