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Satrap - Minor despot

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Satrap - ... rejecting role as viceroy Satrap - A sprat for the old governor of persia Satrap - Acted as judge to censure old governor Satrap - Ancient persia governor Satrap - Ancient persian governor Satrap - Ancient persian ruler Satrap - Backward region installing a local ruler Satrap - Band protecting a provincial governor Satrap - Before strike, was a model governor Satrap - Belt encircling a tyrant Satrap - Belt worn by a persian governor Satrap - By the end of the week the governor gets the knock Satrap - Corporal punishment drawing in american tyrant Satrap - Despot, fool and traitor swapping tips Satrap - Despotic governor Satrap - Despotic ruler Satrap - Districts to the north installing a despotic ruler? Satrap - First section's set up for governor once Satrap - Governor giving criticism of school exam Satrap - Governor of an ancient persian province Satrap - Governor settled strike Satrap - Governor taking charge after twenty-four hours? Satrap - Governor's painful punishment touring austria Satrap - Governor's role when recalled Satrap - Henchman Satrap - Just a bit as governor back there Satrap - Lowly despot Satrap - Minor despot Satrap - Old governor served with clout Satrap - Old governor took exam on modern music Satrap - Old persian governor Satrap - Old persian governor - a sprat (anag) Satrap - Old persian governor took a seat to start Satrap - Old persian potentate Satrap - Old persian ruler Satrap - Part as climbing provincial governor Satrap - Part as rebellious old governor Satrap - Pasta recipe created for tyrant Satrap - Persian despot Satrap - Persian despot of old Satrap - Persian despotic governor Satrap - Persian governor Satrap - Persian governor takes some when rising Satrap - Persian ruler Satrap - Petty bureaucrat Satrap - Petty despot Satrap - Petty dictator Satrap - Petty tyrant Satrap - Raps at the governor in ancient persia Satrap - Region as turned over to local ruler Satrap - Regions suffering setback with introduction of a tyrant Satrap - Revolutionary regions needing the installation of a governor Satrap - Ruler didn't stand criticism Satrap - Ruler given role when overthrown Satrap - Ruthless governor Satrap - Self-important bureaucrat Satrap - Sex appeal snare for the governor Satrap - Shah's man in sparta murdered Satrap - Small-time dictator Satrap - Small-time ruler Satrap - Sparta (anag.) Satrap - Sparta built by old governor Satrap - Subordinate bureaucrat Satrap - Subordinate official Satrap - Subordinate ruler Satrap - Take up role as governor Satrap - That bit as it turns needs a governor Satrap - That's the backward bit as governor Satrap - The governor's a tyrant when lifting the gin Satrap - Turn back a bit as one of 14 down Satrap - Two-bit despot Satrap - Way gunners quietly capture a despotic ruler Satrap - With the south, something to catch the governor