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Imok - Comment after an accident

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  • Imok - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word M
  • 3 - st. word O
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Imok - "didn't hurt a bit!" Imok - "don't worry about me!" Imok - "don't worry about me" Imok - "don't worry" Imok - "everything's cool" Imok - "everything's fine" Imok - "go help someone else" Imok - "how are you doing?" response Imok - "how are you" reply Imok - "how are you?" reply Imok - "how are you?" response Imok - "how ya' doing?" reply Imok - "how're you doing?" response Imok - "howya doin'?" response Imok - "no damage done" Imok - "no harm done" Imok - "no real damage" Imok - "not a scratch on me" Imok - "not to worry" Imok - "nothing's broken!" Imok - "that didn't hurt" Imok - "there's nothing wrong with me" Imok - "you hurt?" reply, hopefully Imok - 'are you hurt?' reply Imok - 'are you hurt?' response Imok - 'didn't hurt a bit!' Imok - 'don't need anymore, thanks' Imok - 'don't worry about me!' Imok - 'don't worry about me' Imok - 'everything's fine' Imok - 'everything's fine, thanks' Imok - 'fine here' Imok - 'how are you?' reply Imok - 'just a little spill...' Imok - 'no damage done' Imok - 'no harm done' Imok - 'no more food, thanks' Imok - 'no problem here' Imok - 'nothing's broken' Imok - 'that fall wasn't as bad as it looked' Imok - 'things are fine' Imok - 'you hurt?' response Imok - Accident report of a sort Imok - Assurance after a fall Imok - Assurance after a trip Imok - Comforting words after a fall Imok - Comment after a tumble Imok - Comment after an accident Imok - Comment after tripping Imok - Happy post-accident statement Imok - Hoped-for response to 'you hurt?' Imok - Ideal "are you hurt?" reply Imok - It's good to hear after a spill Imok - Klutz's reassurance Imok - Lloyd webber musical Imok - Possible response to 'how are you?' Imok - Post-accident reassurance Imok - Post-accident response, perhaps Imok - Reassuring comment after a fall Imok - Reassuring phrase Imok - Reassuring reply Imok - Reassuring response Imok - Reassuring words Imok - Reassuring words after an accident Imok - Reply to "are you hurt?" Imok - Reply to 'are you hurt?' Imok - Response to "are you hurt?" Imok - Response to "you all right?" Imok - Response to 'how are you?' Imok - Response to 'you hurt?' Imok - Statement of reassurance Imok - Welcome words after a trip Imok - Words from one who tripped Imok - Words of reassurance