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Skate - Shirk duties, slangily

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Skate - Use rollerblades Skate - Rink need Skate - Play for the n.h.l Skate - Rollerblade Skate - Pointy-snouted fish Skate - Glide Skate - Play in the n.h.l Skate - It has wheels on its heel Skate - Shirk duties, slangily Skate - Theme of this puzzle Skate - Emulate dick button Skate - Go blading Skate - Ice-___ Skate - In-line item Skate - Edible ray Skate - Make tracks on ice Skate - Pacific ray Skate - Emulate heiden Skate - Cheap attachment Skate - Compete in the winter olympics, maybe Skate - Execute a camel? Skate - Perform like 46-across Skate - It may have you going in circles Skate - Work on axels Skate - Go round the rink Skate - Play professional hockey Skate - Thing with a wheeled heel Skate - Do figure eights, say Skate - Blade site Skate - Skim the surface? Skate - Emulate hans brinker Skate - It needed a key, once Skate - Shark relative Skate - Pursue the puck Skate - Get by on thin ice? Skate - Play ice hockey Skate - Ice cutter Skate - Hit the ice Skate - Perform lutzes, say Skate - Do figure eights Skate - Enjoy the rink Skate - Shoe on wheels Skate - Roller derby footwear Skate - Enjoy the ice Skate - Glide on ice Skate - Glide on the ice Skate - An old one may need a key Skate - Slide at the united center Skate - Ape hans brinker Skate - Do lutzes, e.g Skate - Diamond-shaped fish Skate - Do axels and lutzes Skate - Do camels Skate - It may have a blade Skate - Guitarfish relative Skate - Use the rink Skate - Make a nice round figure, say Skate - Participate in ice capades Skate - Figure follower Skate - It lays a mermaid's purse Skate - "good" person Skate - Ice ______ Skate - Hit the rink Skate - Pass superficially (over) Skate - Do figures, in a way Skate - Do figure-eights Skate - Ray Skate - Item with a blade Skate - Carnivorous fish Skate - Wheeled footwear Skate - Perform a camel spin Skate - Work on one's figure, say Skate - Perform using blades Skate - Work with figures? Skate - Inline item Skate - Boot with a blade Skate - Glide (over) Skate - Emulate apolo ohno Skate - Shark or penguin footwear Skate - Ice_____ Skate - Fish or footwear Skate - Emulate 2-down Skate - Take to the ice Skate - Emulate the 54 across Skate - Foot gear for an n.h.l.'er Skate - Ray in the sea Skate - It may have rollers Skate - Shoe with a sharp edge Skate - Glide on blades Skate - Enjoy the roller rink Skate - Do a figure eight Skate - Flat fish Skate - Emulate boitano Skate - Emulate witt Skate - Emulate jamie sale Skate - Emulate sarah hughes Skate - Emulate katarina witt Skate - Make like torvill and dean Skate - Make like michelle kwan Skate - Emulate oksana baiul Skate - Take to the rink Skate - Use a rink Skate - Go rollerblading Skate - Enjoy a rink Skate - See 61-across Skate - Make nice round figures, say Skate - The sort of seafood that must be kept on ice Skate - Takes off like large flatfish Skate - Glide like large fish Skate - Large, edible rays Skate - Catherine would be the last that takes after one of 2 down Skate - Pose for thrasher, perhaps Skate - Spin out on the ice? Skate - Glide on a pond Skate - Steak cooked for friday lunch? Skate - Fish move across frozen lake, say Skate - Bladed shoe Skate - Execute a camel, say Skate - Do toe loops, e.g Skate - Inline roller Skate - Glide around a rink Skate - Ray variety Skate - Runner's place Skate - 36 across with wheels Skate - Derby roller Skate - Do figures Skate - Stingray relative Skate - Roll on a rink Skate - It may be in-line Skate - Go along effortlessly Skate - Emulate scott hamilton Skate - Glider on the ice Skate - Ray in the ocean Skate - Footwear for a frozen lake Skate - Ice-hockey footwear Skate - Perform triple axels, e.g Skate - Equipment for 74-across Skate - Blade holder, maybe Skate - Shoe with a wheeled heel Skate - Fish similar to the stingray Skate - Do lutzes, say Skate - Complete, 19-less Skate - Ice-gliding blade; fish Skate - Takes to gliding Skate - Fish; ice shoe Skate - Fish Skate - Large ray Skate - Fish; go on ice Skate - Flatfish Skate - Travel across ice to get fish Skate - Ice -; roller - Skate - Ice-rink shoe Skate - Fish of ray family Skate - Small shrew seen to cross ice Skate - Fish move around ice Skate - Be a duck, e.g Skate - Emulate a king or senator Skate - Coast along, with 'by' Skate - Lasso Skate - Cartilaginous fish Skate - Large edible ray Skate - Society girl, a current collector Skate - Ray charles finally kissed girl in play? in play 9 this may be scrooge Skate - Glide over ice Skate - Fish skim over the surface Skate - Fish in the ray family Skate - Ray's small girl in musical Skate - Type of ray Skate - Glide on ice; ray Skate - What one must do to be a professional hockey player Skate - Half a pair for pairs Skate - Steak mince is more than a little fishy Skate - Hockey player's footwear Skate - What pro hockey players do Skate - Emulate michelle kwan Skate - Compete in the winter olympics, in a way Skate - Participate in a roller derby Skate - Make like tony hawk Skate - Wheeled shoe Skate - Ray in the water Skate - Fish resembling a stingray Skate - Ice-hockey need Skate - Glide along Skate - Go in circles at rockefeller center Skate - Four-wheel conveyance Skate - Slide on ice Skate - Ride on a board, perhaps Skate - A ray; slide smoothly Skate - Glide effortlessly Skate - Compete in roller derby Skate - Rollerblade, for one Skate - Enjoy the rink at rockefeller center Skate - Diamond-shaped swimmer Skate - Fish related to the stingray Skate - Glide on a rink Skate - Roll in a roller derby Skate - Play roller derby, say Skate - Emulate tara lipinski Skate - Play hockey Skate - Kottonmouth kings "me and my ___" Skate - Play for the san francisco bay bombers Skate - Fish glide on the surface Skate - Lines on some maps: abbr Skate - Roll along, in a way Skate - Go like hans brinker Skate - One way to be a glider Skate - Punk subgenre Skate - Recite keats to the fish Skate - Food fish Skate - Nofx "separation of church and ___" Skate - Hockey footwear Skate - Stingray kin