Pasta - Elbows, but not knees

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Pasta - "ristorante" course Pasta - 'dad's army' goes down well in italy Pasta - . . . and what it often tops Pasta - 37-across, e.g Pasta - 8 providing a recipe for food Pasta - After a bit of italian food Pasta - After last of frittata, spaghetti? Pasta - After last of lasagna, tagliatelle perhaps Pasta - After one latin meal ... Pasta - Alfredo may be associated with it Pasta - All over a dish Pasta - Alphabets, e.g Pasta - Alternative to rice Pasta - An italian cuisine Pasta - An italian dish Pasta - Angel hair in your mouth Pasta - Angel hair on a plate Pasta - Angel hair on your tongue Pasta - Angel hair or bow-tie Pasta - Angel hair or elbows Pasta - Angel hair, e.g Pasta - Angel hair, for example Pasta - Angel hair, say Pasta - Answer supplied to previous italian course Pasta - Army below trench hoisted shells, perhaps Pasta - Bachelors often cook it Pasta - Base of some salads Pasta - Basic fare from sicily to milan -- no more first class Pasta - Basic italian food Pasta - Beyond the first letter in "spaghetti" Pasta - Bow ties and elbows Pasta - Bow ties or elbows Pasta - Bow ties, e.g Pasta - Bow ties, for instance Pasta - Bowties or elbows Pasta - Bowties you can eat Pasta - Cannelloni, e.g Pasta - Carb source Pasta - Carb-heavy entree Pasta - Carb-loaded meal Pasta - Carb-loader's entrée Pasta - Carb-loading dish Pasta - Carb-loading fare Pasta - Carb-rich course Pasta - Carb-rich fare Pasta - Carb-rich italian fare Pasta - Carbo loader's entree Pasta - Carbo loader's fare Pasta - Carbo-loader's choice Pasta - Carbo-loader's course Pasta - Carbo-loader's course, perhaps Pasta - Carbo-loader's fare Pasta - Carbo-loader's meal Pasta - Carbo-loader's option Pasta - Carbo-loading food Pasta - Carbo-loading meal Pasta - Common meal for a tight budget Pasta - Conchiglie or cavatappi Pasta - Course in cremona Pasta - Course in italian history followed by top academic stream Pasta - Course of italian history ending in abyssinia Pasta - Course with carbs Pasta - Couscous, e.g Pasta - Dad's army food Pasta - Diner menu section Pasta - Diner's saucy request? Pasta - Dish concocted by dad's army Pasta - Dish done by middle italy Pasta - Dish of dough made with durum wheat Pasta - Dish served in dad's army? Pasta - Dried flour paste for making italian food Pasta - Dried flour paste used in cooking italian dishes Pasta - Dried flour paste, staple in italian food Pasta - E.g. fusilli Pasta - Eats a plate up, containing this? Pasta - Edible bow ties Pasta - Edible corkscrews Pasta - Edible ribbon Pasta - Edible shells Pasta - Eg lasagne Pasta - Eg macaroni Pasta - Eg spaghetti Pasta - Eg tortellini Pasta - Eg, lasagne Pasta - Eg, spaghetti Pasta - Eg, tagliatelle Pasta - Elbows on the table Pasta - Elbows on the table, say? Pasta - Elbows on the table? Pasta - Elbows or ziti Pasta - Elbows to nibble Pasta - Elbows, but not knees Pasta - Elbows, e.g Pasta - Elbows, et al Pasta - Elbows, maybe Pasta - Ended with ace food Pasta - Entree category Pasta - Fare from italy by air, initially Pasta - Fare from italy, having gone beyond its centre Pasta - Fare the night before a marathon, often Pasta - Farfalle or fusilli Pasta - Farfalle, e.g Pasta - Farfalle, fusilli or fettuccine Pasta - Father taking short knife to eat this? Pasta - Father's expressed appreciation for food Pasta - Father's grateful to italy for this Pasta - Father's gratitude comes all the way from italy Pasta - Father's gratitude for food in italian Pasta - Father's gratitude for the food he got in italy Pasta - Fettuccine and such Pasta - Fettuccine or linguine Pasta - Fettuccine, e.g Pasta - Fettucine, for one Pasta - Fettucini, e.g Pasta - Finished a dish Pasta - Finished a dish from italy Pasta - Finished a lasagne? Pasta - Finished last of lasagna and tagliatelle? Pasta - Finished last of lasagna, food of italian origin Pasta - Finished last of pizza, italian food Pasta - Finished with a dish from italy Pasta - Flour and water foodstuff Pasta - Food dad's army put together Pasta - Food for dad's army? Pasta - Food found in the shapes at the ends of the answers to starred clues Pasta - Food from yesteryear on middle of plate Pasta - Food in dad's army? Pasta - Food in many shapes Pasta - Food often ending in "i" Pasta - Food served up as soon as possible, and about time! Pasta - Food with which old man gains a stone Pasta - From italy as a matter of course with father's thanks Pasta - Fusilli and shells Pasta - Fusilli or rotini Pasta - Fusilli, conchiglie and penne Pasta - Fusilli, e.g Pasta - Fusilli, penne etc Pasta - Fusilli, tortelloni etc Pasta - Glue running short? attach a staple Pasta - Gone to a course in italy Pasta - Gone to a meal Pasta - Gone to get a meal from an italian? Pasta - Gone to start art course in italy Pasta - Gone, a dish from italy Pasta - High-carb entree Pasta - High-carb food Pasta - History gets first letter made in italy Pasta - Ingredient in some salads Pasta - It may be corkscrew-shaped Pasta - It may be long, twisted or hollow Pasta - It may come in ribbons Pasta - It might be cooked al dente Pasta - It's sometimes ribbon-shaped Pasta - It's sometimes served primavera Pasta - Italian dish Pasta - Italian dough Pasta - Italian entree Pasta - Italian food Pasta - Italian food and spanish food in rotation Pasta - Italian food favorite Pasta - Italian food or dried flour paste Pasta - Italian food staple Pasta - Italian restaurant option Pasta - Italian staple Pasta - Italian staple food Pasta - Kind of salad Pasta - Kitchen tubes Pasta - Lasagna and linguine Pasta - Lasagna and linguine Pasta - Lasagna or linguine Pasta - Lecturer's got through a course in rome Pasta - Like getting in quiet word of thanks for the food Pasta - Linguine and fettucine Pasta - Linguine or fettucine Pasta - Linguine or lasagna Pasta - Linguine or penne Pasta - Linguine or tortellini Pasta - Linguine, e.g Pasta - Linguini or fettuccine Pasta - Linguini or ravioli Pasta - Linguini or ziti Pasta - Linguini, e.g Pasta - Linguini, for instance Pasta - Linguini, for one Pasta - Little italy fare Pasta - Macaroni and spaghetti Pasta - Macaroni and such Pasta - Macaroni grill selection Pasta - Macaroni or manicotti Pasta - Macaroni or spaghetti, e.g Pasta - Macaroni or vermicelli Pasta - Macaroni or ziti Pasta - Macaroni, e.g Pasta - Macaroni, for example Pasta - Macaroni, say, in soup - a staple food Pasta - Manicotti, e.g Pasta - Minestrone bits Pasta - Minestrone ingredient Pasta - Naples noodle dish Pasta - Naples noodles Pasta - Naples staple Pasta - Noodles Pasta - Noodles, e.g Pasta - Noodles, maybe Pasta - Noodles, say Pasta - Not before a support of the italians Pasta - Not quite succeed in army course Pasta - Old man's grateful expression seeing dish Pasta - Olive garden fare Pasta - Olive garden offering Pasta - Olive garden selection Pasta - Olive garden specialty Pasta - Olive garden staple Pasta - On to b for 'bucatini'? Pasta - One-dish meal, often Pasta - Orzo or ziti Pasta - Orzo, e.g Pasta - Orzo, ziti, et al Pasta - Parental gratitude, perhaps for what one is given in italy Pasta - Penne and shells Pasta - Penne or ziti Pasta - Penne, e.g Pasta - Penne, rigatoni Pasta - Penne, rigatoni etc Pasta - Pesto base Pasta - Pesto may top it Pasta - Pesto partner, perhaps Pasta - Plain food Pasta - Popular pre-marathon meal Pasta - Portion of soup — a staple part of italian diet Pasta - Pre-marathon meal Pasta - Pre-marathon staple Pasta - Premarathon