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Dealt - Passed out in vegas?

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Dealt - Gave everyone a hand Dealt - Was responsible for a full house? Dealt - Passed out Dealt - Had control of the deck Dealt - Gave a hand Dealt - Passed out on the poker table? Dealt - Handed out Dealt - Gave a hand? Dealt - Like some hands Dealt - Put one's cards on the table Dealt - Handed out cards Dealt - Ready to be played, in a way Dealt - Started a card game Dealt - Gave out Dealt - Sold, with "in" Dealt - Distributed Dealt - Bought and sold, e.g Dealt - Passed out cards Dealt - Distributed the cards Dealt - Meted out Dealt - Coped Dealt - Gave everyone a hand? Dealt - Gave out, as cards Dealt - Traded Dealt - Handed out hands Dealt - Gave some people in vegas a hand? Dealt - Proffered Dealt - Delivered Dealt - Had the button, in poker Dealt - Gave out cards Dealt - Apportioned Dealt - Began a bridge game Dealt - Bought and sold Dealt - Began the card game Dealt - Started a hand Dealt - __ with (handled) Dealt - Made hands Dealt - Distributed, as cards Dealt - Meted (out) Dealt - Gave some a hand Dealt - Coped (with) Dealt - Worked in vegas Dealt - Addressed, with "with" Dealt - Coped, with "with" Dealt - Passed out on the table? Dealt - Made a trade Dealt - Distributed cards Dealt - Gave out the cards Dealt - Gave out shuffled cards Dealt - Passed out in vegas? Dealt - Gave hands Dealt - Gave out hands Dealt - Given a hand Dealt - Let the da have given one a hand Dealt - Administered Dealt - One has given a hand with this Dealt - Apportioned cards Dealt - Gave out playing cards Dealt - Given a hand like this Dealt - Having given a hand with this Dealt - Inflicted Dealt - Traded in wood tar initially Dealt - Distributed playing cards Dealt - Distributed (cards) Dealt - Apportioned, as cards Dealt - Was concerned (with) Dealt - Distributed cards for delta management Dealt - Handled, with 'with' Dealt - Did a vegas job Dealt - Handed out playing cards Dealt - Gave a hand all round Dealt - Wood's initially treated then distributed Dealt - Handed out (cards) Dealt - Converted front of 1 ac into rear Dealt - Delivered wood on time Dealt - Gave out (cards) Dealt - Handed out one's cards? Dealt - Served up Dealt - Given a hand, coped with Dealt - Played cards, having a lot of time Dealt - Distributed timber on time Dealt - Gave one a hand while one coped with Dealt - Distributed a day late, foolishly Dealt - A lot of it i discarded: gave to others Dealt - Dead late, sorted out and attended to Dealt - Ideal type has to be handled Dealt - Put in our hands, coped with Dealt - Gave the players a hand Dealt - Gave out late shifts by date Dealt - Started a poker game Dealt - Carded everyone? Dealt - Delivered a hand Dealt - Dished out Dealt - Handed out jade, although confined Dealt - (of cards) handed out Dealt - Did some deck work Dealt - Got a hand going Dealt - Distributed poker cards Dealt - Did traffic here in kent head for tunnel? Dealt - Started war? Dealt - Provided the hands Dealt - Delivered wood ahead of time Dealt - Delivered large amount ahead of time Dealt - Gave a hand to Dealt - Passed out at a table? Dealt - In hands, say Dealt - Began a hand