Alas - 'if only things had turned out different!'

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Alas - Word for poor yorick Alas - 'i am miserable' Alas - 'woe is me!' Alas - Start of hamlet's 'yorick' speech Alas - '___, 'tis true i have gone here and there': shak Alas - 'too bad!' Alas - Griever's exclamation Alas - 'oh, woe!' Alas - Word repeated in 'elegy in a country churchyard' Alas - Word after a loss Alas - Woeful word Alas - Word of resignation Alas - Wistful word Alas - Cry for what might have been Alas - Word said with a tear Alas - 'oh, were it not true!' Alas - Word of regret Alas - 'ah, me!' Alas - 'wellaway!' updated Alas - 'what a shame!' Alas - 'oh dear!' Alas - Dramatic wail Alas - 'how awful!' Alas - 'unfortunately...' Alas - "tis a pity' Alas - 'poor me!' Alas - [boo-hoo!] Alas - Relative of 55-across Alas - 'if only things had turned out different!' Alas - Sighed exclamation Alas - 'what a pity!' Alas - Alack's partner Alas - "what a pity!" Alas - "dear me!" Alas - "too bad" Alas - Partner of 29-down Alas - Woeful expression Alas - Dignified "shucks!" Alas - Dramatic expression of unhappiness Alas - 'oh, my!' Alas - "what a shame!" Alas - It's said with a sigh Alas - Sorrowful sigh Alas - Cry after failing Alas - "oh me, oh my" Alas - Woe is me! Alas - Theatrical lament Alas - Expression of sorrow Alas - 'dear me!' Alas - 'ohhh' Alas - Sorry to say Alas - "dear, dear!" Alas - "poor me!" Alas - Word said with a sigh Alas - Melodramatic cry Alas - Sorrowful exclamation Alas - "unfortunately..." Alas - Shakespearean "bummer!" Alas - 'sorry to say ...' Alas - 'too bad' Alas - Old-style "bummer!" Alas - Resigned remark Alas - Pitying cry Alas - Word for yorick Alas - Opposite of 'hurray!' Alas - Sad to say Alas - 'sad to say ...' Alas - "too bad!" Alas - Word of woe Alas - Regrettably Alas - Word expressing pity Alas - "ah, me!" Alas - Exclamation of sorrow Alas - Comment on a loss Alas - Sad commentary Alas - Sighing word Alas - Word wailed in woe Alas - "mama said there'd be days like this" Alas - 'c'est la vie' Alas - 'unfortunately ...' Alas - Tsk-tsk Alas - [sigh] Alas - Expression of pity Alas - "oh, me!" Alas - Sighed effect Alas - "bad news!" Alas - 'ohhhh ...' Alas - Commiserative comment Alas - Cry of dismay Alas - Unfortunately Alas - "bummer!" to shakespeare Alas - "woe is me!" Alas - Alack partner Alas - "tut-tut!" Alas - '___, how love can trifle with itself!': shak Alas - Poetic plaint Alas - Dejection interjection Alas - Despairing utterance Alas - Sad statement Alas - 'sorry to say...' Alas - Unhappy exclamation Alas - Start of a phrase of regret Alas - Ruer's word Alas - "that's too bad!" Alas - Regretful word Alas - "what a shame" Alas - Despondent comment Alas - "woe is me" Alas - Sad exclamation Alas - Sighed cry Alas - "oh dear!" Alas - Interjection of dejection Alas - "bummer!" Alas - It's said pitifully Alas - Commiserator's word Alas - Word sometimes said with a tear Alas - "sad to say ..." Alas - Loser's reaction Alas - Remark filled with gloom Alas - Word to a skull, mayhaps? Alas - Rejected suitor's word, perhaps Alas - Expression of resignation Alas - "unfortunately ..." Alas - A sighed aside Alas - "sorry to say . . ." Alas - First word of "greensleeves" Alas - "poor me" Alas - "oy!" Alas - Quaint plaint Alas - Word following a sigh Alas - "oh gracious!" Alas - 'tis a pity' Alas - Sad comment Alas - '___ the heavy day!': 'othello' Alas - Poor yorick's word Alas - Despondent word Alas - "sadly ..." Alas - Word of sorrow Alas - Sad cry Alas - Expression of regret Alas - Woeful cry Alas - Poetic word of regret Alas - "sad to say . . ." Alas - Exclamation of resignation Alas - "oh, dear!" Alas - Word of dismay Alas - "tis a shame' Alas - "twas not to be" preceder Alas - Sighed line Alas - As bad luck would have it Alas - "sorry to say" Alas - Sympathetic word Alas - Woe is me Alas - Expression of unhappiness Alas - "lackaday" Alas - Remark of regret Alas - "___, poor yorick!" Alas - "'tis a pity!" Alas - "oh well," in more poetic terms Alas - Rueful word Alas - Woeful exclamation Alas - 'oh woe!' Alas - "sad to say" Alas - "it pains me to say . . ." Alas - "very sorry!" Alas - Comment of the despondent Alas - '___, poor yorick! i