Adapt - Fix to suit

Word by letter:
  • Adapt - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word D
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word P
  • 5 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Adapt - Make fit Adapt - Get used (to) Adapt - Go with the flow Adapt - Customize Adapt - Fight extinction, maybe Adapt - Fix to suit Adapt - Make suitable Adapt - Make usable Adapt - Adjust accordingly Adapt - Roll with the punches Adapt - Become acclimated Adapt - Become familiar with new surroundings Adapt - Change according to circumstances Adapt - Change to suit Adapt - Learn to cope Adapt - Establish new habits for Adapt - Suit to the circumstances Adapt - Change with the times Adapt - Be flexible Adapt - Modify Adapt - Suit to one's needs Adapt - Show flexibility Adapt - Keep up with the times Adapt - Become adjusted Adapt - Modify to suit Adapt - Conform Adapt - Cope with change Adapt - Rewrite for hollywood Adapt - Modify to particular conditions Adapt - Rework Adapt - Trim to fit, perhaps Adapt - Suit yourself? Adapt - Modify to new conditions Adapt - Adjust to changes Adapt - Retool Adapt - Adjust Adapt - Become used to a new situation Adapt - Acclimate Adapt - Not stand still Adapt - Make it work Adapt - Modify to make fit Adapt - Way to fight extinction Adapt - Blend in Adapt - Get to fit Adapt - Make books into movies, e.g Adapt - Evolve Adapt - Make into a film, perhaps Adapt - Get to work, in a way Adapt - Make adjustments Adapt - Tailor Adapt - Get used to Adapt - Modify to fit Adapt - Adjust to something new Adapt - Adjust to change Adapt - Adjust as you must Adapt - Avoid extinction, say Adapt - Adjust to a new situation Adapt - Change to suit a new purpose Adapt - Tweak Adapt - Fit Adapt - Show elasticity Adapt - Become acclimatized Adapt - One way to cope Adapt - Get used to it Adapt - Learn to fit in Adapt - Make accommodations Adapt - Fit in Adapt - Find one's niche? Adapt - Convert to another use Adapt - Convert to another use or situation Adapt - Adjust to new conditions Adapt - Adjust to new circumstances Adapt - Learn to get along Adapt - Evolve (per 25-across) Adapt - Make needed adjustments Adapt - Novelize, e.g Adapt - Rewrite for another medium Adapt - Fashion that is nowadays appropriate Adapt - Girl takes exercise to show flexibility Adapt - Tailor has fitting interrupted by attorney Adapt - Fit girl given bodybuilding exercises Adapt - Make or become suitable Adapt - Change to suit circumstances Adapt - Heed the adage 'when in rome ...' Adapt - Refit Adapt - Change, evolutionarily Adapt - Make into a movie, say Adapt - Change, as a species Adapt - Change to suit a different purpose Adapt - A number well-suited to fashion Adapt - Bill gets fitting from tailor Adapt - Change with the scenery Adapt - Modify appropriately Adapt - Get used to new conditions Adapt - Adjust to fit Adapt - Make books into movies, say Adapt - Make some concessions Adapt - Rewrite for the screen Adapt - Modify for a medium Adapt - Modify to one's needs Adapt - Respond to change Adapt - Modify for use Adapt - Make more suitable Adapt - Fit woman takes exercise Adapt - Accommodate oneself in a flat - about time Adapt - Girl takes part to rewrite for broadcasting Adapt - Change to suit the conditions Adapt - Adjust to new use Adapt - Prepare ada for physical training? Adapt - Acclimatize Adapt - Make suitable for new purpose Adapt - Adjust (to new conditions) Adapt - Modify, adjust Adapt - Become adjusted to new circumstances Adapt - Make alterations to a home over time Adapt - Make suitable (for a new purpose) Adapt - Notice liable to change Adapt - Become adjusted (to new circumstances) Adapt - Publicity suitable to modify for another medium Adapt - Adjust (to new condition) Adapt - Alter plug fitting Adapt - Adjust (to changes) Adapt - Publicity liable to get used? Adapt - Tailor's likely to have short hairstyle Adapt - Rewrite Adapt - Modify publicity, having fit! Adapt - Accommodate Adapt - Tailor makes a lawyer take exercise Adapt - Make work play perhaps Adapt - Fit in plug to the point Adapt - Now appropriate to modify Adapt - Change Adapt - Convert Adapt - Adjust fitting notice first Adapt - Fit plug to the point Adapt - Tailor enjoyed wasting hours with a pint Adapt - Put to particular use Adapt - Modify; acclimatise Adapt - Fit girl given body-building exercises Adapt - Modify commercial article, going over point Adapt - Make fit (for) Adapt - Alter to fit Adapt - Change to fit new circumstances Adapt - Conform as needed Adapt - Make fit girl exercise Adapt - No heir in hit parade to convert Adapt - Follow the advice 'when in rome ...' Adapt - Notice fitting offered by tailor Adapt - Rewrite for the screen, say Adapt - Rework, as a book into a film Adapt - Notice a point to change Adapt - Change to fit Adapt - Reconcile Adapt - Change to suit new circumstances Adapt - Make fitting Adapt - Evolve, in a way Adapt - Play around with wrong data about parking Adapt - Assimilate Adapt - What labels must do with pop culture Adapt - What bands must do to survive Adapt - What star must do to survive stardom Adapt - Adjust to circumstances Adapt - Take from the stage, at times Adapt - Change into something else Adapt - After change of heart, endorse tailor Adapt - Exhibit flexibility Adapt - Get used to change Adapt - To adjust to the industry Adapt - Make changes in plug fitting Adapt - Roll with life's punches Adapt - Find one's way around five characters in 15 down, from the start Adapt - Two girls, one lacking heart to change Adapt - Evolve, perhaps
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Fix to suit (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - fix to suit. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter D. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter P. 5 - st. letter T.

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