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Swab - Mop, as a deck

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Swab - Q-tip Swab - Med lab specimen Swab - Tar Swab - Q-tip, for one Swab - Use a mop Swab - Sailor's mop Swab - Medium for a medical sample Swab - Do the deck Swab - Matey Swab - Deck mop Swab - Cotton product Swab - Mop Swab - Clean decks Swab - Mariner's mop Swab - Shipboard mop Swab - Culture transferer Swab - Clean the deck Swab - Sailor Swab - Deck scrubber Swab - Q-tip, e.g Swab - Forensic evidence collector Swab - Wound cleaner Swab - Clean the orlop Swab - Nautical mop Swab - Gun barrel cleaner Swab - Do tar work Swab - Ear cleaner Swab - Q-tip tip Swab - Do a salt's job Swab - Take a dna sample, perhaps Swab - Mop, as decks Swab - Use a q-tip Swab - Cotton on a stick Swab - What tars do to decks Swab - Absorbent stick Swab - Mop, as the deck Swab - Wield a mop Swab - Ointment applicator Swab - Firearm bore cleaner Swab - Deck cleaner Swab - Specimen collector Swab - Clear the deck? Swab - Tidy up topside Swab - Cotton-tipped cleaner Swab - Tar's mop Swab - Work on the deck Swab - Seaborne lackey Swab - Hit the deck with a mop Swab - Wash, in a way Swab - Tar (m) Swab - Csi's dna collector Swab - "avast!" responder Swab - Dna collector, perhaps Swab - Deck washer Swab - Do a deck? Swab - Mop the deck Swab - Gun or ear cleaner Swab - Mop, as a deck Swab - Hand mop? Swab - Ear-cleaning implement Swab - Crime lab item Swab - Dna-sampling tool Swab - Clean a deck Swab - Do the decks Swab - Q-tip end Swab - Cotton wad Swab - Mop the decks Swab - Q-tips end Swab - Clear the decks? Swab - Clear the decks Swab - Bit of cotton on a stick Swab - Small piece of cotton used to cleanse a wound Swab - Absorbent pad for cleansing or drying Swab - Ear-cleaning device Swab - Lubber employed at the theatre Swab - Southern state beginning to bargain - a washout? Swab - Mop up - uncouth fellow Swab - Cloth for cleaning wounds Swab - Cotton wool mop Swab - Absorbent surgical pad Swab - Surgical cleaner Swab - Small pad for surgical use Swab - Clean (a wound) Swab - Piece of fabric for medical use Swab - Clean the decks Swab - Aussie's "ear bud" Swab - Directions sailor needed to clean deck Swab - Clean, as the poop deck Swab - Mop decks Swab - Cotton-tipped stick Swab - Sailor behind course for cleaning wounds Swab - Work on a deck Swab - Cotton-tipped ear cleaner Swab - Q-tip, say Swab - Dna lab item Swab - Mop onboard Swab - Mop for a deck Swab - Pad in kensington area attracting top social classes Swab - Pad used in surgery Swab - Mop; surgical pad Swab - Graceful bird's tail changes to black mop Swab - Aid for collecting some samples Swab - Evidence-collection aid Swab - Marine mop Swab - Cotton or gauze etc used for cleaning a wound Swab - Was terribly black - has become cleaner Swab - With "clean the decks," points to a sailor Swab - Old clumsy fellow was injured close to pub Swab - Wound was bleeding, initially needing this? Swab - 15 14 -- one/two blood groups of cornwall/devon? Swab - Was enigmatic becket initially something absorbing in theatre? Swab - Perhaps cornish sailor will get to clean the deck Swab - Son with seaman making deck cleaner Swab - Cornish sailor's mop? Swab - Crime lab tool Swab - Forensic investigator's item Swab - Piece of cotton to cleanse a wound Swab - One standing on deck Swab - 23 across cleaner Swab - Maritime mop Swab - Sailor boy Swab - Deckhand Swab - Small women rating cleaning equipment Swab - Dna kit tool Swab - Saw new job at last for cleaner in theatre Swab - Crack up song to mop to? Swab - Navy enlistee, informally Swab - Dna-sample collector Swab - Mop, as ship decks Swab - It's cotton-tipped Swab - It's used to clean edges of surgeon's instrument - boatman closes it Swab - Make shipshape, as a ship Swab - Dna collection stick Swab - 31 across implement Swab - Shipboard resident Swab - Opens surgery with a key? presumably that's on the doctor's orders! Swab - Lowly navy person Swab - Floor mop Swab - Sailor, or a sailor's implement Swab - Cleaning implement Swab - Cornish sailor’s mop?