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Dyed - Made more colorful, maybe

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Dyed - Used henna Dyed - Like easter eggs Dyed - Changed colors Dyed - Tinted Dyed - Turned blue, perhaps Dyed - Made blue, perhaps Dyed - Not natural Dyed - Went from blond to brunette, in a way Dyed - --- in the wool Dyed - Not natural, perhaps Dyed - Not the original color Dyed - Unnatural, as hair Dyed - Turned blue, maybe Dyed - Turned blue, say Dyed - Turned silver to gold? Dyed - Unnatural, in a way Dyed - Henna-streaked Dyed - Stained on purpose Dyed - Like some human hair Dyed - ___ in the wool Dyed - Changed locks? Dyed - Turned red, maybe Dyed - Went platinum, perhaps, but probably not gold Dyed - Colored Dyed - Did some batiking Dyed - Did a salon job Dyed - Like batik fabrics Dyed - Not colored naturally Dyed - Changed to pink, perhaps Dyed - Changed one's locks, maybe Dyed - Changed hue Dyed - Not natural, as hair Dyed - Did batik Dyed - Changed one's locks? Dyed - Used food coloring, e.g Dyed - Turned to blonde Dyed - Enhanced, color-wise Dyed - Turned a new color Dyed - Turned brown, perhaps Dyed - Turned blue, maybe? Dyed - Became a brunette, perhaps Dyed - Changed the color of Dyed - Turned red or blue Dyed - Turned green, maybe Dyed - Worked on one's locks, maybe Dyed - Colored in a salon Dyed - Not natural, in a way Dyed - Turned blonde, say Dyed - Went brunette, perhaps Dyed - Changed the locks? Dyed - Changed from black to red, e.g Dyed - Like some changed locks Dyed - ___-in-the-wool Dyed - Recolored Dyed - Applied clairol, perhaps Dyed - Like much blonde hair Dyed - Like some wool Dyed - Gray no more, say Dyed - Unnatural, as a color Dyed - Like blue hair Dyed - No longer gray, say Dyed - Gone platinum? Dyed - Turned green, perhaps Dyed - Went platinum, perhaps Dyed - Did some coloring Dyed - Went platinum? Dyed - Stained, in a way Dyed - Made more colorful, maybe Dyed - Put highlights in, e.g Dyed - Unnatural, as hair color Dyed - Made easter eggs Dyed - Not naturally colored Dyed - Prepared easter eggs Dyed - Turned blue? Dyed - Turned red? Dyed - Went blonde Dyed - Went blond Dyed - Turned green? Dyed - Changed color Dyed - Changed the color Dyed - Hid the gray, in a way Dyed - Colored artificially Dyed - Colored cloth Dyed - Faded in a colourful way away Dyed - What the divine did about you for a shade of change Dyed - Imbued with artificual colour Dyed - Coloured Dyed - Prepared for easter, say Dyed - Unnaturally platinum Dyed - Given a new hue Dyed - Coloured by dipping in liquid Dyed - That was enough to have made just a shade of difference Dyed - 'passed away, by the sound of it, just a shade of for a change (4)' Dyed - Given some shade? Dyed - Like batik Dyed - Stained - coloured Dyed - Stained with a new colour Dyed - Re-coloured Dyed - Stained with colour Dyed - Given a new colour Dyed - Changed in colour Dyed - No longer green, perhaps Dyed - Like many easter eggs Dyed - Changed to a new colour Dyed - Colored, as easter eggs Dyed - Unnatural? Dyed - Added highlights to, in a way Dyed - Like some eggs Dyed - Applied henna, e.g Dyed - Decorated easter eggs Dyed - Like orange hair Dyed - Made a hue turn? Dyed - Highlighted, say Dyed - Turned pink or purple, perhaps Dyed - Like some blonds Dyed - Gave a new hue to Dyed - Turned green, say Dyed - Like some red hair Dyed - Went from black to red, say Dyed - Like roots, periodically? Dyed - Turned blue and reportedly died Dyed - Got away from one's roots? Dyed - Stained Dyed - Cloth is often sold by the yard, last of all Dyed - (of fabric) coloured Dyed - A shade unnatural, finishing discredited by the end Dyed - Using colour from a bottle that's expired, say Dyed - Artificially coloured Dyed - Changed colour - breathed his last, they say Dyed - Brunette no more, say Dyed - Like purple hair Dyed - Applied henna Dyed - Day after day you inside changed colour Dyed - Changed colour and expired, we hear Dyed - Changed colour Dyed - Designated driver accepted you had changed colour Dyed - Found out, eddy coloured Dyed - Coloured in untidy edges Dyed - When found out, eddy changed colour Dyed - Turned brown, say Dyed - Hid the gray in Dyed - Became a brunette, in a way Dyed - Covered the gray, say Dyed - Made colorful Dyed - Recently blond, say Dyed - Used grecian formula on Dyed - Used food coloring Dyed - Said to have declined and changed colour Dyed - Applied henna to Dyed - Coloured female banned from historic county Dyed - Prepared, as easter eggs Dyed - Tie-___ Dyed - What elvis did to his hair Dyed - Circa survive "___ in the wool" Dyed - Rocker's hair, often Dyed - Something with numbers "double ___" Dyed - Blond now, say Dyed - Dipped in indigo, say Dyed - Added highlights to Dyed - Gone from black-and-white to color, perhaps Dyed - Changed the colour of fabric Dyed - Tinted, as hair Dyed - Treated with clairol Dyed - Like most clown wigs Dyed - Colored like easter eggs Dyed - Used indigo on, say Dyed - Used grecian formula on, say Dyed - Treated with indigo, say Dyed - What aging rocker did to hair Dyed - Turned yellow, perhaps Dyed - Not naturally red-haired, e.g Dyed - Blond, in many cases Dyed - Made blue, in a way Dyed - Colored, as fabric