Abel - Slain shepherd

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Abel - Spy in a 1962 exchange Abel - Brother of cain Abel - First murder victim Abel - 'napoleon' director gance Abel - Offerer of lambs to god Abel - Genesis brother Abel - Newsman elie Abel - United steelworkers leader i. w. ___ Abel - Son of adam and eve Abel - Former steelworkers' union chief Abel - Genesis name Abel - Spy exchanged for powers Abel - Shepherd of genesis Abel - Labor leader i. w Abel - Cain's brother Abel - Labor leader i. w. ___ Abel - Slain shepherd Abel - Seth's older brother Abel - The third man? Abel - Explorer tasman Abel - Brother of seth Abel - Member of the first family Abel - Noted fratricide victim Abel - Biblical fratricide victim Abel - 1960's-70's steelworkers' chief Abel - First martyr, according to matthew Abel - Genesis notable Abel - Prototypical victim Abel - First-family member Abel - Biblical shepherd Abel - First fratricide victim Abel - First felony victim Abel - Biblical brother Abel - Killed by cain Abel - Spy exchanged for powers in 1962 Abel - Adam's second Abel - One of adam's boys Abel - Seth's brother Abel - First victim Abel - See 54-across Abel - Genesis victim Abel - Cain's victim Abel - Eden fatality Abel - Fourth person Abel - The second son Abel - Original shepherd Abel - Eve's second son Abel - Victim of murder one Abel - Old union leader i. w. ___ Abel - Second son Abel - Early shepherd Abel - Whom cain had slain Abel - Genesis shepherd Abel - Favored biblical brother Abel - The third man Abel - Cain's bane Abel - First family member Abel - Boy in the first family Abel - Favored brother Abel - Eve's boy Abel - Third man Abel - "a keeper of sheep" Abel - First shepherd Abel - Noted no. 2 son Abel - Famous murder victim Abel - Genesis casualty Abel - Victim of genesis Abel - The fourth person Abel - (k) adam and eve's son Abel - Fratricide victim Abel - Genesis son Abel - Adam's second son Abel - Person exchanged for powers in 1962 Abel - Eve's second Abel - Initial victim Abel - Second son of the first man Abel - Genesis boy Abel - The bible's first victim Abel - Famous fratricide victim Abel - First second son Abel - Genesis character Abel - 59 down's second son Abel - Famous brother Abel - Mathematician niels henrik ___ Abel - Dickens's magwitch Abel - Early victim Abel - Brother of cain and seth Abel - One raised with cain Abel - First fatality Abel - Biblical murder victim Abel - First-family fellow Abel - First family's fourth Abel - Victim one of murder one Abel - Steelworkers president, 1965-1977 Abel - Second generation member Abel - Biblical homicide victim Abel - Jeffrey archer title character Abel - Ill-fated brother Abel - Early fatality Abel - First martyr Abel - First homicide victim Abel - Genesis fatality Abel - First brother Abel - Early murder victim Abel - Baudelaire title character Abel - Victim of a sibling rivalry Abel - First down? Abel - Explorer tasman of tasmania fame Abel - Victim of sibling rivalry Abel - Genesis sibling Abel - Eve's second-born Abel - The first second son Abel - Handyman's name? Abel - Noted slain shepherd Abel - Brother from way back Abel - Hockey hall of famer sid Abel - The brother in 'am i my brother's keeper?' Abel - Uncle of enos Abel - 52-down son Abel - Cain's sibling Abel - "green mansions" hero Abel - Third genesis male Abel - Second son of 27-across Abel - Son of eve Abel - First shepherd in the bible Abel - First victim of sibling rivalry Abel - *first family member Abel - The good son Abel - Labor leader i.w Abel - First family's son Abel - Biblical homophone of 1-down Abel - __ prize (prestigious mathematics award) Abel - Victim in genesis Abel - Early sibling rivalry victim Abel - Noted shepherd Abel - One slain by cain Abel - Shepherd of old Abel - Cain's big brother Abel - Ill-fated shepherd Abel - He had righteous blood, per matthew 23:35 Abel - Victim of the first sibling rivalry Abel - Son of adam Abel - First name alphabetically in 42-down Abel - Offerer of lambs, in genesis Abel - Slain sibling in the bible Abel - Cain victim Abel - Biblical middle