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Lens - Eye Lens - Contact, perhaps Lens - Camera part Lens - Frame insert Lens - Zoom ___ Lens - Slide projector part Lens - Word with contact or zoom Lens - See 22-down Lens - Bifocal, e.g Lens - Telescope part Lens - See-through item Lens - Part of s.l.r Lens - Refraction producer Lens - Cinematographer's concern Lens - Telescope piece Lens - Microscope part Lens - Contact, e.g Lens - It may zoom Lens - Telephoto or contact Lens - Monocle or contact, essentially Lens - Monocle part Lens - Eyeglass part Lens - Camera attachment Lens - Camera accessory Lens - Place for a cap Lens - Nikon offering Lens - Brownie's eye? Lens - Optical device Lens - Fisheye or zoom Lens - You'll see right through it Lens - Eye part Lens - Monocle, basically Lens - Zoom or contact Lens - Camera essential Lens - Something to shoot through Lens - Fisheye or contact Lens - Eyesight enhancer Lens - It gets capped Lens - Oculist's piece Lens - Camera component Lens - Fisheye ___ Lens - It helps keep you focused Lens - Film, in variety-speak Lens - Magnifying glass Lens - Something to see through Lens - Periscope part Lens - Eye piece Lens - It's see-through Lens - It helps keep one focused Lens - Lorgnette part Lens - Cataract site Lens - Something found in specs? Lens - It helps you focus Lens - Tool for 64-across Lens - Contact, say Lens - Camera's eye Lens - Optometry product Lens - Lorgnette piece Lens - Telephoto or zoom ___ Lens - Optician's creation Lens - Put on film, in variety-speak Lens - Contact, for one Lens - Cinematographer's selection Lens - Photographer's accessory Lens - Shoot, slangily Lens - Optical aid Lens - One of your contacts Lens - Loupe part Lens - Hubble part Lens - Pince-nez component Lens - You can see right through it Lens - Double-arc shape, in geometry Lens - Shutterbug's purchase Lens - Specs component Lens - Camera-bag item Lens - Microscope attachment Lens - Word with telephoto or zoom Lens - Optometric object Lens - Kodak's eye Lens - Magnifier Lens - Monocle, for one Lens - Wide-angle or zoom Lens - Light bender Lens - Camera shop purchase, perhaps Lens - Part of a focus group? Lens - Glass in eyeglasses Lens - Bifocal, for one Lens - Fisheye, for one Lens - Projector part Lens - ___ cap Lens - Pince-nez part Lens - "telephoto" or "contact" ender Lens - You see right through it Lens - Focusing device Lens - Cataracts make it cloudy Lens - Eyepiece Lens - Telescope component Lens - Glasses glass Lens - Zoom, for one Lens - Photographer's need Lens - Half-glasses? Lens - Photog's accessory Lens - Contact or zoom Lens - Paparazzo's need Lens - Bausch & lomb product Lens - Part of the eye Lens - Focal device Lens - Direct, in hollywood slang Lens - Shutterbug's attachment Lens - Camera's focusing device Lens - Periscope piece Lens - Word with "contact" or "concave" Lens - Peephole feature, often Lens - Telephoto, for one Lens - Microscope must Lens - It may change your perspective Lens - Camera element Lens - Pupil's neighbor Lens - Monocle, e.g Lens - Camera eye Lens - Zoom or macro Lens - Photog's need Lens - __ cap Lens - Telephoto or contact ___ Lens - Part of a camera or microscope Lens - Fish-eye, e.g Lens - Photog's choice Lens - Camera necessity Lens - Camera feature Lens - Monocle Lens - Monocle piece Lens - Hubble telescope part Lens - The boy's see-through could make the most of things Lens - It's for the boy to see this through Lens - Leonard is the one for the seethrough Lens - A distorter of leonard Lens - What the boy has is seethrough Lens - It's for leonard to have a look through this Lens - Seems the boys is quite a see-through Lens - That's a see-through for leonard that might make quite a spectacle of him Lens - The boy's see-through Lens - One gets ground for leonard Lens - The boy's got a see-through Lens - What a distorting see-through! Lens - The boy is distorting the see-through Lens - Following 8 down it's a see-through for the boy Lens - Seems he has a see-through, to an exaggerated extent (4) Lens - Piece of glass in optical instrument Lens - Loupe, essentially Lens - Transparent optical device Lens - Eye piece? Lens - Leonard is able to make half a spectacle of himself Lens - A see-through for leonard? Lens - Leonard is one that you can see through larger than life Lens - The see-through is for leonard Lens - A see-through for leonard Lens - The boy's see-through is distorting Lens - Leonard is a big boy now if you see him