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Iamb - Two-syllable foot

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Iamb - "but, soft!", for instance Iamb - 'behold' or 'arise' in poetry Iamb - 'hurray' or 'alas' Iamb - 'to be,' e.g Iamb - A doctor attending one's foot Iamb - A foot in a line Iamb - A fragment from william blake? Iamb - A metrical unit Iamb - After lifting, doctors start to inspect foot Iamb - Am i first to finally stub a foot Iamb - Anapest cousin Iamb - Anapest relative Iamb - Anapest's cousin Iamb - Anapest's relative Iamb - Bit of poetry from william blake Iamb - Byron's foot? Iamb - Da-dah Iamb - Element used by william butler Iamb - Fairy queen i confuse in poetic measure Iamb - Foot Iamb - Foot in a line Iamb - Foot in a line of poetry Iamb - Foot in a meter Iamb - Foot in a poem Iamb - Foot in a sonnet Iamb - Foot injury initially requires a doctor Iamb - Foot of two syllables Iamb - Foot of verse Iamb - Foot that's part of a meter Iamb - Foot the reverse of excellent? doctor! Iamb - Foot trapped between taxi and ambulance? Iamb - Foot type Iamb - Foot used to keep rhythm? Iamb - Foot with first sign of infection attended by a doctor Iamb - Foot, to a poet Iamb - Frost's foot Iamb - Hamlet's "to be," for one Iamb - I'm beginning to be short and long by the foot Iamb - I'm starting to be one foot long Iamb - Kind of poetic foot Iamb - Limerick unit Iamb - Literary foot Iamb - Metric foot Iamb - Metric unit Iamb - Metrical foot Iamb - Metrical foot in poetry Iamb - Metrical foot of one short, one long syllables Iamb - Metrical foot of two syllables Iamb - Metrical foot, in poetry Iamb - Metrical short-long foot Iamb - Metrical unit Iamb - Ogden nash's foot? Iamb - One foot Iamb - One foot in a line Iamb - One foot, to a poet Iamb - One of 70 in a shakespearean sonnet Iamb - One of four in 'as i was going to st. ives' Iamb - One of three in "to be or not to be" Iamb - One-fifth of 'if music be the food of love, play on' Iamb - One-quarter of 'whose woods these are i think i know' Iamb - Part of a meter Iamb - Part of a pentameter? Iamb - Pentameter component, often Iamb - Petrarchan unit Iamb - Poet's foot Iamb - Poet's metrical foot Iamb - Poetic element in full version of billy budd? Iamb - Poetic foot Iamb - Poetic measure Iamb - Poetic unit Iamb - Poetic unit of rhythm Iamb - Poetry division originally in all milton's books Iamb - Poetry foot Iamb - Pound foot? Iamb - Primarily, inches are merely bits in a foot Iamb - Prosodic foot Iamb - Rhythmic foot Iamb - Rubaiyat bit Iamb - Seems i'm just a little b---with only one foot Iamb - Shakespeare's foot? Iamb - Shelley's foot Iamb - Short-long metric foot Iamb - Short-long metrical foot Iamb - Small foot Iamb - Songwriter's poetic meter Iamb - Sonnet unit Iamb - Sonneteer's unit Iamb - Trochee's counterpart Iamb - Two-syllable foot Iamb - Two-syllable poetic foot Iamb - Two-syllable poetic unit Iamb - Vermont but not new hampshire, e.g.? Iamb - William booth took part in 17 Iamb - William brown's foot? Iamb - With this foot, one goes to a doctor Iamb - You get a foot of this starting just after midnight