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Ageless - Perpetual

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Ageless - Undying Ageless - Perpetual Ageless - Never outdated Ageless - Eternal Ageless - Lasting forever Ageless - Lasting an eternity Ageless - Opposite of ephemeral Ageless - Like shangri-la Ageless - Eternal ... and a hint to 19-, 34-, 42- and 55-across Ageless - Untouched by time Ageless - Eternal, and a hint to this puzzle's phonetic theme Ageless - Forever young Ageless - Everlasting Ageless - A man might manage to be like this, not of old (7) Ageless - Seems one has no time for this Ageless - If the agenda were, and it would remain confused, not showing the years Ageless - No time to manage like this to make a man? Ageless - That's no time to get double e mixed with broken glass Ageless - Forage would if like this be just for Ageless - Never growing old Ageless - Like peter pan Ageless - Enduring Ageless - Eternal - like peter pan Ageless - Never appearing to grow old Ageless - Forever young, seemingly Ageless - Ever-fresh Ageless - Eternally young Ageless - Never becoming old Ageless - Sea legs (anag) Ageless - First of early english glass is broken - impossible to date Ageless - Eternal advice for looking young? Ageless - Ever youthful Ageless - Not growing older Ageless - Unpaid wife left, not getting on Ageless - Not growing old Ageless - Staying young: ladies would like to Ageless - Lacking introductory letter, unpaid for very long time Ageless - Always youthful participating in lacrosse (legally retired) Ageless - Small amphibian Ageless - Head off without a regular income, forever young Ageless - Perpetually young european member carried back by donkey Ageless - Lasting a long time Ageless - A posh girl and 52 essentially not getting on? Ageless - Eternal theme of the beautician? Ageless - Sea-legs wobbly, unaffected by time Ageless - Eternal theme of the beautician Ageless - Sea-legs (anag.) Ageless - Staying youthful, since without set ways Ageless - Adult for example brought up minor like peter pan Ageless - Sealegs (anag.) Ageless - Leslie inside a long time is not becoming old Ageless - Ever young Ageless - Leslie times going round never appears old Ageless - As enduring as dorian gray? Ageless - Perpetual sage is this when only his head remains! Ageless - Never appearing or growing old Ageless - Retaining youth indefinitely in unopened enclosure? not so Ageless - Eternal solution for unstable sea legs Ageless - Perpetually young Ageless - Growing no older Ageless - Sea legs all at sea? that's won't grow on you! Ageless - Eternal sea legs, maybe Ageless - Packed in silica gel, essentially lasting forever Ageless - Eternal promise of face-cream factors? Ageless - Enduring stick, going through high seas Ageless - Not ephemeral Ageless - Immemorial Ageless - Forever youthful Ageless - Enduring a posh girl's confining quarters Ageless - Extremely old, turning in, dress elegantly Ageless - Can't tell you the amount of years since english head barman opened takeaway Ageless - Eternal monophonics jam? Ageless - Forever young wife leaves unpaid Ageless - Like most cartoon characters