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Staple - Document holder?

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Staple - Fastener shot from a gun Staple - Basic sort of plates Staple - Is it said to be a saint edward? Staple - Paper fastener found on plates Staple - Patrick's back with the french to get driven home Staple - Patrick is up with the french and may take a hammer to it Staple - However important, one must get driven home Staple - It's most important to drive one home Staple - Patrick's back to fasten the french Staple - A wire paper fastener for plates Staple - Short u-shaped paper fastener Staple - U-shaped wire to fasten papers together Staple - Paper pin - basic Staple - Pleats in a paper pin Staple - A paper pin Staple - Paper pin for plates Staple - Pleats in paper pin Staple - Patrick is up with the french to make it fast Staple - The principal u-shaped thing the gets driven home Staple - Pat's up with the french to make it fast Staple - Fasten, in a way Staple - Basic element Staple - Food past its sell-by date contains source of pandemic Staple - A joiner's raw material Staple - Means of securing textile fibre Staple - Main type of fastener Staple - Fastener's main element Staple - Principal fixer Staple - Market town for pastel reproduction Staple - Main fastening Staple - Principal can make a good man turn pale Staple - Prince enters flat of major Staple - Bit of wire in bread? Staple - Secure a basic commodity Staple - Principal Staple - Fastener for paper or wire Staple - Main - way to fasten paper Staple - Chief - fastener Staple - Chief - paper fastener Staple - The food one normally eats Staple - Principal - fastener Staple - Principle - fixer Staple - Principle - metal fastener Staple - Main element Staple - Metal fastener Staple - Fastening device Staple - Fastener - principal Staple - Principal way to core fruit Staple - Paper-clip alternative Staple - Holds the paper together with broken plates Staple - Main way to keep leaves from getting scattered Staple - Bread, for one, keeps things together? Staple - Fasten together, as papers Staple - Essential commodity Staple - Ammunition for a certain gun Staple - Fastener in the corner Staple - One securing hasp; principal Staple - Clip some wool Staple - The old may be without parking, though it's essential Staple - Important; paper fastener Staple - Main, important Staple - Chief no longer performing well keeps power Staple - Keep paper together - that's the main thing Staple - It holds fast food Staple - Power retained by fusty principal Staple - Palest pastel pleats may all become standard Staple - Principal fastener Staple - Secure necessary and important things to eat Staple - Hard to hide piano key Staple - Fastener Staple - Standard security device Staple - Power held by overworked principal Staple - Standard item holding papers together Staple - Basic commodity and paper fastener Staple - The usual food is boring and soft inside Staple - The chief's old - keeping quiet Staple - In the main, it's used as a fastener Staple - Plates - fancy or quite basic Staple - Touches up the french chief Staple - Leading commodity Staple - Main Staple - Secure an ingredient of primary importance Staple - Fix: something taken regularly Staple - Wire fastener Staple - Fastener in sink's tap leaks Staple - Short u-shaped wire for fastening papers Staple - Basic food no longer fit for consumption round back of shop Staple - Principal's hard gripping end of strap Staple - Basic ammunition for a gun Staple - Principal way plea is amended Staple - Fundamental Staple - Raw material Staple - Attach crushed petals Staple - Basic centrefold feature? Staple - Basic commodity like corn getting soft inside Staple - Food regularly eaten not fresh containing potatoes primarily Staple - Devon town has barn set aside for basic food Staple - Metal fixer Staple - Basic fastening Staple - Secure, in a way, important element of diet Staple - Office fastener Staple - Flour, for instance Staple - Keeps things together in bread, for one Staple - Salt or flour, e.g Staple - Kind of gun Staple - Basic flat round centre of ripon Staple - Main element in piece of wire Staple - Office joiner Staple - Basic pressure for british in firm Staple - It keeps pages from flying everywhere Staple - Office binder Staple - Paper fastener - basic foodstuff Staple - Fastener in a gun Staple - Fastener is essential Staple - Rock mainstay Staple - Set list mainstay Staple - Swingline insert Staple - Fastener that looks like u? Staple - Priest tucking into old important part of diet Staple - Bread or butter Staple - Bent item in an office products logo Staple - Basic old houses poky for a start Staple - Comic book fastener Staple - Gun insert Staple - Fixing broken plates Staple - Basic connector