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Aphorism - Maxim

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Aphorism - 'a little learning is a dangerous thing,' e.g Aphorism - 'art is long, life is short,' e.g Aphorism - 'haste makes waste,' e.g Aphorism - A concise statement of a scientific principle, typically by a classical author Aphorism - A metaphor is mixed but its content is pithy Aphorism - A pithy instructive saying Aphorism - A short wise saying or maxim Aphorism - A short, pithy saying Aphorism - A short, pithy, instructive saying Aphorism - Adage Aphorism - Is harpo marx first to play 22? Aphorism - Is harpo marx starting to make a witty sally Aphorism - Maxim Aphorism - Maxim or short wise saying Aphorism - Maxim, short proverb Aphorism - Maxim, short wise saying Aphorism - Metaphor is maybe conveying proverb Aphorism - Metaphor is mixed but its content is pithy Aphorism - One could briefly say this house has a solid frame Aphorism - Pithy observation Aphorism - Pithy observation of general truth Aphorism - Pithy observation with general truth Aphorism - Pithy saying Aphorism - Saw Aphorism - Saw 8, but has not come across doctrine Aphorism - Saw a miss laetitia outside house briefly Aphorism - Saw a source of colours for use around house Aphorism - Saw for pith Aphorism - Saw him as pro-revolutionary? Aphorism - Saw mishap or crash Aphorism - Saw mishap or mix-up Aphorism - Saw rope in half, with mishap in knots? Aphorism - Saw soldiers involved in terrible mishap Aphorism - Saying Aphorism - Saying nothing right in unfortunate mishap Aphorism - Saying oprah broadcast, one feminist title recalled Aphorism - Short instructive saying Aphorism - Short pithy saying Aphorism - Short wise saying or maxim Aphorism - Short wise saying, maxim Aphorism - Short, clever saying Aphorism - Terse saying Aphorism - Within metaphor is making pithy statement