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Avatar - Incarnation Avatar - Hindu incarnation Avatar - Holy person Avatar - Embodiment Avatar - Rama, to vishnu Avatar - Personification Avatar - Descent of a deity to earth Avatar - Virtual stand-in Avatar - Embodiment of a god Avatar - 1975 belmont winner Avatar - Human embodiment Avatar - Virtual reality stand-in Avatar - New personification of a familiar idea Avatar - Earthly incarnation Avatar - Godly incarnation Avatar - Embodiment, as of a principle Avatar - Online persona Avatar - Icon in an internet forum Avatar - Personal pc character Avatar - Chat room representation Avatar - Pc user's self-image Avatar - Graphic internet identity Avatar - Online stand-in Avatar - Web forum user's self-image Avatar - Upcoming james cameron film Avatar - Internet self-image Avatar - 2009 film set in 2154 Avatar - All-time highest grossing american film Avatar - Film featuring the na'vi Avatar - James cameron's blockbuster film Avatar - 2009 james cameron blockbuster Avatar - James cameron blockbuster Avatar - Cameron smash Avatar - 2009 sci-fi movie that is the highest-grossing film in history Avatar - James cameron epic Avatar - Cameron smash hit Avatar - Online user's self-image Avatar - 23-across representing a user Avatar - Blockbuster film of 2009 Avatar - Virtual reality image Avatar - Cyberspace icon Avatar - Online icon Avatar - 2009 james cameron movie Avatar - James cameron film Avatar - Cameron film Avatar - Pc-game pic Avatar - Incarnation of a hindu deity Avatar - Pc-game figure Avatar - Computer game figure Avatar - Gamer's picture Avatar - Internet icon Avatar - Hindu god incarnate Avatar - Vishnu incarnation Avatar - 2009 best picture nominee Avatar - 2009 film set on pandora Avatar - Breakthrough 3-d film Avatar - Person who embodies a particular ideal Avatar - How the artist turns up under a big vessel for incarnation Avatar - Is a vessel big enough to get a painter up in another form? Avatar - Thus the cockney might have a sailor in human form Avatar - A person who seems to embody a particular ideal Avatar - Computer object representing the user Avatar - High-grossing james cameron science fiction film Avatar - Thus, by the sound of it, might an unaspirated hindu have a sailor that's really a god Avatar - Person seen as embodying an ideal Avatar - The descent to earth of deity in human form Avatar - Incarnation of a hindu deity in human or animal form Avatar - 3-d james cameron film Avatar - New embodiment of a familiar idea Avatar - Person seen as embodying a particular ideal Avatar - In hinduism, the descent to earth of a deity Avatar - Descent to earth of deity in human or animal form Avatar - A big vessel gets the artist up for the hindu Avatar - How a vast vessel gets the artist back personified Avatar - Video gamer's "self-portrait" Avatar - Computer user's icon Avatar - Online gamer's icon Avatar - Online image Avatar - James cameron movie Avatar - Film with the na'vi Avatar - Incarnation of girl sailor Avatar - Embodiment of a tax on argon Avatar - Incarnation of vishnu in the hearts of dave, kate and gary Avatar - Embodiment of one 11 to a sailor Avatar - Embodiment of a virginia mariner Avatar - Divine form of girl pursued by sailor Avatar - Hindu manifestation of deity in human form Avatar - (hindu) manifestation Avatar - Gamer's screen image Avatar - 2009 film that grossed over two billion dollars Avatar - Film set on pandora Avatar - Divine sort of girl is holding the black stuff Avatar - Online self-image Avatar - James cameron movie that outgrossed his own 'titanic' Avatar - James cameron movie that outgrossed his own "titanic" Avatar - Video gamer's icon Avatar - Old tape machine with a 26 alternating screen image Avatar - First movie to gross more than $2 billion Avatar - 2009 james cameron epic Avatar - Virtual-reality substitute Avatar - 2009 film set on the moon pandora Avatar - 2009 film featuring the ten-foot-tall na'vi people Avatar - Computer icon representing the user Avatar - A sailor tours museum for manifestation of a god Avatar - Personification of an idea - 2009 james cameron film Avatar - Film that takes place on pandora Avatar - First film to gross $2 billion Avatar - 2009 film set on the planet pandora Avatar - Internet incarnation Avatar - Cameron movie Avatar - Film featuring the blue-skinned na'vi people Avatar - America's best-selling blu-ray film Avatar - Manifestation of woman appearing before sailor? Avatar - Archetype for a tank a russian leader wanted Avatar - Divine incarnation Avatar - Manifestation of a deity (hinduism) Avatar - Archetype of girl sailor Avatar - Bodily form of (hindu) deity Avatar - Divine appearance of girl meeting sailor Avatar - Sailor after ms gardner (heavenly body!) Avatar - Manifestation of person or idea Avatar - One of russell's incarnations Avatar - Incarnation; film (2009) Avatar - Drivers taking tank in last part of war movie Avatar - Graphic tax article appears in a newspaper at last Avatar - 2009 sci-fi blockbuster Avatar - Gamer's game face Avatar - Middle class tax on artist returning virtual icon Avatar - Visual manifestation of something abstract Avatar - Manifestation of a deity; cyberspace icon Avatar - Democrat available to frame up image Avatar - Video-game face Avatar - A vice-admiral and rating of divine appearance Avatar - The manifestation of a hindu deity in a visible form Avatar - Incarnation in the bible's a sailor Avatar - 2009 science fiction film directed by james cameron Avatar - Virginia's embraced by a member of crew in winner of three oscars Avatar - Movable image in sci-fi film Avatar - Screen icon Avatar - Popular film in which girl meets sailor Avatar - Blockbuster film stolen by chav at arcade Avatar - 2009 film starring sam worthington Avatar - 2009 film with subtitles for na'vi Avatar - Middle class tax on artist retiring as virtual icon Avatar - Virtual-reality pinch hitter Avatar - Divine manifestation Avatar - 2009 science-fiction film starring sigourney weaver Avatar - First movie to top 'titanic' at the box office Avatar - Open tank to replace japanese icon Avatar - James cameron blockbuster film Avatar - Incarnation of a hindu god Avatar - Video game persona Avatar - 2009 na'vi/human love story Avatar - James cameron megahit of 2009 Avatar - Figure representing a person, in a computer game say Avatar - Self-image? Avatar - 2009 best picture nominee set in the 22nd century Avatar - Online identity Avatar - Bible given to a sailor brings divine manifestation Avatar - Manifestation of a deity Avatar - Krishna, e.g Avatar - Chat room icon Avatar - Virtual image representing oneself as woman meeting sailor Avatar - Gamer's representation Avatar - 2009 james cameron film Avatar - Online game personification Avatar - Futuristic 2009 james cameron film Avatar - Internet id icon Avatar - 2009 sci-fi movie that grossed over $2 billion Avatar - Personnage virtuel Avatar - Représentation virtuelle créée par un internaute Avatar - Gamer's likeness Avatar - Figure in computer game Avatar - Pic next to a screen name Avatar - Middle-class tax on artist retiring as virtual icon Avatar - Cameron's smash-hit 2009 film Avatar - 2009 movie by james cameron Avatar - Hindu incarnation; embodiment Avatar - Choice for an online gamer Avatar - 2009 movie that grossed almost $2.8 billion Avatar - Blogger's pick for a pic Avatar - Two-dimensional game face? Avatar - Personal online icon Avatar - Gamer's surrogate Avatar - Video game self-image Avatar - Film shown in bratislava: tarzan Avatar - James cameron's 2009 science fiction epic
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Personification (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - personification. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter V. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter A. 6 - st. letter R.

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