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Serve - Act (as)

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  • Serve - Letter on S
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Serve - Start a match Serve - Sampras asset Serve - Start a tennis game Serve - More of the quip Serve - Emulate a waiter Serve - Do some waiting Serve - Try for an ace Serve - Start a point Serve - Deliver, as a summons Serve - Wait on Serve - Start the match Serve - Do one's duty Serve - Serena specialty Serve - Assist Serve - Hope for an ace Serve - Start court proceedings? Serve - Start the point Serve - Start a tennis match Serve - Tennis opening Serve - Start the tennis game Serve - Start a volley Serve - Put in time Serve - Dish up or dish out, e.g Serve - Start the game, perhaps Serve - Launch a tennis ball Serve - Attend Serve - Dish out Serve - Game opener, sometimes Serve - Fill the bill Serve - Start a set Serve - Do duty as a soldier Serve - Bring out a meal Serve - Accommodate Serve - Badminton opener Serve - Tennis offering Serve - Tennis match start Serve - Dish up Serve - Rocket from roddick Serve - Match starter Serve - Bring dinner to the table Serve - Dish out food Serve - Contribute to the cause Serve - Act (as) Serve - Start a rally Serve - Act the waiter Serve - Do a waiter's job Serve - Do one's bidding Serve - Do the duty Serve - Tennis starter Serve - Bring to the supper table Serve - The way to open the proceedings in the court Serve - Verse would do for this Serve - Would it do to end with a mixture of 14 across? Serve - Is sulphur ever mixed to do for this? Serve - Could this ever do to be without its head? Serve - How to start things going at court Serve - Help one - that will do Serve - Present as a matter of course Serve - This will do to begin at court Serve - Hand out, food or drink say Serve - Put the ball in play on court Serve - Put the ball in play in 7 down Serve - Put the tennis ball in play Serve - In tennis, put the ball into play Serve - In tennis, put ball into play Serve - Start the tennis match Serve - Milton 'they also . . . . . who only stand and wait' Serve - Put the ball into play in tennis Serve - Put out, as dinner Serve - This will do to start with at court Serve - The way to start 14 down at court Serve - This will do to start proceedings at court Serve - That'll do to start it on court Serve - The way to begin to get set at court Serve - Begin a tennis match Serve - That'll do not to be the boss Serve - Be in the army Serve - Hand out food or drink Serve - Wait on the south to get the nerve without the north Serve - Start court proceedings Serve - Perform nonsense verse Serve - Wait - start the play Serve - Wait - start the game Serve - Be of use to - wait on Serve - Bring food to table Serve - Start play at tennis Serve - Attend to Serve - Go for an ace, maybe Serve - Set starter Serve - Make oneself useful Serve - Dish (up) Serve - Start of a tennis match Serve - Court action over verse? Serve - Do a hitch in the military Serve - Bring out dinner Serve - Be adequate; put ball in play Serve - Work for, be of use to Serve - Answer the purpose Serve - Be useful to Serve - Minister's version of bible retained in diocese Serve - Dish up the ball Serve - Opening stroke Serve - Start (tennis game) Serve - Open play at tennis Serve - Supply answer Serve - Tennis shot Serve - Help get game started Serve - Open at tennis Serve - Provide verse somehow Serve - Begin at tennis Serve - Opening shot at tennis Serve - Perform duties for Serve - Start play in tennis Serve - Assist golfer to sink fourth from fairway Serve - Wait to start the game Serve - Start playing tennis Serve - Wait Serve - Wait to start a game Serve - Work for; tennis stroke Serve - Dish up christmas dinner and start the game Serve - Wait to open the tennis match Serve - Minister to offer biblical version within diocese Serve - Wait at table Serve - Be of use Serve - Do wait and help Serve - Golfer carries river to put the ball in play Serve - Try to play an ace Serve - Help legendary golfer stuck in river? on the contrary Serve - Minister to Serve - First hit of the ball from spanish golfer carrying river Serve - Act as waiter Serve - Distribute Serve - Attend; start to play tennis Serve - Satisfy 1 20 Serve - Function (as) Serve - Start of a tennis point Serve - Wait to begin a tennis game Serve - Dish up (food) Serve - Hand out food, drink Serve - 25-across starter Serve - Put on the table Serve - Bring something to the table Serve - Begin a tennis game Serve - Do some waiting? Serve - Work for Serve - Start a rally, in tennis Serve - Dylan "gotta ___ somebody" Serve - Put into play Serve - Tennis match starter Serve - Start a volleyball game Serve - Suffice Serve - Bring to the table Serve - Be of use and dish up Serve - Opening tennis shot Serve - Do a hitch Serve - Wait on answer Serve - Do military duty Serve - Put dinner on the table Serve - Put dinner on the table Serve - What nirvana will do to "the servants" Serve - What nirvana will do to "the servants"