Ayes - Motion carriers

Word by letter:
  • Ayes - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word Y
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word S

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Ayes - Passing remarks? Ayes - 'the ___ have it' Ayes - Words said in passing? Ayes - Pro side Ayes - Words of support Ayes - They may have it Ayes - Motion carriers Ayes - Roll call calls Ayes - Passing comments? Ayes - Opposites of 18-down Ayes - Some votes Ayes - They're needed for bills Ayes - Those for it Ayes - Nautical "yeses" Ayes - Popeye's yeses Ayes - Motion-carrying votes Ayes - Pro votes Ayes - Yeoman's yeses Ayes - Passing needs Ayes - Words from the pros Ayes - Positive votes Ayes - Parliamentary yeses Ayes - Affirmative votes Ayes - Apt anagram for "yeas" Ayes - Affirmatives Ayes - Salt agreements Ayes - They're needed for bill passing Ayes - Tar's affirmatives Ayes - One side of a vote Ayes - Verbal salutes Ayes - House calls? Ayes - Nautical yeses Ayes - They're pros Ayes - They're usually first to raise their hands Ayes - Audible votes Ayes - They mean yes Ayes - Supporters' cries Ayes - They might have it Ayes - "the ___ have it" Ayes - Words that pass bills Ayes - Words from a pro? Ayes - Certain assents Ayes - Mate's affirmatives Ayes - Sailor's affirmatives Ayes - Seaman's yeses Ayes - "the __ have it!" Ayes - Chorus for queeg Ayes - 'up' votes Ayes - Votes for Ayes - Floor votes Ayes - Assents at sea Ayes - Seafaring assents Ayes - They carry motions Ayes - Yeoman's affirmatives Ayes - Supporters' agreements Ayes - They sometimes 'have it' Ayes - Some roll-call calls Ayes - Certain voice votes Ayes - Yeses at sea Ayes - Supporting ballots Ayes - Approving votes Ayes - Yeses Ayes - Enthusiastic votes Ayes - Salts' assents Ayes - Roll-call count Ayes - They often have it Ayes - All those in favor Ayes - Floor assents Ayes - Sailors' assents Ayes - Music to a captain's ears? Ayes - Nautical assents Ayes - Nays' opposites Ayes - Nautical affirmatives Ayes - Replies on the enterprise Ayes - Shipboard responses Ayes - Senate tally Ayes - Ones in favor Ayes - Thumbs-up votes Ayes - Words from pros? Ayes - First side to vote Ayes - Billy budd's affirmatives Ayes - Calls for passage Ayes - Salty assents Ayes - Side for passage Ayes - Tars' affirmatives Ayes - They're needed for passage Ayes - Words of agreement Ayes - "for" votes Ayes - Yes votes Ayes - Pro group Ayes - Words to a captain Ayes - Ensign's answers Ayes - Affirmatives at sea Ayes - Cries made in passing? Ayes - Bridge assents Ayes - Affirmative actions? Ayes - Seafarers' assents Ayes - Salt agreements? Ayes - Voting side Ayes - Votes in favor Ayes - Those in favor Ayes - Votes of support Ayes - Naval answers Ayes - Some voters Ayes - Ensign's oks Ayes - Favorable votes Ayes - Nays' cancelers Ayes - Crew's assents Ayes - Votes from the pros Ayes - As it's about you, they're sort of a 25 down Ayes - Sounds of agreement Ayes - An affirmative see, by sound? Ayes - Votes of approval during 5 down Ayes - They express assent Ayes - The yes-votes at committee meeting Ayes - Nautical positive responses Ayes - Affirmative votes as in committee Ayes - The yes votes at committee meeting Ayes - Votes in the affirmative Ayes - Iiiii? no, they're not Ayes - Rogers on a ship Ayes - Pair for a captain? Ayes - Thumbs up at sea Ayes - Roll-call votes Ayes - Nays' opponents Ayes - Assents on deck Ayes - A vote in favour for those in favour Ayes - A word of approval for those in favour Ayes - Votes for republican president, not hard-headed Ayes - Those voting for the motion Ayes - Roll call replies Ayes - Seamen's agreements Ayes - Motion carriers, at times Ayes - They may have it, in a vote Ayes - Ensign's okays Ayes - Assents, asea Ayes - A word of agreement - or more than one Ayes - Roll-call calls Ayes - Chorus after 'all in favor' Ayes - Pro votes 25. one of 33-down Ayes - Assents on the sea Ayes - Seagoing assents Ayes - One or more positive responses Ayes - Votes in parliament Ayes - Voting affirmations Ayes - Nays' undoers Ayes - Ensigns' answers Ayes - Nays' foes Ayes - Sailors' affirmatives Ayes - They may 'have it' Ayes - Captains often hear them Ayes - They sometimes have it? Ayes - Those for a motion Ayes - Anagram - and synonym - of 71-across Ayes - Positive responses, or just one? Ayes - Bill passers Ayes - Shouts of support Ayes - What pros provide Ayes - Yeses in congress Ayes - Tar's assents Ayes - Responses following "all those in favor" Ayes - Senate majority group, maybe? Ayes - Supporters' answers Ayes - 'yes' votes Ayes - Voting assents Ayes - Those in favour of always heading south Ayes - A single agreement, or more than one? Ayes - A positive response? lots of them! Ayes - A word of agreement, or more than one Ayes - Always in the north -- and south gets votes! Ayes - One positive response, or more than one Ayes - Votes in favour Ayes - Affirmations, or just one? Ayes - Parliamentary votes Ayes - Passing side? Ayes - Pirates' assents Ayes - Agreeing words Ayes - Naval affirmatives Ayes - Some voice votes Ayes - For people? Ayes - Bill's supporters Ayes - 'for' votes Ayes - Sailing affirmatives Ayes - Those in favour will give a positive response Ayes - Agreements aboard Ayes - Affirmations to captains Ayes - Passing requirements Ayes - Chorus from all those in favor Ayes - Naval assents Ayes - Naval agreements Ayes - Votes for supporters Ayes - Assents to the captain Ayes - Thumbs-up verbal votes Ayes - Homophone of the only letters absent from the answers, and also the clues Ayes - Certain voiced votes Ayes - Vocal support Ayes - They may have it, in congress Ayes - Some roll call votes Ayes - Assents on the briny Ayes - Yeses on the high seas Ayes - Roll call votes Ayes - Positive words Ayes - Roll call calls, sometimes Ayes - One vote in favour, or a number Ayes - What's heard after "all those in favor" Ayes - Ensign's positive answers Ayes - Sounds from the pros Ayes - Pair of words to a captain? Ayes - All in favor Ayes - Supporting side Ayes - Naval agreements? Ayes - Motion passers Ayes - Supporters' shouts Ayes - Some assents Ayes - Some assents Ayes - Those voting for
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Motion carriers (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - motion carriers. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter Y. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter S.

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