child Abel - First human to die Abel - Bible son Abel - Early son Abel - Early victim Abel - Cain's prey Abel - Son of 31-across Abel - 8-across' victim Abel - Brother of 56-across Abel - Enoch's uncle Abel - Cain's sib Abel - Sounds capable of being a murder victim Abel - Sounds capable of being murdered Abel - Can sound like a murder victim Abel - Can he sound like a murder victim? Abel - Can he sound like the first victim? Abel - The sound of the can that fell after the fall Abel - Can, by the sound of it, be the first to be killed Abel - Though sounding competent, he got murdered Abel - Sounds as if he can have had a father who was a dam Abel - One of seth's brothers Abel - The first murder victim Abel - One of the first children Abel - Bale out with murder victim Abel - The first known murder victim Abel - The first recorded murder victim Abel - Second son of adam Abel - Adam and eve's second son Abel - Slain biblical brother Abel - Can a cane, by the sound of it, have finished him off? Abel - Ill-fated biblical brother Abel - Cain and ___ Abel - Brother referred to in 'am i my brother's keeper?' Abel - Literary fratricide victim Abel - The very first son for abraham, at fifty Abel - Classic fratricide figure Abel - Son of 44-across Abel - Number two son Abel - Noted sibling rivalry victim Abel - Famous nhl-er sid Abel - ___ prize (mathematician's honor) Abel - Early victim - a babylonian idol Abel - Abraham lincoln, to start with, was murdered Abel - Famous victim of lebanese uprising Abel - Murder victim - a lady losing her head Abel - The first victim of mabel's cooking? Abel - Someone murdered lincoln, then left Abel - A part of 4, the first casualty Abel - The first murder victim? Abel - One in the first family Abel - "a keeper of sheep" in genesis Abel - Cain's next younger brother Abel - Son of 36-across Abel - Lincoln with his first or second son Abel - The first martyr, in islam Abel - The first shepherd in the bible Abel - Early fratricide victim Abel - Early genesis victim Abel - Genesis murder victim Abel - Target of cain's mutiny? Abel - 23-down's victim Abel - A son of adam Abel - Early biblical victim Abel - Third man? Abel - Third man in genesis Abel - "king of new york" director ferrara Abel - Murder victim in genesis Abel - Cain killed him Abel - Son of 56-across Abel - Uncle of enoch Abel - Murdered first for abraham and then left Abel - Old testament shepherd Abel - "great expectations" convict magwitch Abel - "genesis" brother Abel - Adam's family member Abel - 36-across' second son Abel - First genesis victim Abel - 52-down victim Abel - Brother of 18-down Abel - First victim found in punjab electrocution Abel - Biblical victim Abel - Initial murder victim Abel - Ill-fated son of adam Abel - Name the first to be knocked off Abel - Second son of 56-across Abel - "righteous" man mentioned in matthew Abel - He was 'a keeper of sheep' Abel - The first murderee? Abel - Second issue? Abel - Early genesis brother Abel - Adam's offspring Abel - First person to die Abel - Cain's 11 Abel - Clever-sounding murder victim Abel - Cain's victim; - magwitch (great expectations) Abel - First shepherd cut an attachment to leading sheep Abel - Cornish city Abel - Gardener's son pruned tree Abel - He was 'the guv'nor' of surrey Abel - A measure of sound character in the bible Abel - Constellation whose influence may be extremely severe? Abel - Magwitch gives a short signal Abel - He was slain by cain Abel - Victim fit to speak Abel - The third man, a book everybody liked at first Abel - One man was murdered, and another by lake Abel - Murder victim found in lincoln lake? Abel - Pronounced fit, he was done in before anyone else Abel - Adam's boy making comeback in skiffle band Abel - Murder victim a blow prematurely ended Abel - President after james b murdered second son? Abel - Loud confusion initially put off younger brother Abel - Abraham lincoln, primarily as murder victim Abel - Victim of john w b adamson Abel - Us president wanting end of thrall was murder victim Abel - Brother killed by cain Abel - One of eve's sons Abel - Third person