Nehru - 1960's jacket style

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  • Nehru - Letter on N
  • 1 - st. word N
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word H
  • 4 - st. word R
  • 5 - st. word U

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Nehru - India's first p.m Nehru - World leader who gave his name to a jacket Nehru - 1940's-60's world leader Nehru - Leader after indian independence Nehru - Prime minister from 1947-64 Nehru - 1960's jacket style Nehru - India's first prime minister Nehru - Indian prime minister, once Nehru - Jawaharlal of india Nehru - India's jawaharlal Nehru - Indira gandhi's maiden name Nehru - Former indian leader Nehru - Indira's jacket-inspiring father Nehru - Big name in indian politics Nehru - 'the unity of india' author Nehru - Associate of gandhi Nehru - Indira gandhi's father Nehru - Prime minister called 'pandit' Nehru - First indian p.m Nehru - Jacket with a mandarin collar Nehru - Indian independence leader Nehru - Rajiv gandhi's grandfather Nehru - '___ report,' influential indian document of 1928 Nehru - He said 'the only alternative to coexistence is co-destruction' Nehru - Prime minister from 1947 to 1964 Nehru - Kind of jacket Nehru - 1960s jacket Nehru - Kind of jacket named for a hindu leader Nehru - 1960s jacket style Nehru - Stylish jacket of the '60s Nehru - '60s jacket style Nehru - Leader with a jacket named for him Nehru - Jacket style Nehru - Statesman of india Nehru - '60s jacket Nehru - Leader with a famous jacket Nehru - Memorable name in india Nehru - First p.m. of modern india Nehru - Early indian leader Nehru - First prime minister of india Nehru - Statesman known popularly as panditji, or 'scholar' Nehru - Jacket type Nehru - Gandhi's father Nehru - Leader who lent his name to a jacket Nehru - Gandhi colleague Nehru - Longtime indian prime minister Nehru - Leader nicknamed 'pandit' Nehru - Indian pm, 1947-64 Nehru - ___ jacket, 1960s fashion Nehru - 1960s fad, ___ jackets Nehru - ___ jacket Nehru - Prime minister called pandit Nehru - Decliner of a security council permanent seat Nehru - First prime minister of india or jacket style Nehru - "the discovery of india" author Nehru - Father of indira gandhi Nehru - Indira gandhi's dad Nehru - Motilal or jawaharlal Nehru - Kind of jacket named for an indian leader Nehru - India vip, once Nehru - Mrs. gandhi's father Nehru - India's first pm Nehru - 1940s-60s world leader Nehru - Type of jacket popular in the '60s Nehru - Jacket type worn by several bond villains Nehru - Co-founder of the nonaligned movement Nehru - "gandhi" role Nehru - P.m. whose jacket caught on Nehru - Jacket named for an indian Nehru - Old indian leader Nehru - 'toward freedom' autobiographer Nehru - India's prime minister before shastri Nehru - Indira gandhi's family name Nehru - Type of jacket the beatles helped make fashionable Nehru - India's longest-serving prime minister Nehru - Monkees' jacket type Nehru - India's longest-serving p.m Nehru - 'the discovery of india' author Nehru - Jacket style popular with '60s rockers Nehru - Chief indian, once Nehru - P.m. who was father of another p.m Nehru - Longest-serving prime minister of india Nehru - First indian prime minister Nehru - 1960s jacket eponym Nehru - Asian leader who inspired a jacket style Nehru - Friend of gandhi Nehru - Pandit . . . . ., former indian prime minister Nehru - Pandit . . . . ., indian prime minister Nehru - Pandit ..., former indian prime minister Nehru - Jacket of the '60s Nehru - Indian statesman Nehru - World leader who said "every little thing counts in a crisis" Nehru - Famous indian, he comes back in, run out Nehru - No scottish regret expressed for this indian nationalist Nehru - Run off to abduct what? the indian pm Nehru - First prime minister of 5 Nehru - Indian prime minister, 1947-64 Nehru - Indian prime minister 1947-64 Nehru - Indian leader whose 1947 inauguration speech was titled 'a tryst with destiny' Nehru - Gandhi contemporary Nehru - Onetime indian leader Nehru - Gandhi associate Nehru - He wrote 'the discovery of india' while in prison Nehru - 'toward freedom' author Nehru - Beatles jacket style Nehru - Contemporary of gandhi Nehru - 1960s jacket namesake Nehru - '60s rockers' jacket style Nehru - Political patriarch of india Nehru - Eponymous jacket Nehru - 1940s-'60s p.m Nehru - Jacket named for an indian leader Nehru - Jacket named for a statesman Nehru - Indian chief, once Nehru - India's prime minister Nehru - Jacket style worn by dr. no Nehru - First indian president Nehru - Some entrepreneur henceforth backing pm Nehru - Jawaharlal -, first pm of india Nehru - After revolution old city bird becomes asian statesman Nehru - First indian pm Nehru - Statesman decapitated and mutilated ben hur Nehru - The man stopping vessel going north was india's leader Nehru - Statesman once out of favour henceforth backed Nehru - First pm of india Nehru - Original chicken counter in popular indian Nehru - Indian pm 1947-64 Nehru - Big name in india's history Nehru - Former premier didn't get that in retreating vessel Nehru - Former indian prime minister Nehru - Once-popular jacket type Nehru - Popular indian female up on sport Nehru - Indian prime minister from 1947 to 1964 Nehru - Pandit - - Nehru - Bird brought up to rugby leader Nehru - Former indian pm Nehru - Indian pm Nehru - What's in revolutionary ballot box for statesman? Nehru - Returning from jaipur he noticed a local statesman once Nehru - Indian statesman (1889-1964) Nehru - Panditji's revolting female sport Nehru - Indian leader run ragged securing pardon? Nehru - Indian leader rejecting women-only sport Nehru - International leader once raised female on sport Nehru - Leader of leaders in intriguing telegraph thousandth crossword puzzle when leaders are ignored Nehru - Ancient city woman picked up indian statesman once Nehru - Leader executed ben hur in revolution Nehru - ___ jacket (beatles' attire) Nehru - Faddish 1960s jacket style Nehru - Indian prime minister called "pandit" Nehru - Jacket named for a hindu leader Nehru - India's first pm, d.1964 Nehru - First prime minister of independent india Nehru - Jawaharlal who was tutored by gandhi Nehru - '60s collar style Nehru - Prime minister sworn in by mountbatten Nehru - 1930's freedom fighter Nehru - Indian prime minister, father of indira gandhi Nehru - Drafter of a 1929 declaration of independence Nehru - Retro jacket style Nehru - Jacket style named for an indian prime minister Nehru - Indian leader once close to australian? sorry sport! Nehru - Collar type Nehru - Indian nationalist encouraged home rule upsurge's beginnings Nehru - Jacket variety popularized by the beatles Nehru - Jacketed former indian prime minister? Nehru - Indian prime minister jawaharlal Nehru - Biography subtitled 'the invention of india' Nehru - Kind of jacket worn in the '60s Nehru - "gandhi" character Nehru - Noted indian leader Nehru - Asian leader, man in vessel from the east Nehru - Jacket style named for an indian leader Nehru - Indian political family Nehru - Prime minister born in allahabad
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1960's jacket style (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - 1960's jacket style. word on "N". 1 - st. letter N. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter H. 4 - st. letter R. 5 - st. letter U.

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