knew him, horatio' Alas - Word from the weary Alas - "curse the luck!" Alas - Word in reference to yorick Alas - "d'oh!" relative Alas - "tsk! tsk!" Alas - "me oh my" Alas - Sigher's word Alas - "how sad!" Alas - "___, babylon" (1959 post-apocalyptic novel) Alas - "that's not good!" Alas - "dear me" Alas - Cry of sorrow Alas - Distressed cry Alas - Woeful interjection Alas - Self-pitying cry Alas - 'ah, well ...' Alas - Rueful utterance Alas - 'that's a shame' Alas - "that's a shame!" Alas - 'oh, what a world!' Alas - Sighed word Alas - Woe word Alas - Gloomy gus' expression Alas - "oh, woe!" Alas - '___ the day!' (shakespearean interjection) Alas - Sighed interjection Alas - Sighed line? Alas - Sigh of pity Alas - Cry of resignation Alas - Pitiful exclamation Alas - World-weary one's word Alas - Word after a sigh Alas - "bummer!" formally Alas - 'darn,' more formally Alas - Sighed comment Alas - Wistful one's word Alas - "__, poor yorick": hamlet Alas - '___ and [23-down]!' Alas - "___, poor yorick" (hamlet) Alas - Word that's dramatically sighed Alas - Word of concern Alas - “sad to tell, ... ” Alas - "sadly" Alas - “sad to say ... ” Alas - "for pity's sake!" Alas - Sorrowful word Alas - "for pity's sake" Alas - "goodness gracious!" Alas - Comment about a loss Alas - Quaint complaint Alas - "unhappily ..." Alas - '___ the day!' (shakespearean exclamation) Alas - Word spoken with a hand on one's forehead, maybe Alas - 'such a pity' Alas - 'a pity' Alas - 'regrettably ...' Alas - Cry of woe Alas - "oh, no" Alas - '___, poor yorick! Alas - "gracious me!" Alas - 'shame ...' Alas - Woe betide Alas - Worrier's word Alas - "__, poor yorick . . ." Alas - 'sad to say...' Alas - 'sad to say,...' Alas - "what a bummer!" Alas - Sigh of resignation Alas - "oh, my!" Alas - "just my luck!" Alas - 'them's the breaks,' more formally Alas - Woeful wail Alas - 'lackaday!' Alas - "such a pity" Alas - Word of pity Alas - Quaint word of regret Alas - "__, poor yorick!": hamlet Alas - "___, poor yorick" Alas - Word said with a tear, maybe Alas - "___, poor yorick . . ." Alas - Preceder of a bit of bad news Alas - ___ and alack Alas - Prelude to bad news Alas - Frightens Alas - Cry of the sorrowful Alas - Melodramatic lament Alas - Sad to report Alas - Lamenter's comment Alas - Sadly Alas - Regretter's word Alas - "it's a shame!" Alas - Sad interjection Alas - "sorry to say ..." Alas - Word of lament Alas - Statement of resignation Alas - Shakespearean lament Alas - Shakespeare's "poor me!" Alas - "__, 'tis true, i have gone here and there": sonnet 110 Alas - 'sadly ...' Alas - Lament for yorick Alas - It might precede bad news Alas - "sadly . . ." Alas - 'so sad!' Alas - "dear, dear" Alas - Weary word Alas - 'sad to tell, ...' Alas - Comment re yorick Alas - 'sad to say, ...' Alas - Reaction re yorick Alas - "tis a pity!' Alas - Remark re yorick Alas - 'sad to tell ...' Alas - 'oh, woe' Alas - 'sad to say' Alas - 'woe is me' Alas - 'how sad' Alas - Cry of pity Alas - 'how sad!' Alas - 'so sad' Alas - Woeful sigh Alas - 'woe!' Alas - 'so sad...' Alas - '___, poor yorick!' Alas - Shakespeare's 'poor me!' Alas - Word meaning "that's too bad" Alas - "'tis a shame" Alas - That's a lack of a girl, by the sound of it Alas - Expression of grief or misfortune Alas - Too bad it's maid, by the sound of it Alas - That's too bad to sound like a girl Alas - Too bad it sounds like a girl - a backward girl! Alas - Too bad it"s a girl by the sound of it Alas - That's what a girl sounds like, sad to say Alas - By the sound of it she is too bad Alas - Too bad she's no end of a girl! Alas - What a lamentable girl, by the sound of it Alas - O dear, what a female sound Alas - That's too bad to give a start to 5 down Alas - One miss in sorrow, by the sound of it Alas - Too bad for a girl, by the sound of it Alas - That sounds like a girl that's too bad Alas - Too bad if it sounds so girlish Alas - Too bad it sounds like her Alas - Too bad it's a girl, by the sound of it Alas - Too bad it sounds so feminine Alas - Too bad to sound so feminine! Alas - Too bad this sounds feminine Alas - Too bad a girl has lost her bottom! Alas - Too bad, so sad Alas - By bad luck Alas - Alack Alas - So sad, too bad Alas - Verbal sigh Alas - Dramatically sighed word Alas - Interjection of sorrow Alas - Opposite of "hooray!" Alas - Too bad, how sad Alas - Archaic exclamation of sorrow or regret Alas - Too bad the girl is so endless Alas - There's no end of her - too bad! Alas - Too bad for her, by the sound of it Alas - Sounds as if there was no end to her - she was too bad (4) Alas - Too bad there's no end to her Alas - Too bad that it's a girl, by the sound of it Alas - Too bad this sounds so female Alas - 'by the sound of it, one of 34 across is too bad (4)' Alas - 'too bad one misses the start of 1 across, by the sound of it (4)' Alas - Too bad a girl is missing her end Alas - Too bad for a girl with no end of this Alas - 'pity, pity' Alas - Opposite of 'happily ...' Alas - Woeful comment Alas - Word often sighed Alas - 'unhappily...' Alas - 'woe be unto me!' Alas - 'oh, cruel world ...' Alas - 'regrettably,...' Alas - Sadly it's not in the atlas Alas - Hamlet's word of regret Alas - Sigh of regret Alas - Interjection that comes from the latin for 'weary' Alas - "bummer," more formally Alas - Unhappy to hear it's a girl Alas - Pity a girl that's not all there! Alas - Word of regret, detailing something possibly mixed up Alas - Letters regularly lost by railways, unfortunately Alas - Exclamation of regret Alas - What a shame! Alas - Cry of grief Alas - How sad! Alas - Cry of regret Alas - '___, i am dying beyond my means': oscar wilde Alas - "'tis a sad day" Alas - 'ah, 'twas not to be' Alas - Melodramatic "rats!" Alas - "unfortunately . . ." Alas - Word said while wringing one's hands Alas - Melodramatic moan Alas - Dramatic cry Alas - Old-time word of woe Alas - "it's a pity!" Alas - Pitiful interjection Alas - Lament for "poor yorick" Alas - 'wellaway!' Alas - Cry of sadness Alas - A word to poor yorick Alas - "regrettably . . ." Alas - Word from hamlet while holding a skull Alas - State misfortune thus Alas - Sorrowful cry Alas - Old-timey word of woe Alas - Word of despair Alas - "ah, those were the days" Alas - "sorry to hear that" Alas - "that's a shame" Alas - Verbalized sigh Alas - Pained cry Alas - "so sad!" Alas - 'it wasn't meant to be' Alas - Old-world word of woe Alas - Expression of sorrow or pity Alas - Sigh of sorrow Alas - Resignation exclamation Alas - Forlorn cry Alas - "if only things had turned out differently!" Alas - Cry from the heartbroken Alas - Quaint lament Alas - "that's a pity" Alas - Wistful remark Alas - Sad word for "poor yorick" Alas - "how unfortunate!" Alas - Mournful expression Alas - Sorrowful utterance Alas - "poor pitiful me!" Alas - Oral lament Alas - Commiseration exclamation Alas - "that's too bad" Alas - "__, i am not coop'd here for defence!": "henry vi, part 3" Alas - Opposite of "yay!" Alas - "'tis a pity" Alas - Wistful intro Alas - "unfortunately . . . " Alas - Proper, respectable Alas - Antipodean island state Alas - A girl not satisfactory, unfortunately Alas - Unfortunately, one has to abandon nom de guerre Alas - Us state only briefly identified, unfortunately Alas - Oh dear! Alas - I'm sorry to say cold meal is almost finished up Alas - Expression of grief Alas - Exclamation of grief Alas - Eighteen railways express regret thus Alas - Expression of grief/pity Alas - Assumed name - one no longer used unfortunately Alas - '- poor yorick' (hamlet) Alas - Time excluded from world records, unfortunately Alas - A girl has bottom pinched, unfortunately Alas - A girl short, unfortunately Alas - Railways subject to regular cuts, unfortunately Alas - Sad expression of a girl dropping back Alas - Regrettably, a final cut short Alas - More's the pity Alas - Woeful expression, in isolated state, cut off Alas - Healthy meal sent back unfinished, sadly Alas - Sadly, unfortunately Alas - Troubled cry Alas - Cry of despair Alas - Brief lamentation Alas - Remark of the resigned Alas - 'it's a pity' Alas - 'i wish it weren't so' Alas - Lackaday Alas - Pseudonym one omitted, unfortunately Alas - Shame a girl's lost a shilling Alas - Unhappily Alas - Sadly, no time for geography book Alas - Almost all like to amalgamate - such a pity! Alas - A girl, we hear, that expresses sadness Alas - Middle class girl's no saint, sadly Alas - A girl reaches no conclusion, sad to say Alas - ' - - ! poor yorick' Alas - Sadly it's a girl, we hear Alas - Woe! Alas - Unfortunately having a glass core Alas - A girl meeting a premature end unfortunately Alas - Confined in mental asylum, sad to say Alas - Sad to say! Alas - Sadly amiss, by the sound of it Alas - Assumed style i dropped sadly Alas - A woman saying farewell to son sadly Alas - Railways ignoring the odds, unfortunately! Alas - A girl finally loses direction, sad to say Alas - Mountains out of time, sadly Alas - Woefully gaunt bottom lost by weakling turned body-builder Alas - Regrettably, i entered with false name Alas - Assumed name i omitted, unfortunately Alas - Unfortunately protected by political asylum Alas - Pseudonym i left out, unfortunately Alas - A girl comes up with a woebegone expression Alas - -- and alack! Alas - A girl having bottom pinched, unfortunately Alas - A final unending exclamation of grief Alas - Troubled word Alas - Plaintive sentence opener Alas - 'ah, so sad' Alas - Hamlet's lament Alas - Dignified "drat!" Alas - 'it's sad but true ...' Alas - A young woman lacking finish, unfortunately Alas - Finally missing the times, sad to say? Alas - Oh dear Alas - 'oh, were it not so!' Alas - Exclamation of misfortune Alas - Bard's plaint Alas - Weary sigh Alas - Tall man's regularly ignored regrettably Alas - "regrettably ..." Alas - 'that's the way the cookie crumbles' Alas - "fate is so cruel!" Alas - A final unending cry of woe Alas - Lamentful word Alas - A girl, not a son? i'm not happy about that Alas - Bad-news lead-in Alas - Thai capital has been removed from geographical reference, i'm sad to say Alas - Shakespearean plaint Alas - Cry for "poor yorick" Alas - Leaders in ancillary locations are sacked sadly Alas - '___, poor yorick!': 'hamlet' Alas - Hidden theme of the puzzle Alas - Exclamation of wistfulness Alas - 'i'm sorry to say...' Alas - 'such a shame' Alas - "what a pity" Alas - Self-pitying sigh Alas - A girl said 'woe is me!' Alas - 'if only ...' Alas - Lots of plans out of time, sadly Alas - 'ah me!' Alas - " 'twas not to be . . ." Alas - '___ the day!' (cry repeated in shakespeare) Alas - Melodramatic remark Alas - 'ah, well' Alas - 'fml,' in older times Alas - Ancestor of "d'oh!" Alas - Preceder of 'poor yorick' Alas - Hamlet lament Alas - "a pity!" Alas - Hand-wringer's word Alas - Interjection when reminiscing about poor yorick Alas - "sigh!" Alas - "oh, were it not so!" Alas - "ah, man!" of old Alas - 'o woe!' Alas - Start of a hamlet monologue Alas - Isolated state reduced, unfortunately Alas - Regrettably, unfortunately Alas - 'how unfortunate!' Alas - Sighing cry Alas - Railways regularly neglected, i'm sorry to say Alas - 'sob' Alas - Old-school lament Alas - "bummer" of old Alas - Expression of concern Alas - "oh, dear me!" Alas - Wistful utterance Alas - It'll show you the world Alas - "such a pity!" Alas - Lamenting sigh Alas - A short final, unfortunately Alas - Tossed salad endlessly? oh, dear! Alas - 'sadly ... ' Alas - "sadly ... " Alas - 'such a pity!' Alas - '__, poor yorick!': hamlet Alas - "pitiful me" Alas - 'sustineo ___' (early usaf motto) Alas - 'regrettably...' Alas - A girl's bottom's been pinched, i regret to say Alas - 'such is life' Alas - Exclamation of sorrow or pity Alas - Handwringer's word Alas - Sigh of woe Alas - Worry word Alas - 'sad is my lot!' Alas - 'c'est la vie!' Alas - "dear me!" word Alas - A city boss’s conclusion, sad to say Alas - "sorry to say ... " Alas - 'sorry to say ... ' Alas - Pseudonym one's forgotten, unfortunately Alas - Interjection derived from the latin for 'weary' Alas - Sad work for yorick Alas - 'what a shame' Alas - Word that may precede sad news Alas - Letters regularly falling out of mailbags, unfortunately Alas - "c'est la vie" Alas - 'it was too good to be true' lead-in, maybe Alas - Sorrowful interjection Alas - Shakespeare's "sadly . . ." Alas - There's no time for morocco's mountains, unfortunately
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'if only things had turned out different!' (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 'if only things had turned out different!'. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter S.

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