masculine? Abel - Murdered shepherd Abel - ___ prize, annual international award for mathematics Abel - First person to die in the bible Abel - Cain and - - Abel - Second son of adam and eve Abel - Third man sounds competent enough Abel - The left might label him a tragic figure Abel - - - magwitch Abel - Cain's murdered brother Abel - Cain slew him Abel - Pronounced fit to be the first murder victim Abel - Competent-sounding fellow killed by brother Abel - Murder victim, lincoln, first in line Abel - Victim was the third man Abel - A bishop, the spanish murder victim Abel - Name almost having ring of familiarity? Abel - Abraham lincoln, primarily as one killed early Abel - Third man is unusually able Abel - First victim the spanish covered in tar Abel - In the bible, the second son of adam and eve Abel - Lincoln, familiarly and primarily a murder victim Abel - Second child as epitome of soundness, mostly Abel - Flock tender in genesis Abel - His mother raised cain, too Abel - Not 9 help for the third man Abel - Cain and -- Abel - Anthony perkins, in "green mansions" Abel - Second major figure in the bible alphabetically Abel - Victim of the first fratricide Abel - Third person Abel - The first to die Abel - Old testament character without latin name Abel - Man's name that's a homophone of 16-across Abel - Subject of a genesis question Abel - 'am i my brother's keeper?' brother Abel - Mark rylance's oscar-winning 'bridge of spies' role Abel - 'keeper of sheep,' in genesis Abel - Son of 44 across Abel - Slain sibling in genesis Abel - Biblical anagram of 55-across Abel - Shepherd in genesis Abel - Garden of eden casualty Abel - Offspring of eve Abel - Son of 15 across Abel - Genesis "keeper of sheep" Abel - Cain mutiny victim? Abel - Tasman who discovered tasmania Abel - Big brother's victim, once Abel - Scriptural shepherd Abel - Ancient "keeper of sheep" Abel - Sid ____ ( iconic red wing) Abel - Ferrara who directed 'bad lieutenant,' 1992 Abel - Fils d'adam Abel - Cadet de caïn Abel - "addicted" band saving ___ Abel - "18 days" band saving ___ Abel - "drowning (face down)" saving ___ Abel - Biblical song by the national? Abel - Biblical national song? Abel - Old testament brother Abel - Genesis man with a murderous brother Abel - Biblical second son Abel - Filmmaker ferrara Abel - Brother in genesis Abel - First family son Abel - Fils d'ève Abel - Doomed genesis shepherd Abel - Victimized brother in genesis Abel - ___ tesfaye a.k.a. r&b's the weeknd Abel - Melville hockey legend Abel - Ill-fated brother in genesis Abel - Genesis 4 name Abel - Deuxième fils d'adam et eve Abel - Saving ___ Abel - Genesis fratricide victim Abel - Victim of cain Abel - Sailor the french backed - tasman, for example Abel - Sailor the spanish portrayed as murder victim Abel - Frère de seth Abel - Enfant d'eve Abel - Victime de la jalousie Abel - Biblical "keeper of sheep" Abel - Second child Abel - Prime murder victim's name left off Abel - Victim of fratricide Abel - Victimized genesis brother Abel - 23 across' second son Abel - Murdered son of adam Abel - Casualty in genesis Abel - Eve's second child Abel - ____ magwitch is a leading character in great expectations Abel - First biblical victim Abel - Offerer of 'the firstlings of his flock' Abel - Third man sounds competent Abel - A sound measure of the third man Abel - "__ kept flocks . . .": genesis Abel - Tasman for whom tasmania is named Abel - First biblical casualty Abel - "keeper of sheep" in genesis Abel - Mathématicien norvégien Abel - Slain brother Abel - "bridge of spies" spy rudolf __ Abel - 'bridge of spies' spy rudolf __ Abel - Dutch explorer tasman Abel - Dutch explorer tasman Abel - Genesis 4 arrival Abel - Genesis 4 arrival Abel - Berger biblique Abel - Doomed shepherd Abel - Doomed shepherd
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Slain shepherd (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - slain shepherd. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter B. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter L.

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