Poor - Inept

Word by letter:
  • Poor - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word R

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Poor - "alas ___ yorick ..." Poor - "alas, ___ yorick!" Poor - "give me your tired, your ___ . . ." Poor - "give me your tired, your ___ ..." Poor - "rich man, ___ man" Poor - "willie and the ___ boys are playing, bring a nickel, tap your feet" Poor - "willy and the ___ boys" (ccr) Poor - "___ richard's almanac" Poor - 'd' Poor - 'how ___ are they that have not patience!': iago Poor - 'it's a . . . . heart that never rejoices' Poor - 'well, that's not off (4)' Poor - 'you ___ thing!' Poor - (person) with little money Poor - Adjective for richard's almanac Poor - Adjective for the cratchits Poor - Adjective for the little rich girl? Poor - Among the have-nots Poor - Aspiring rocker, perhaps Poor - Bad Poor - Bad men undermining work after revolution Poor - Badly off Poor - Badly off - inferior in quality Poor - Below average Poor - Below c level? Poor - Below par Poor - Beneficiaries of robin hood Poor - Broke Poor - Church mouse descriptor Poor - D Poor - D-worthy Poor - Deficient Poor - Description of 15-down Poor - Deserving an f, perhaps Poor - Deserving of a d, say Poor - Deserving one star, perhaps Poor - Destitute Poor - Devoid of dinero Poor - Disadvantaged Poor - Disappointing, like 12's tom Poor - Down-and-out Poor - Earning a d Poor - Eligible for welfare, perhaps Poor - Far below par Poor - Far from flush Poor - Far from inspired Poor - Far from rich Poor - Far from wealthy Poor - Far less than loaded Poor - Fifth-rate Poor - Flimsy, as an excuse Poor - For them it's hard to live or be after the river Poor - Hard up Poor - Hard-up Poor - Hardly worth millions Poor - Hardscrabble Poor - Having little money Poor - Having little money and few possessions Poor - Having little money or means Poor - Having little money or possessions Poor - Having very little money Poor - Head away from trail that's hopeless Poor - Hidden by zippo or without a cent to one's name Poor - Hood's beneficiaries (with "the") Poor - Hood's beneficiaries, with 'the' Poor - Impecunious Poor - Impecunious; wretched Poor - Impoverished Poor - In need Poor - In want Poor - In want; below par Poor - Inadequate Poor - Inadequate publicity about spectacles Poor - Indigent Poor - Indigent or substandard Poor - Inept Poor - Inferior Poor - Inferior alternative to the post office Poor - Insufficient Poor - Lacking funds Poor - Lacking means Poor - Lacking means; paltry Poor - Lacking money Poor - Lacking money and resources Poor - Lacking resources Poor - Lame Poor - Lame, as an excuse Poor - Leading a hardscrabble life Poor - Less than fair Poor - Like a church mouse Poor - Like a d- Poor - Like a proverbial church mouse Poor - Like a young jay gatsby Poor - Like ali baba, at first Poor - Like church mice Poor - Like church mice? Poor - Like d's, gradewise Poor - Like franklin's richard Poor - Like robin hood's beneficiaries Poor - Like some excuses Poor - Like the clampetts, at first Poor - Like the proverbial church mouse Poor - Like yorick Poor - Little rich girl adjective Poor - Lousy Poor - Low-quality Poor - Meager Poor - Meagre Poor - Mean Poor - Moneyless Poor - Naval officer with men becomes mean Poor - Needing alms Poor - Needing much improvement Poor - Needy Poor - Needy or unsatisfactory Poor - Needy; meagre Poor - Not even fair Poor - Not flush Poor - Not good Poor - Not good, wealthy Poor - Not so hot Poor - Not the last of 23 down Poor - Not up to snuff Poor - Of inferior quality Poor - Of inferior quality or means Poor - Of inferior standard Poor - Of low quality Poor - On low income Poor - Ones protected by a safety net, with 'the' Poor - Opposite of rich Poor - Paltry Poor - Pathetic, as an excuse Poor - Penniless Poor - Penniless, maybe Poor - Penurious Poor - Petty officer leading men is deserving of pity Poor - Possessing little money and no gold Poor - Poverty-stricken Poor - Robin hood's beneficiaries Poor - Robin hood's beneficiaries, with 'the' Poor - Robin's beneficiaries Poor - Salvation army beneficiaries Poor - Scanty Poor - See 24 Poor - See 38-across Poor - Shabby, as an excuse Poor - Shoddy Poor - Shoddy in quality Poor - Shoddy work returned - nothing right Poor - Slipshod Poor - Standard's partner Poor - Start of a word ladder whose first and last words are suggested by 36-across Poor - Subpar Poor - Substandard Poor - The south could make its mark on anything so unfortunate Poor - They used to have a law that is inferior Poor - Third-class Poor - Third-rate Poor - Track that's no longer small and stony Poor - Unacceptable Poor - Unfortunate Poor - Unsatisfactory Poor - Unsatisfactory or in need Poor - Unsatisfactory track, non-starter Poor - Unskilled Poor - Very out of pocket Poor - Very out-of-pocket Poor - Way below average Poor - Well, that's not off Poor - Well, you don't get off like this Poor - What 'd' means Poor - What a "d" may indicate Poor - What a "d" often means Poor - What f may mean Poor - What one star may mean Poor - What willie's "boys" were, to ccr Poor - With empty pockets Poor - With very little in one's bank account Poor - Without means Poor - Without privilege, say Poor - Word with box or boy Poor - Word with box or excuse Poor - Word with mouth or excuse Poor - Worse than fair Poor - Worth a "d" Poor - Worth a d, perhaps Poor - Worth a d, say Poor - Worth an f Poor - Worth one star, maybe Poor - Worthy of a d Poor - Zero-star Poor - __ tax: $15 monopoly fee
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Inept (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - inept. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter R.

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