food Pasta - Product of culinary cranks Pasta - Ravioli base Pasta - Ravioli or rigatoni Pasta - Ravioli, e.g Pasta - Result of rolling in the dough, maybe? Pasta - Ribbons on a plate Pasta - Rice alternative Pasta - Rigatoni and rotelli Pasta - Rigatoni or linguine Pasta - Rigatoni or ravioli Pasta - Rigatoni or rotini Pasta - Rigatoni or spaghetti Pasta - Rigatoni, e.g Pasta - Rigatoni, tortellini etc Pasta - Ristorante fare Pasta - Ristorante offering Pasta - Ristorante staple Pasta - Rotini or linguine Pasta - Rotini or rigatoni Pasta - Rotini, e.g Pasta - Salad base, often Pasta - Salad ingredient Pasta - Salad type Pasta - Saucy dish Pasta - Semolina product Pasta - Serving in an italian restaurant Pasta - Shaped and dried dough Pasta - Shells and bow ties Pasta - Shells and elbows Pasta - Shells on a plate Pasta - Shells or bow ties Pasta - Shells or wagon wheels Pasta - Shells, but not bbs Pasta - Shells, e.g Pasta - Shells, for example Pasta - Shilling -- appreciation shown by dad for food Pasta - Some bow ties Pasta - Some bowties Pasta - Some butterflies Pasta - Some corkscrews Pasta - Some elbows Pasta - Some looks like wheels Pasta - Some ribbons and shells Pasta - Some shells Pasta - Sometime ago had a type of italian food? Pasta - Source of carbs Pasta - Spaghetti and vermicelli Pasta - Spaghetti etc Pasta - Spaghetti or linguini Pasta - Spaghetti or ravioli Pasta - Spaghetti or rigatoni Pasta - Spaghetti or ziti Pasta - Spaghetti, e.g Pasta - Spaghetti, for example Pasta - Spaghetti, for instance Pasta - Spaghetti, orzo etc Pasta - Spaghetti, perhaps Pasta - Spirals and shells Pasta - Stamp, as taken in part fare Pasta - Staple food of italian origin Pasta - Staple food of italy Pasta - Staple italian food base Pasta - Starchy staple Pasta - Strands at dinner? Pasta - Strands in hot water Pasta - Tagliatelle, e.g Pasta - Tapas (anag) Pasta - That's fatherr's gratitude for the dough Pasta - The gratitude of father for something to eat in italy Pasta - The gratitude of the italian father for his food Pasta - The stuff of spaghetti, macaroni etc Pasta - The thanks of father for what you get in italy Pasta - This may be 25 down after a in italy Pasta - Tortellini or fusilli Pasta - Tortiglioni or tortellini Pasta - Trattoria choice Pasta - Trattoria course Pasta - Trattoria dish Pasta - Trattoria entree Pasta - Trattoria fare Pasta - Trattoria meal Pasta - Trattoria menu heading Pasta - Trattoria offering Pasta - Trattoria order Pasta - Trattoria selection Pasta - Trattoria serving Pasta - Trattoria specialty Pasta - Trattoria staple Pasta - Trattoria supply Pasta - Two pieces of tapas exchanged for italian food Pasta - Typical italian serving in dad's army? Pasta - Unfortunately sat in the middle of dad's food Pasta - Vermicelli, e.g Pasta - War featured centrally on history course Pasta - What italians produce interests historian at academy Pasta - What pesto often covers Pasta - What you get in italy, thanks to father Pasta - With 29-across, picnic dishes Pasta - With 60-across, noodle product derived from "the san francisco treat!" Pasta - With 82-down, trattoria dish Pasta - You may eat up at what's going up the tree Pasta - Ziti or angel hair Pasta - Ziti or cannelloni Pasta - Ziti or elbows Pasta - Ziti or fusilli Pasta - Ziti or orzo Pasta - Ziti or penne Pasta - Ziti or ravioli Pasta - Ziti or rigatoni Pasta - Ziti or spaghetti Pasta - Ziti or vermicelli Pasta - Ziti, e.g Pasta - Ziti, for example Pasta - Ziti, for one
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Elbows, but not knees (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - elbows, but not knees. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter A.

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