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Tuned - Sharpened, say?

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  • Tuned - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word D

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Tuned - On pitch Tuned - Like musical instruments Tuned - Tightened some strings? Tuned - Ready to be played Tuned - Got into pitch Tuned - Made a grand grander Tuned - Adjusted, as a piano Tuned - With improved reception Tuned - Adjusted a hummer's hum Tuned - Did a garage job Tuned - Fixed flats? Tuned - Made a grand grander? Tuned - Like a good-sounding piano Tuned - Like good pianos and engines Tuned - Adjusted guitar strings Tuned - Perfectly pitched Tuned - Ready to play, you might say Tuned - In perfect pitch Tuned - Ignored, with "out" Tuned - In pitch Tuned - Adjusted the pitch of, as a piano Tuned - Like a purring jaguar Tuned - Ignored, with 'out' Tuned - Au courant, with "in" Tuned - Sharpened, say? Tuned - No longer flat Tuned - Adjusted the pitch of Tuned - Fixed the piano Tuned - Ready to play Tuned - Set the radio Tuned - Adjusted the radio knob Tuned - Fixed a flat? Tuned - All right notably, by the sound of it Tuned - How one french female got to sound right with one in the dail around Tuned - Harmonized Tuned - Of engine, adjusted to run properly Tuned - Adjusted a baby grand Tuned - Got your notes all right? Tuned - 'got it right, by the sound of it (5)' Tuned - Note that you've got it right Tuned - Did piano maintenance Tuned - Having arrived at pitch, turned roger out Tuned - Correctly adjusted Tuned - Correctly adjusted (eg in pitch) Tuned - Correctly pitched or adjusted Tuned - Adjusted a radio or engine Tuned - Accurately pitched Tuned - Sounding good, say Tuned - Fixed a piano Tuned - In good pitch Tuned - Brought into harmony Tuned - Listening, with 'in' Tuned - Adjusted a piano Tuned - Ready to be played, say Tuned - Readied, as a guitar Tuned - Properly pitched Tuned - Some music daughter arranged for reception Tuned - Adjusted (musical) pitch Tuned - The noted racing engine needs to be this to perfection Tuned - 'and many a thing may hap ere -' (william morris) Tuned - Composed new duet with desired pitch Tuned - Adjusted for pitch Tuned - Adjusted (a piano) Tuned - "in came a fiddler . . . and –– like fifty stomachaches" (dickens) Tuned - Prepared to play new middle of bad duet Tuned - (of radio) set to a frequency Tuned - Adjusted the pitch of, as an instrument Tuned - Perfectly pitched, as a piano Tuned - Adjusted frequency Tuned - Prepared the pitch and square with a french top dressing Tuned - Adjusted number on front of door Tuned - In perfect order, as a piano Tuned - (of note) adjusted Tuned - Got engine right on song Tuned - Paying attention, with 'in' Tuned - Pitched well? Tuned - Fixed, as a piano Tuned - Brought into pitch Tuned - (of piano) adjusted Tuned - Now ready to perform on Tuned - Anja garbarek "stay ___" Tuned - What guitar got before show Tuned - Ready for playing, in a way Tuned - Not sharp or flat Tuned - Adjusted, as a guitar Tuned - Readied, as a musical instrument