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Tba - Placeholder on a sched

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Tba - As yet unscheduled: abbr Tba - Not yet decided, on a sched Tba - More info later: abbr Tba - Scheduling placeholder Tba - Schedule slot letters Tba - Tv sched. abbr Tba - Tv sked abbr Tba - Ambiguous sched. info Tba - Not yet on the sched Tba - Tv abbr Tba - "more info later" Tba - "we'll tell you later," briefly Tba - Tv schedule abbr Tba - Tv listings abbr Tba - Program abbr Tba - Schedule uncertainty (abbr.) Tba - Tv schedule inits Tba - Tv guide abbreviation Tba - Iffy sched. letters Tba - Course list abbr Tba - Details will follow Tba - Tv schedule letters Tba - Sched. 'question mark' Tba - Schedule abbr Tba - Not yet scheduled, in schedules Tba - Scheduling abbr Tba - Sched. placeholder Tba - Not yet decided: abbr Tba - Sched. notation Tba - Sched. slot that's open Tba - Sched. spaceholder Tba - "we'll let you know," on a tv schedule Tba - Schedule maker's abbr Tba - Letters of uncertainty Tba - "still open," on a sched Tba - "unknown," on a sched Tba - Up in the air, on schedules Tba - Letters of indecision, on a schedule Tba - Unscheduled, so far (abbr.) Tba - Tv sched. letters Tba - Program guide abbr Tba - Tv-sked placeholder Tba - Abbr. in tv listings Tba - Schedule ref Tba - Sched. unknown Tba - Unfilled-slot abbr Tba - Sched. question mark Tba - Sched. notation Tba - Tv sched. notation Tba - Unknown, on a sched Tba - Unfilled-time-slot letters Tba - Tv listing abbr Tba - Listings abbr Tba - As yet unscheduled, briefly Tba - ?, on a sched Tba - [we'll tell you later]: abbr Tba - "unknown," on a sked Tba - Itinerary abbr Tba - 'more later,' on a sched Tba - Not yet filled: abbr Tba - Info is yet to come Tba - [we'll let you know]: abbr Tba - "we don't know yet," on skeds Tba - Undecided, on a tv schedule Tba - Info to come later Tba - Tv-schedule abbr Tba - Not yet sched Tba - Schedule placeholder Tba - Abbr. for an unknown 42-down Tba - Pending, on a sched Tba - Uncertain scheduling letters Tba - Info pending Tba - 'don't know yet,' on a schedule Tba - Tv guide abbr Tba - Timetable abbr Tba - Info later Tba - Unknown, on a tv sched Tba - Undecided: abbr Tba - Sched. gap letters Tba - Tv schedule placeholder Tba - Tv schedule notation Tba - Schedule-slot abbr Tba - Awaiting scheduling, initially Tba - Placeholder on a sched Tba - Not yet determined: abbr Tba - Sched. uncertainty letters Tba - Up in the air, for short Tba - Unknown time letters Tba - Unspecified, in tv listings (abbr.) Tba - Not yet filled, in a sched Tba - Not yet nailed down, for short Tba - Awaiting scheduling: abbr Tba - 'details forthcoming': abbr Tba - "i'll tell you later," tv guide-style Tba - Sched. letters Tba - Sched. slot notation Tba - "ask me later," on a schedule Tba - Letters in tv guide Tba - Letters for an open schedule slot Tba - Tv guide's "we don't know yet" Tba - Schedule letters Tba - Placeholder in a bracket Tba - Unfilled slot abbr Tba - "schedule uncertain at press time" abbr Tba - Sked note where a cancellation happened, maybe Tba - Placeholder letter on schedules Tba - "we really don't know yet," on a sched Tba - Not yet filled, on a sched Tba - Not yet known, on a tv schedule Tba - Letters for a gap in the schedule Tba - Abbr. on a schedule Tba - Letters denoting "date not set" Tba - Cast-list abbr Tba - 'i dunno,' in day books Tba - "i dunno," in day books Tba - Unfilled, on a sched Tba - Not yet on the sked Tba - Pending letters Tba - Sched. uncertainty Tba - Awaiting scheduling, in brief Tba - Not decided, in skeds Tba - "we'll let you know," for short Tba - Not yet scheduled: abbr Tba - Still undecided, briefly Tba - To be announced (abbrev.) Tba - Not yet determined, in skeds Tba - Sched. opening Tba - Info to come Tba - Unhelpful sched. info Tba - Alternative to '?' in some listings Tba - 'prof not yet decided' Tba - Not yet available at press time, for short Tba - Not yet posted, on a sked Tba - Not yet finalized, briefly Tba - 'not available at press time,' briefly Tba - [we can't find an opener for this slot, what's your band doing on monday?] Tba - "i don't know yet," on a schedule Tba - "check back later," in a sked Tba - "we don't know yet," in a tv schedule Tba - "watch this space," for short Tba - Not yet scheduled (abbr.) Tba - Radio journalist shapiro Tba - Up in the air, as what to air, for short Tba - Not yet decided, for short Tba - Abbr. for an unfilled slot Tba - Tv sched. uncertainty Tba - As yet unscheduled, on a sked Tba - 'tv guide' letters Tba - Unfilled: abbr Tba - Ltrs. in an unfilled tv time slot Tba - Not yet filled (abbr.) Tba - Television listings abbr Tba - Undetermined, on a sched Tba - [no info yet] Tba - Placeholder abbr Tba - Not yet known, on a sked Tba - Tv sked letters Tba - Awaiting scheduling, briefly Tba - Undecided, on a sked Tba - Slot-to-fill abbr Tba - Letters on a schedule meaning 'we'll let you know' Tba - 'still open,' on a sched Tba - "not sure yet," on a sched Tba - Schedule inits Tba - 'more info later': abbr Tba - Unfilled schedule slot abbr Tba - Timetable abbr. hidden in 17- and 61-across and 11- and 29-down Tba - "more info later": abbr Tba - Unfilled as yet, for short Tba - Slot's space holder Tba - Letters on an unfinished sched Tba - Letters on an unfinished sched