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Ghost - Movie that featured "unchained melody"

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Ghost - Basic halloween costume Ghost - Straub's "--- story" Ghost - Mere semblance Ghost - Hamlet's father, e.g Ghost - Certain transparency Ghost - Write for another Ghost - Doppelgänger Ghost - That's the spirit! Ghost - Scrooge visitor Ghost - Straub's "___ story" Ghost - See 44-across Ghost - Whoopi's oscar film Ghost - Cemetery frequenters Ghost - 1990 whoopi goldberg oscar film Ghost - Author's author Ghost - Not much of a chance? Ghost - Secondary image Ghost - Phantom Ghost - Scrooge's bane Ghost - Write (for) Ghost - Author's writer Ghost - White-sheet wearer's depiction Ghost - Haunting thing Ghost - Haunted-house spirit Ghost - Hallowe'en phantasm Ghost - Mrs. muir's beau Ghost - He might make himself clear Ghost - Word game popularized by james thurber Ghost - Uncredited author Ghost - Pac-man adversary Ghost - 1990 demi moore film Ghost - Hallowe'en tv host elwy? Ghost - Halloween costume Ghost - Hamlet's vision Ghost - Tv-picture problem Ghost - White-sheet wearer, on halloween Ghost - Pac-man enemy Ghost - Easy-to-make halloween costume Ghost - Clear spirit? Ghost - Word game ... or a word that can precede the starts of 18-, 26-, 43- and 54-across Ghost - Kind of town Ghost - Movie that featured "unchained melody" Ghost - House haunter Ghost - Marley's, for one Ghost - Halloween sight Ghost - Specter Ghost - Swayze/moore movie Ghost - Halloween figure Ghost - Spirit Ghost - Common halloween costume Ghost - Movie with a classic pottery-making scene Ghost - Simple halloween costume Ghost - Apparition Ghost - Poltergeist Ghost - 10/31 costume Ghost - Gee, how entertaining the spirit can be! Ghost - Just a shade of entertainment from the end of it Ghost - Gee! that's hauntingly entertaining Ghost - Spectre Ghost - Writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else Ghost - Spectre, wraith Ghost - Spook, spectre Ghost - A spirit from the beyond Ghost - Gee! that's a spirited entertainer Ghost - Gee! how entertaining and spirited one is Ghost - Transparent personality? Ghost - Casper is a friendly one Ghost - Trace note taken to tv anchorman Ghost - Grand party-giver showing spirit Ghost - First to give present, one wrapped in a sheet? Ghost - Spirited account of grand entertainer on the level in us Ghost - After midnight, landlord produces spirit Ghost - Visible manifestation of a dead person Ghost - White halloween costume Ghost - Behind-the-scenes writer Ghost - Casper, for one Ghost - Good party organiser, one whose work is bound to be misattributed Ghost - Casper, famously Ghost - Any of four that chase pac-man Ghost - Costume for [circled letters] on halloween Ghost - Whoopi's oscar movie Ghost - One of scrooge's four visitors Ghost - See circled letters Ghost - Shade Ghost - Haunting presence Ghost - & twenty three the specials' only no one Ghost - One's dying to give it up Ghost - Good party organiser offers spirit Ghost - Entertainer in pursuit of good spirit Ghost - Trace author for someone Ghost - Spirit shown by grand army Ghost - Lay down life for another in this spirit Ghost - 21 grand, a great number Ghost - Apparition; faint trace Ghost - Many people following good suggestion Ghost - Write for another grand anchorman? Ghost - Grand entertainer who has a haunting act? Ghost - Pen for another hog done in stone Ghost - Haunted house resident Ghost - Spirit appearing after death Ghost - Force supported by army - 20's was first to 29 Ghost - Would one haunt midnight crowd? Ghost - Hamlet's spectral father Ghost - Wraith Ghost - Good party organiser, in spirit Ghost - See 7 down Ghost - One of the spirits available from good innkeeper Ghost - Supernatural apparition Ghost - Haunted-house inmate Ghost - Hamlet's father in 'hamlet,' e.g Ghost - Dead man walking? Ghost - 1990 film that featured "unchained melody" on its soundtrack Ghost - Haunting memory Ghost - Head of german army is someone without much presence Ghost - Seance figure Ghost - Good landlord provides spirit Ghost - Graveyard shift worker? Ghost - Many a trick-or-treater Ghost - Spirit finally deserting army Ghost - Christmas present had one in dickens Ghost - Spirit of the dead Ghost - Quickie halloween costume Ghost - Classic word game Ghost - White figure in snapchat's logo Ghost - Band of horses "is there a ___" Ghost - Haunted house haunter Ghost - Nearly headless nick at hogwarts, e.g Ghost - Opens gin for party boss - it's an unbelievable spirit Ghost - Popular word game Ghost - Faint trace Ghost - Rush "___ of a chance" Ghost - Type of writer with no credit Ghost - Haunting one Ghost - Edie brickell "___ of a dog" Ghost - Good landlord serves spirit Ghost - Good landlord serves spirit