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Tiein - Promotional scheme

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  • Tiein - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word N

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Tiein - Soundtrack album, e.g Tiein - Promotional campaign adjunct Tiein - Marketing ploy Tiein - Promotional link Tiein - Link Tiein - Many a mcdonald's promotion Tiein - Connection Tiein - Merchandising gimmick Tiein - Connect Tiein - Promotional product Tiein - Toy related to a movie, e.g Tiein - Marketing connection Tiein - Promotional arrangement Tiein - Bit of synergy Tiein - Associated product Tiein - Relate Tiein - Be consistent Tiein - Make a logical connection Tiein - Marketing device Tiein - Fast food toy, often Tiein - Ad connection Tiein - Marketing tactic Tiein - Promotional ploy Tiein - Marketing ploy, and a hint to this puzzle's theme Tiein - Promotional gimmick Tiein - Marketing strategy Tiein - Promotional scheme Tiein - Marketing gimmick Tiein - Publicity device Tiein - Connect (with) Tiein - Promotional connection Tiein - This will coordinate as the sties have, perhaps Tiein - Advertising gimmick Tiein - 'does this fit at the rate of knots? (3,2)' Tiein - 'make ten fast with the aid of eleven (3,2)' Tiein - Happy meals toy, e.g Tiein - Publicity arrangement Tiein - Promotional device Tiein - Promotional tool Tiein - Advertising connection Tiein - Item linked with popular film, programme etc Tiein - Released book with film with string that's cool Tiein - Coordinate Tiein - Promotional item Tiein - Adman's connection Tiein - Cereal-box toy, maybe Tiein - Cross-promotion Tiein - Draw at home in association? Tiein - Connection that is hidden in container Tiein - Joint promotion that's in the can Tiein - Programme link that is in the can Tiein - Link that is given metal coating Tiein - Item of clothing with fashionable association Tiein - Bond's modern connection Tiein - Commercial connection that is to bring in money Tiein - Book linked to film Tiein - Asian bar mentioned in marketing ploy Tiein - Aran islander nominally gets return of mail Tiein - Book, etc, linked to film, tv show Tiein - Connection, association Tiein - Associated programme that's canned? Tiein - Association football match at home Tiein - Connection that is secured by metal Tiein - Association Tiein - Movie toy in a cereal box, e.g Tiein - Something associated with film, say, that is kept in can Tiein - Association that is in the money Tiein - A connection with home following the match Tiein - Secure stylish link Tiein - Agree with Tiein - Connection with cup match at home Tiein - Secure available link Tiein - Asian reportedly favoured book in promotion? Tiein - Connection with typical gift for man at home Tiein - Period without mark at home makes relationship Tiein - Connect logically Tiein - Make a connection with Tiein - Co-ordinate publicity material linked to a film, say Tiein - Joint promotion for most of those from 6 down is fashionable Tiein - Agree (with) Tiein - Co-ordinate neckwear, fashionable Tiein - Something linked to another item or event Tiein - Many a happy meal toy Tiein - Advertiser's promotion Tiein - Turns up, fool admits number is for high-flyer to make a connection Tiein - Part of mountie interview used as tv spin-off? Tiein - Maybe book of film that is in the can Tiein - Association football match, perhaps, at home Tiein - Make a link (with)