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Disco - Style that influenced the scissor sisters

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Disco - Bygone music genre Disco - “saturday night fever” setting Disco - 70's 'in' spot Disco - Music to do the hustle to Disco - Summer music Disco - Beat-based music Disco - Word with hall or fever Disco - Donna summer's forte Disco - '70s "in" spot Disco - Place to do the hustle Disco - 'saturday night fever' music Disco - Place for a mirrored ball Disco - Summer specialty Disco - "saturday night fever" milieu Disco - Dance genre Disco - 1970's-80's musical craze Disco - Summer air? Disco - Type of ball or dancer Disco - Gloria gaynor's field Disco - Fever john travolta had Disco - Bee gees' genre Disco - John travolta danced to it Disco - Summer genre? Disco - Hustler's hangout? Disco - 1970's nightspot Disco - '70s genre Disco - "saturday night fever" setting Disco - Punk rock was a reaction to it Disco - ___ demolition night (record-breaking 1979 white sox promotion) Disco - 1970s music fad Disco - '70s music Disco - '70s hot spot Disco - '70s music fad Disco - Dancing spot Disco - Hustler's genre Disco - Studio 54, for one Disco - Summer genre Disco - "saturday night fever" music Disco - Spot for a hustler Disco - Travolta helped popularize it Disco - '70s dance music Disco - Genre that influenced house Disco - Music associated with the '70s Disco - Tony manero's haunt Disco - Club with a big ball Disco - Establishment with a revolving mirrored ball Disco - Boogie, bee gees-style Disco - Bee gees beat Disco - '70s dance fad Disco - '70s dance club Disco - Hustler's place? Disco - Style that influenced the scissor sisters Disco - "saturday night fever" dance genre Disco - Dance to donna summer's 'last dance,' e.g Disco - Summer music? Disco - Chic style? Disco - Dance music Disco - 'saturday night fever' venue Disco - 'saturday night fever' setting Disco - 1970s music genre Disco - 1970s music style Disco - What a cod this is for entertainment! Disco - Sidney gets back to the company for entertainment Disco - It will make only a shade of change to the dancing there for it to lour Disco - For dancing, it gets very finding Disco - Round and round as the rev. would get round to find it Disco - Afterwards the rev. would turn up to find what fun it is Disco - Round and round for the dance Disco - Doc is dancing here Disco - Modern dance hall, in brief Disco - 'genre of dance music, popular in the 1970s (5)' Disco - Dancehall with recorded music, in short Disco - Round and round for entertainment Disco - Dance club with recorded music Disco - Public dance hall with recorded music Disco - Modern dance hall or event, in brief Disco - Music to dance to Disco - Place to dance to recorded music Disco - Nightclub with dancing to recorded music Disco - Modern dancehall of youth Disco - Place to dance to recorded music, in short Disco - Erstwhile dance hall Disco - 'saturday night fever' genre Disco - Gay '70s party genre Disco - '70s nightclub Disco - A dance very lacking in invention Disco - Find very short party Disco - Find very abstracted jockey's field Disco - Shady place company used for party? Disco - Place to dance in a girl's company Disco - Scott's ship lacks very popular dance music Disco - Girl's firm provides entertainment Disco - Where would teenagers go at night? the con­clusion to mind one's business Disco - What's come to light? very deficient dance music Disco - Club with dancing to recorded music Disco - Party with records Disco - Club or party with dancing Disco - Youngsters' dance venue Disco - Place for a revolving ball, maybe Disco - Music sounds like this goes without the plural Disco - Car sticker has nothing to do with club Disco - '70s "fever" Disco - Bee gees genre Disco - Genre most white people hated until 'saturday night fever' Disco - Mirror-ball venue Disco - Hustler's spot Disco - Summer's genre Disco - Studio 54, e.g Disco - '70s music genre Disco - Club in which the password is courage Disco - Travolta's dance Disco - '70s dance or genre Disco - 1970s musical genre Disco - Dance round and round Disco - Dance club Disco - Thumping music producing some discomfort Disco - Found half-cut leaving party Disco - What's found not very lively entertainment, for some? Disco - Reprazent/roni size album Disco - Just hot chocolate's kind of queen Disco - Type of music is featured in retro recording, old Disco - Music is constant during party Disco - Turn up without minister going over nightclub Disco - Nightclub Disco - Dance music is included in old recording that needs turning over Disco - Find not unduly noisy party Disco - Musical entertainment is constant in party Disco - Democrat is top officer in party Disco - Is conservative in party providing entertainment for one? Disco - Found to be half cut in dance party? Disco - Dance party Disco - One might get down to this business of investigating? Disco - Demonic spirit Disco - '70s dance hall Disco - Dancing venue Disco - ___ demolition night (infamous chicago stadium event of 1979) Disco - Scoff at officer's club Disco - Party around one's castle is a dj affair Disco - Dancing party Disco - 20 club Disco - Discotheque (abbrev.) Disco - Record nothing for youngsters' party Disco - Dancing club Disco - Rings venue for dancing Disco - Nightclub took off? not half! Disco - Dance venue Disco - Party with music Disco - Ring round for a music supplier Disco - Nightclub a find? not particularly Disco - Such music is constant during party? Disco - Nightclub found in sheffield is cosy Disco - Party in command is conservative Disco - Sound is coming from inside here Disco - Place to find girl's company? Disco - Girl's company may be sought here Disco - Club admitted into clubland is costly Disco - Passage in verdi's concerto that may set one's toe tapping Disco - Party is breaking old record, moving to the left Disco - Dancing to records Disco - Dance hall - music by donna summer and the bee gees, say Disco - Nightclub with recorded music Disco - 'saturday night fever' music genre Disco - "saturday night fever" genre Disco - With 55 down, "dancing with the stars" trophy Disco - Ring around for dancers Disco - One's about to figure in party? Disco - 1970s' musical genre Disco - Party in lead is conservative Disco - Piece from verdi scored for musical entertainment Disco - Place to hustle Disco - '70s club Disco - Lack of harmony - no way to make music Disco - Dance club with a glittery ball overhead Disco - 2001 odyssey, in 'saturday night fever' Disco - Club dance Disco - Travolta danced to it Disco - Style de musique populaire Disco - Detectives seen with company in nightclub Disco - Embarrassing '70s music Disco - Certain dance music Disco - 'boogie oogie oogie' music genre Disco - Dance on road would create trouble Disco - Music genre - dance venue Disco - Gloria gaynor genre Disco - The bee gees' genre Disco - Hip-hop progenitor Disco - Donna summer's music Disco - Music hall - opening for dancing is firm Disco - Nightclub with recorded music, in short Disco - Popular dance music Disco - Style for the bee gees Disco - Party in ireland is corrupt Disco - Musical party Disco - Style of pop music Disco - "the hustle" genre Disco - Genre musical Disco - Entertainment from diana's firm Disco - Nightclub of the past Disco - Specialty of the trammps Disco - The trammps' music Disco - The trammps' music Disco - Club for dancing Disco - Daughter is company in the dance club