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Mayor - Joe quimby, e.g

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Mayor - "key to the city" presenter Mayor - 1984 best-selling ed koch memoir Mayor - 1984 ed koch best seller Mayor - An official horse, some say Mayor - Atlanta's bill campbell, e.g Mayor - Ceremonial ribbon cutter, often Mayor - Change of heart for important city's elected head Mayor - Chicago's rahm emanuel, e.g Mayor - Chief magistrate Mayor - Chief magistrate provides sauce recipe Mayor - City boss Mayor - City boss used to greet someone in early spring Mayor - City chief Mayor - City council head Mayor - City government head Mayor - City hall bigwig Mayor - City hall leader Mayor - City head Mayor - City leader Mayor - City manager Mayor - City official Mayor - City vip Mayor - Civic dignitary Mayor - Civic head Mayor - Civic head of town or borough Mayor - Civic leader Mayor - Cleveland was one in buffalo Mayor - Clint eastwood's onetime role in carmel-by-the-sea Mayor - Corporation head Mayor - Council head Mayor - Council leader runs one of 20's counties first Mayor - County durham's third civic leader Mayor - Dignitary - - may not! Mayor - Dignitary almost regal, up to the minute Mayor - Dignitary dressing right Mayor - Dignitary of the month presented with gold Mayor - Each of the four split shaded names Mayor - Economic slump Mayor - Elected city head Mayor - Elected town/city head Mayor - First citizen of a city Mayor - For example, henchard's yen to wander over outside Mayor - Giuliani, e.g Mayor - Giuliani, once Mayor - Head downtown? Mayor - Head of a city council Mayor - Head of a city government Mayor - Head of city might love reporter's finish Mayor - Head of old corporation is after april, oscar and regina Mayor - Hizzoner Mayor - Hizzoner's office Mayor - Job title never held by any u.s. president Mayor - Joe quimby, e.g Mayor - Johnson, say, manipulated 13 Mayor - Koch memoir Mayor - La guardia was one Mayor - La guardia, for one Mayor - Leader of city or county meeting queen Mayor - Livingstone returns as king, giving up 50 for 1,000 Mayor - Local dignitary Mayor - Local leader finds gold after 31 days Mayor - Might for the present or be over the town Mayor - Might for the present, or be over the town Mayor - Might or authority in city Mayor - Mount to speak for head of corporation Mayor - Munchkin official Mayor - Municipal head Mayor - Municipal leader Mayor - Municipal official Mayor - Municipal ribbon cutter, often Mayor - Musician is sometimes given key to city by this person Mayor - New york's fiorello la guardia, once Mayor - Office in the city Mayor - Officer and men following are permitted to Mayor - Official has permission more precious than 19 Mayor - Official taking month with soldiers Mayor - One called 'hizzoner' Mayor - Onetime title for bernie sanders Mayor - Ossie davis role in "do the right thing" Mayor - Person presenting a key to the city Mayor - Politician's talking horse! Mayor - Provost Mayor - Provost, in scotland Mayor - Public official can overlook alternative Mayor - Rahm emanuel's post-white house title Mayor - Rahm emanuel, vis-г -vis chicago Mayor - The town has him for the county, to begin with Mayor - Title once held by clint eastwood Mayor - Town bigwig Mayor - Town chief Mayor - Town council head Mayor - Town dignitary Mayor - Town head Mayor - Town leader Mayor - Town official Mayor - Town's chief citizen Mayor - Urban boss Mayor - Wander over to collect unknown civic dignitary Mayor - Winner of an indianapolis race, e.g Mayor - With 87-across, soon-to-be-inducted city official Mayor - Worthy irish county and river Mayor - Xtc "i may be the ___ of simpleton, but i know one thing, and that's i love you" Mayor - Xtc "the ___ of simpleton"