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Hedge - Property border, perhaps

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Hedge - Waffle Hedge - Common nest locale Hedge - Use weasel words Hedge - Counterbalance, financially Hedge - Avoid commitment Hedge - Yard enclosure Hedge - Equivocate Hedge - Fence alternative Hedge - Counterbalance, as an investment Hedge - Inflation protection Hedge - Bushy boundary Hedge - Row of bushes Hedge - Circumvent Hedge - Hog or row starter Hedge - Hem and haw Hedge - Property divider Hedge - ___ funds Hedge - Intentionally vague statement Hedge - Low-risk strategy Hedge - Backyard barrier Hedge - Have second thoughts Hedge - Not commit Hedge - Investor's insurance Hedge - Line of bushes Hedge - Risk-reducing position Hedge - Bushes forming a fence Hedge - Not be definite Hedge - Be noncommittal Hedge - Green fence Hedge - Maze wall, sometimes Hedge - Kind of clippers Hedge - Give a noncommittal answer Hedge - Be indecisive Hedge - Property border, perhaps Hedge - Yard border Hedge - Privet Hedge - Yard borderer Hedge - Maze wall, at times Hedge - Maze wall, perhaps Hedge - Bet both ways Hedge - Topiary canvas, maybe Hedge - Object of some trimming Hedge - ___ fund (controversial investment) Hedge - Cut off the top of it and only the side is left Hedge - Boundary of bushes Hedge - Fence formed by bushes Hedge - Fence of bushes or shrubs Hedge - Landscaping element Hedge - Fence of bushes or small trees Hedge - Fence of bushes Hedge - It's grown along the side at the end and gets a clip Hedge - 'if one won't decide, give it a clip (5)' Hedge - If you can't give a straight answer, clip it Hedge - Living fence Hedge - Loss mitigator Hedge - Equivocate and start to have an advantage Hedge - Organic fence Hedge - Growing row takes husband to the brink Hedge - Bound to lay off Hedge - Field division that takes years to train Hedge - Pussyfoot around hospital boundary Hedge - Hard border, by the way Hedge - Bushy barrier Hedge - Barrier of bushes Hedge - Barrier of shrubs etc Hedge - Prevaricate Hedge - Row of linked shrubs Hedge - Natural fence Hedge - Border shrubbery Hedge - Privacy provider, of a sort Hedge - Play both sides, in a way Hedge - Windbreak in 11 across Hedge - Stretch of shrubbery Hedge - Word before 'fund' or 'one's bets' Hedge - Pussyfoot around windbreak Hedge - Vegetation that's hard to trim Hedge - Living barrier Hedge - Bound to appear noncommittal Hedge - Boundary plant row Hedge - Barrier Hedge - Qualify by conditions; boundary of bushes Hedge - Lay off a national hunt bet? Hedge - He had, say, turned up to equivocate Hedge - Windbreak Hedge - He would agree alternately to avoid making commitments Hedge - Beg the question Hedge - Avoid making a definite commitment Hedge - Avoid making definite statement Hedge - Put off growing bush as a barrier Hedge - Duck for cover? Hedge - Shrubby boundary Hedge - Fence, and take evasive action Hedge - Growing division in a sort of fund Hedge - Shrub boundary fence Hedge - Financial contract making husband nervous, as it were Hedge - Barrier of shrubs or bushes Hedge - Yard enclosure, sometimes Hedge - Bush, when aligned with others, can be evasive Hedge - Try not to lose the demarcation line Hedge - Prevaricate when it comes to a boundary Hedge - Boundary; equivocate Hedge - Hard to move, is rooted to the ground Hedge - What sets you apart from other gardeners? Hedge - Surround with a hard rim Hedge - Prevaricate over hotel boundary Hedge - Border of vegetation Hedge - Horticulturalist's original border? Hedge - Boundary of field Hedge - Prevaricate; boundary Hedge - Hard cut for cover Hedge - Fence Hedge - Avoid commitment that's about agricultural land, perhaps Hedge - Be shifty Hedge - Fence, boundary Hedge - Row of bushes in verge below hospital Hedge - Hard border that may separate neighbours Hedge - Something perhaps in garden shed gets trapped Hedge - Stall close to spanish border Hedge - Boundary Hedge - Prevaricate, seeing hotel has slight advantage Hedge - Not be definitive Hedge - Fence in verge beside hospital Hedge - Shrub fence Hedge - Boundary bushes Hedge - Sit on the fence, or something similar Hedge - Line of shrubbery Hedge - Labyrinth wall, perhaps Hedge - Risk-reducing investment Hedge - Be evasive about garden divider Hedge - Privet barrier Hedge - Start of herbaceous border that runs around garden Hedge - Try to avoid answering questions or dealing with issues Hedge - Steeplechase obstacle Hedge - Green fence? Hedge - Bush row Hedge - Minimise risk Hedge - Reduce risk of loss in hospital -- proceed with caution Hedge - Guard one's bets Hedge - Be shifty in countryside row Hedge - Not give a definitive answer Hedge - Row of shrubbery Hedge - Be evasive Hedge - Prevaricate, husband having upper hand Hedge - Protection for characters in impoverished geopolitics Hedge - Organic barrier Hedge - Row of foundation bushes Hedge - Property-dividing greenery Hedge - Field barrier