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Digitalis - Its leaves are used as a heart stimulant

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  • Digitalis - Letter on D
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Digitalis - Medicinal cardiac stimulant Digitalis - Foxglove Digitalis - Its leaves are used as a heart stimulant Digitalis - Under your finger, the foxglove gets the sail twisted Digitalis - Might one finger sail with this from 4 across Digitalis - It'd do your heart good to put your finger on a broken sail Digitalis - It might blooming well fox them to have this on hand and take a spade to it with a sail (9) Digitalis - Start to get 15 down out of the ground (9) Digitalis - To understand nearly all of italy is a drug Digitalis - Number on ali's drug Digitalis - Drug from foxgloves Digitalis - Foxglove drug Digitalis - Cardiac stimulant prepared from 11 Digitalis - Though analogue isn't a poisoner ___ ? Digitalis - Trick to protect hands in plant making this drug? Digitalis - Drug, you have to understand, is taken round country after being cut Digitalis - Figure it is about a quid for the drug Digitalis - Heart drug prepared from foxglove leaves Digitalis - Prepare to get on computer endlessly - it's a kind of drug Digitalis - Heart drug Digitalis - Description of tv nowadays is a drug Digitalis - Cardiac stimulant obtained from the foxglove Digitalis - Unearth, tails wagging, one hiding in the plant Digitalis - From which one could imply that old-fashioned tv isn't a drug? Digitalis - Plant of the foxglove genus of the same name Digitalis - Plant and cultivate it on a slope, almost Digitalis - The thing gangster and i smuggled into accommodation is a drug Digitalis - Using numbers is a drug Digitalis - Figures inspiring fighter is something to get the pulse racing Digitalis - Stimulant - love it, second boxer admitted Digitalis - Enjoy everything, almost, connected with one’s plant