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Maori - Haka dancers of new zealand

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Maori - Language of new zealand Maori - New zealand native Maori - Language from which 'mako' comes Maori - Austronesian language Maori - New zealand tribesman Maori - Polynesian language Maori - Early new zealander Maori - Language from which 'kiwi' comes Maori - One of polynesian-melanesian descent Maori - Indigenous people of new zealand Maori - New zealander Maori - Native new zealander Maori - Auckland aborigine Maori - Language akin to tahitian Maori - Native from new zealand Maori - About 10% of new zealanders Maori - Indigenous new zealanders Maori - "whale rider" extra Maori - Kiri te kanawa, for one Maori - A language of new zealand Maori - Non-european new zealander Maori - New zealand aboriginal Maori - In new zealand, it means “normal” Maori - Language that gave us "kiwi" Maori - They greet each other by pressing their noses together Maori - Oceania language Maori - A polynesian language Maori - Natives encountered by explorer james cook Maori - Nz native Maori - Indigenous new zealander Maori - Culture depicted in "whale rider" Maori - Indigenous kiwi Maori - New zealander of polynesian descent Maori - Certain new zealander Maori - "whale rider" people Maori - Language related to tahitian Maori - Polynesian tongue Maori - Language whose name means "normal" Maori - Kapa haka dancer Maori - Cook islands folk Maori - Polynesian people Maori - New zealand tongue Maori - Native new zealanders Maori - Haka dancers of new zealand Maori - Language that gave us 'kiwi' Maori - New zealand minority Maori - Native encountered by captain cook Maori - 'once were warriors' people Maori - New zealand language Maori - Aboriginal of new zealand Maori - Original new zealanders Maori - One of new zealand's aboriginal people Maori - Member of aboriginal people of new zealand Maori - Aborigine of new zealand Maori - New zealand aborigine Maori - Native new zealander of polynesian origin Maori - Member of new zealand's aboriginal people Maori - I roam with new zealander Maori - Language known to native speakers as 'te reo' Maori - Language that gave us the word 'kiwi' Maori - Natives of the land known as aotearoa Maori - I wander around as antipodean Maori - Moira goes out with new zealander Maori - Polynesian aboriginal Maori - Aboriginal new zealander Maori - Native of new zealand and the cook islands Maori - Chinese leader and irish king are first to see new zealand, perhaps Maori - Much-tattooed people Maori - Soprano kiri te kanawa, e.g Maori - Like the word 'kiwi' Maori - New zealand official language Maori - I roam (anag) Maori - I ramble when flipping over tongue Maori - Native kiwis Maori - I travel to the north from south island, perhaps Maori - Antipodean's choice between parent and setter? Maori - "once were warriors" folk Maori - Hei-tiki wearers Maori - Indigenous people known for their tattoos Maori - One of new zealand's official languages Maori - I ramble, rolling tongue Maori - Most cook islanders Maori - Girl out east embracing old aborigine Maori - Revolutionary state for language Maori - Wander over island, finding aboriginal inhabitant Maori - Commonwealth people headed by communist Maori - Girl out east concealing love for polynesian aborigine Maori - Jonah lomu, for example Maori - Nz polynesian language Maori - Communist leader runs island's native people Maori - All black carlos spencer, for instance Maori - Michael campbell, for example Maori - Native chief never finished burying gold Maori - Carlos spencer, for example Maori - Let it stand Maori - With him i wander, heading north to kaikohe ? Maori - I wander up to cook islander Maori - Man inside turned out, on the scrap heap? Maori - Native of revolutionary state Maori - A native from the south, i travel to the west Maori - Pa may accommodate one area circumscribed by surveyors Maori - Aborigine having to wander widely over island Maori - Dictator has upset irish native Maori - Nz aboriginal Maori - Samplers of opinion bring in a native person Maori - Native in short time adopting a state of providence Maori - What's spoken somewhere in oklahoma or iowa? yes and no Maori - Author rambles about language Maori - Language soldiers used during month in france Maori - Polynesian chief endlessly hugging the men Maori - Language of choice proposed by father to child? Maori - Native kiwi Maori - I travel abroad, turning up indigenous people Maori - I wander northward to find new zealand inhabitant Maori - Native mexican leader has a gold one Maori - Antipodean to wander around over island Maori - Native language of nz Maori - Native of new zealand Maori - Early new zealand settler Maori - Official new zealand language besides english Maori - Language that gives us 'kiwi' Maori - Like about 15% of new zealanders Maori - People whose name means 'ordinary' Maori - I wander up to new zealander Maori - Language that gives us "mako" Maori - Language which gave us 'kiwi' and 'mako' Maori - New zealand natives Maori - New zealand people Maori - Those who call new zealand "aotearoa" Maori - Peuple de nouvelle-zélande Maori - Some new zealanders Maori - Native islander to wander around on island Maori - Chairman once primarily reporting in antipodean language Maori - Peuple polynésien Maori - Indigenous polynesian people of new zealand Maori - New zealand settler Maori - People who call new zealand aotearoa Maori - Nomad's profession repulsed new zealander Maori - I wander back with distant native Maori - I wander uphill to see native new zealander