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Chinese - Takeout option

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Chinese - Hong kong residents, now Chinese - Kind of lantern Chinese - Takeout option Chinese - Like fan-tan and tangrams Chinese - Takeout choice Chinese - Some takeout Chinese - Mandarin Chinese - It can precede the start of 6- and 48-across and 28-down Chinese - Food often taken out Chinese - The talk of taiwan Chinese - Lantern type Chinese - Something full of interesting characters? Chinese - Boxers, by birth Chinese - Popular takeout cuisine Chinese - Rent, most of which is made up from what you may find in 8 across, perhaps Chinese - A yellow jaw and, see, it's broken Chinese - He's nice in an eastern sort of way Chinese - In the east, might a jaw see crooked? Chinese - Since he makes it, it's a jaw to see with Chinese - Cie hens from beijing, say Chinese - She nice in this language? Chinese - Since he is from a very populated nation Chinese - Since he, strangely, is this nationality Chinese - Since he makes it from the east Chinese - Common takeout cuisine Chinese - Cynic shouted: ñthese people! Chinese - Hastens to order rice menu with nasty consequences! Chinese - Language of novelist in church Chinese - A constant diet of dripping? Chinese - With 39-across, convenience that might include the dish spelled out by the first few letters of the answers to 16-, 22-, 50- and 60-across Chinese - Which might contain noodles destined to be put away in a home? Chinese - Like many a 12-down Chinese - Beijing-born, say Chinese - ______ checkers Chinese - Language that's the source of the words answered by this puzzle's starred clues Chinese - Like dim sum Chinese - Like virtually all gold medalists in olympic table tennis Chinese - Receiver of beating in eastern temple: bones click, he crumbles Chinese - Word before checkers or new year Chinese - Upset by 1 down undies, lush song by 26 27 Chinese - Member of han people Chinese - Ravines discovered by english in eastern country Chinese - - chequers; - leaves; - puzzle Chinese - Oriental crests seen all over the east Chinese - Native to beijing Chinese - Foreign ravines got to by english Chinese - Oriental language Chinese - Language spoken by many Chinese - Popular takeout option Chinese - Pain caused by deliberately twisting flesh in opposite directions Chinese - Oriental church in newly developed see Chinese - Greek character possibly seen as oriental Chinese - And 19 across: cruel twist in feature on mostly new rebus mystery Chinese - Oriental revolutionary's crossed lines without leader Chinese - In east, socialist leader embraced by revolutionary such as mao Chinese - Merchant initially abandoned mince he's prepared for restaurant Chinese - Sinitic Chinese - Board game, -- checkers Chinese - Language stored in machines electronically Chinese - Word before "checkers" or "zodiac" Chinese - See 13 Chinese - Widely-spoken language Chinese - Boxes within boxes Chinese - Eastern language Chinese - Takeout cuisine choice Chinese - Asian revolutionary accommodating fashionable french art Chinese - Extraordinarily nice, she is from a far country