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Stoker - Van helsing's creator

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Stoker - "dracula" author bram Stoker - 'dracula' author Stoker - 'dracula' writer Stoker - A fire tender Stoker - All right in the rest to keep the fire up Stoker - Author of dracula Stoker - Author pat runs right down Stoker - Author piling on the heat? Stoker - Author turning to coke regularly to provide energy? Stoker - Author who fed the flames? Stoker - Author's touch of inspiration runs to the end Stoker - Author, one adding fuel to the fire? Stoker - Boiler room worker Stoker - Bram - - , dracula author Stoker - Bram -, dracula author Stoker - Bram ---, wrote dracula Stoker - Bram . . . . . . wrote 'dracula' Stoker - Bram ...... created 'dracula' Stoker - Bram ...... wrote 'dracula' Stoker - Bram ...... wrote ` `dracula' ' Stoker - Bram who created dracula Stoker - Bram who wrote of bats and bites Stoker - Bram ¿. wrote 'dracula' Stoker - Bram, author of dracula Stoker - Creator of bloodthirsty character, one adding fuel to the fire Stoker - Dracula creator bram Stoker - Dracula's creator Stoker - Fire tender Stoker - Fireman (on steam train) Stoker - Fireman - bram Stoker - Fireman associated with vampires Stoker - Fireman who doesn't put fires out Stoker - Fireside tool Stoker - For him it's all right to be among the rest for the firing Stoker - Furnace feeder Stoker - Furnace filler Stoker - Furnace man Stoker - Furnace room worker Stoker - Furnace tender Stoker - Furnace worker Stoker - Gothic writer who fuels the flames Stoker - He brought dracula to life Stoker - He created a vampire who feeds a furnace Stoker - He famously wrote short story about return of european king Stoker - He keeps on firing - that's his job Stoker - He wrote tale swallowing gassy beer, finishing neither Stoker - He'll keep you fired up! Stoker - He'll make this all right among the rest for fuel Stoker - He's fuelled the legend of dracula Stoker - He's hired purely for firing Stoker - He's in the firing line Stoker - How sidney comes up by rail to have a seizure, perhaps Stoker - Irish author of dracula Stoker - Irish author of dracula, d. 1912 Stoker - Irish writer to feed rumour at the outset Stoker - It's all right among the rest to keep the firing going Stoker - It's all right to keep the home fires burning in company with all the rest Stoker - Mark of pen's right out of order for author Stoker - Old railroad employee Stoker - One feeding furnace Stoker - One keeps a furnace going Stoker - One keeps the furnace going Stoker - One tending furnace Stoker - One tends to fire author of scary stories Stoker - Person firing a locomotive Stoker - Position on a steamship Stoker - Richard --, english composer, pianist and writer Stoker - See 6 across Stoker - Someone who fuels a furnace Stoker - Sounds like one keeps the colon Stoker - Steamship employee Stoker - Steamship hand Stoker - Steamship worker Stoker - Van helsing's creator Stoker - Worker on steam engine Stoker - Worker who feeds a furnace Stoker - Writer certainly must replace middle part of guide Stoker - Writer who added fuel to the flames?