through this Lens - The boy is able to magnify things Lens - Ellen's finished with a see-through Lens - The see-through leonard has Lens - Objective, e.g Lens - See-through for leonard Lens - An eye for 24-down? Lens - Look through here Lens - Eyeglasses glass Lens - The 'l' of s.l.r Lens - See-through object Lens - Hubble component Lens - Part of eye or camera Lens - Device to converge or diverge light Lens - Piece of glass, usually curved Lens - Part of the inner eye, or camera Lens - Copier part Lens - Optical element Lens - Bifocal ___ (benjamin franklin invention) Lens - Fisheye, e.g Lens - Binoculars part Lens - Item in many peepholes Lens - Telephoto or zoom Lens - Device produced by carl zeiss Lens - Monocle, essentially Lens - Headlight component Lens - Part of a microscope Lens - Part of a camera Lens - Cinematography choice Lens - Contact -- Lens - Glasses piece Lens - Contact, for example, with the french national school Lens - Perspective provider Lens - Main part of a monocle Lens - Glass in a monocle Lens - Glass in glasses Lens - Means of clarification Lens - Telescopic __ Lens - Transparent optical devices Lens - Dark cloud; shining light Lens - Light-focusing device Lens - One focusing light Lens - Part of photographer's equipment in french town Lens - Optical glass Lens - Communist leader's not elected to represent french town Lens - Little lad clutching new glass Lens - Bit of a looker in french town Lens - Focusing glass Lens - Through which to view french town? Lens - Boy beginning to suck bull's-eye Lens - Bender of beams and extremely large poles Lens - Tends not to use a feature of camera Lens - Focussing glass Lens - Does like famous tower - not centre point: that's glass Lens - French city, bit of a looker Lens - Shot glass? Lens - Eyepiece piece Lens - Smartphone component Lens - Telescope glass Lens - Camera glass Lens - Glass in binoculars Lens - Monocle glass Lens - See-through camera part Lens - Optical glass that's new, introduced by the french Lens - Part of camera found in town in france Lens - Part of eye Lens - Part of camera Lens - Refracting device Lens - Crooked lines one removed from the glass Lens - Man's aid for better vision? Lens - Lesley held new refracting device Lens - Curved glass Lens - See 23 Lens - Hutton & co getting one in the eye Lens - Tends to ignore article that may change one's view Lens - City in france producing camera component Lens - This could enlarge short boys? Lens - Commune in northern france making contact? Lens - It's behind pupil starting off learning each new subject Lens - Leonard's telescope will have one Lens - Microscope parts Lens - Microscope component Lens - City in northern france producing optical equipment Lens - Industrial town in pas de calais department Lens - Vitreous humor's neighbor Lens - Eye contact? Lens - Smartphone part Lens - Shooter's accessory Lens - It enables one to focus Lens - Spyglass part Lens - Viewpoint, metaphorically Lens - Bender of light Lens - Camera part wrapped in woollen socks Lens - Inclines to dismiss a visual aid Lens - Something you can see through Lens - Goggles part Lens - Word after hand or zoom Lens - Loupe, basically Lens - Microscope piece Lens - Item in a peephole Lens - Eye or camera part Lens - A french town that may be before your eyes Lens - Spyglass component Lens - Something of a spectacle in french city Lens - "life thru a ___" Lens - Cameraman's eye? Lens - What we looked at "peg" through Lens - No trigger "fish eye ___" Lens - Photog's eyepiece Lens - Yes "into the ___" Lens - Photog's "eye" Lens - Robbie williams "life thru a ___" Lens - Second single off "havoc and bright lights" Lens - Telescope disk Lens - Offers a long view emerging from woollen stocks Lens - Camera shop purchase Lens - Slr's 'l' Lens - Light beam bender Lens - Iris neighbor Lens - Most of a monocle Lens - Phoropter component Lens - Eyeglasses part Lens - Glasses part Lens - Camera shop selection Lens - French city that's transparent Lens - Part of slr Lens - Transparent body of the eye Lens - See-through part of a 51 across Lens - It changes one's perspective Lens - Microscope's objective Lens - Direct, à la "variety" Lens - Shutterbug's buy Lens - City of northern france: periscope part Lens - Pince-nez feature Lens - Part of a telescope Lens - Part of eye in swollen state Lens - Eyeglass piece Lens - Eyeglass piece Lens - Zoom or fisheye Lens - It brings things into focus Lens - It brings things into focus