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Arced - Traveled like a tetherball

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  • Arced - Letter on A
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Arced - Moved like a shooting star Arced - Like meteor paths Arced - Curvilinear Arced - Followed a trajectory Arced - Like rainbows Arced - Shaped like a rainbow Arced - Flew like a pop fly Arced - Traveled parabolically Arced - Shaped like a curve Arced - Like some tennis shots Arced - Made an electrical bridge Arced - Didn't go straight Arced - Like a rainbow Arced - Curve-shaped Arced - Curving Arced - Took a circuitous path Arced - Rainbowlike Arced - Jumped from electrode to electrode Arced - Rainbow-shaped Arced - Formed a curve Arced - Like missile paths Arced - Jumped between electrodes Arced - Moved in a circular path Arced - Followed a curved path Arced - Went like a shooting star Arced - Took a trajectory Arced - Moved along a curve Arced - Followed a cannonball's path Arced - Bowed Arced - Moved in a curved path Arced - Like most football passes Arced - Like many eyebrows Arced - Traveled a curved path Arced - Like rainbows and eyebrows Arced - Like a parabola Arced - Followed a projectile's path Arced - Traveled like a tennis lob Arced - Bent, in a way Arced - Like a pop fly Arced - Not straight Arced - Flew like an arrow Arced - Curved Arced - Took a curved route Arced - Shaped like eyebrows Arced - Moved in a rainbowlike path Arced - Wasn't straight Arced - Like parabolas Arced - Traced a curve Arced - Following a bend Arced - Like hung streamers Arced - Like a baseball's path Arced - Moved on a curve Arced - Like a hoops shot Arced - Like a javelin's path Arced - Traveled like a lawn dart Arced - Traveled like a tetherball Arced - Traveled a circular path Arced - Bow-shaped Arced - Traveled on a parabola, say Arced - Curved in current fashion? Arced - Moved in a curve Arced - Moved in curved path Arced - Cared about being curved Arced - Was currently short a bit of the way round, perhaps Arced - Not quite straight Arced - Traveled like a snowball Arced - Took a curved path Arced - Bent like a vatican media executive? Arced - Bent like a rainbow Arced - See 46-down Arced - Had a curving path Arced - Like pop-ups Arced - Going some of the way around currently in the red Arced - Took a parabolic path Arced - Moved like a pitched softball Arced - Jumped a gap, say Arced - Followed a missile's path Arced - Like most golf shots Arced - Proceeded like a rocket Arced - Parabolic, say Arced - Parabolic, e.g Arced - Moved parabolically Arced - Discharged a ball, keeping in front of cannon Arced - Forming a curve Arced - A vatican journalist perhaps made bow? Arced - Flew like a fly ball Arced - Like an eyebrow Arced - Like delaware's northern border Arced - Shaped like a bow Arced - A run on church fund ultimately bridged the gap Arced - A road around hollow cable produced a discharge Arced - In a way, bent Arced - Like a javelin's flight path Arced - Curved like a rainbow Arced - Made 3 runs in excellent start for durham Arced - Moved like a pendulum Arced - Followed a parabolic path Arced - Rainbow-like Arced - Flew like a javelin Arced - Like the ncaa basketball three-point line Arced - Like a lob in tennis Arced - Like bows Arced - Like the tops of many porticoes Arced - Traveled like a lob Arced - Flew like a birdie Arced - Like the flight of a boomerang Arced - Moved like a cannon ball Arced - Like chip shots Arced - Like football passes Arced - Was affected by gravity, in a way Arced - Artist leroy