Opener - Kickoff

Word by letter:
  • Opener - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word R

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Opener - Kitchen drawer item Opener - First game Opener - Intro Opener - Word with can or season Opener - First of two baseball games Opener - Kickoff Opener - Series starter Opener - First event in a series Opener - First game of the season Opener - Game one Opener - First game of a doubleheader Opener - One who says 'one club,' e.g Opener - Eye or can follower Opener - Act before the headliner Opener - It concludes the off season Opener - Doubleheader half Opener - Cap lifter Opener - Start of a doubleheader Opener - First game of the series Opener - Show's first number Opener - Kitchen device Opener - First game of a series Opener - Main event preceder Opener - First of a doubleheader Opener - Handle, e.g Opener - Corkscrew, e.g Opener - First bidder Opener - First act in a revue Opener - First game of a double-header Opener - Game 1 of a series Opener - Bartender's tool Opener - Can need Opener - Second name on the bill Opener - Earliest match Opener - Barkeep's gizmo Opener - Feature of some corkscrews Opener - Corkscrew, for wine Opener - First act Opener - First number Opener - Nightcap's counterpart in a doubleheader Opener - Game 1 Opener - Bartender's gadget Opener - Curtain raiser Opener - Conversation starter Opener - First bid Opener - Starting bet Opener - Starting bid Opener - First game of thseason Opener - Church key, e.g Opener - Key, e.g Opener - Doorknob or handle, e.g Opener - Unwrapper Opener - It concludes the off-season Opener - One won't get close to over around his nibs Opener - Never close over about a writer Opener - That will never get you close, ne'er after work Opener - You'll never get close with it Opener - That's one who does be starting 20 across Opener - For this d is closer, perhaps, but not closer Opener - Might one disclose this over about the writer? Opener - Discloses over about a writer Opener - Over around the writer for a start Opener - One won't help you to shut up Opener - Perhaps a disc loser over about a writer Opener - A key or a bottle top remover Opener - Device for accessing contents of tins or bottles Opener - For taking the lid off Opener - Tool for taking lid off a can Opener - This disc loses, it seems Opener - This will never get one close to anything Opener - Never get close with this Opener - Never get close with it Opener - Kitchen-drawer item Opener - Season's first game Opener - Warm-up act Opener - Writer put inside over first act maybe Opener - Number one (or two) out of eleven Opener - Key batsman? Opener - First man in right key Opener - Key player? Opener - Key - batsman Opener - See 1 Opener - Tins need one Opener - First to bid on peer review Opener - Headliner preceder Opener - Kitchen gadget Opener - Starter key Opener - Warmup act Opener - Bottle cap remover Opener - Kitchen-drawer device Opener - Part of a doubleheader Opener - First game in a series Opener - Initial act Opener - One begins a test with need for bottle Opener - Nothing for writer in hospital takes cork out of bottle Opener - Word after "can" or "letter" Opener - Nothing writer has in hospital takes cork out of bottle Opener - One going in first to get key Opener - Bartending tool Opener - Beginner in a key role Opener - Start of a series Opener - Batsman number one Opener - For a start, has nothing to write to the queen Opener - (team's) first batsman Opener - Batsman's device for getting at the drink Opener - Leading cricketer's device for getting at drink Opener - First man in Opener - First part of work a retired frenchman's written Opener - First batsman in game Opener - First batsman Opener - First goal in game is key Opener - It may provide access to food as an initial goal Opener - First in sports to break united resistance Opener - Introductory remark when old writer meets the queen Opener - Key player, first to bat Opener - Takes cap off, starting the game Opener - Can cutter work on only two-thirds power? Opener - First act in work by frenchman repelled Opener - Word with "garage" or "bottle" Opener - One of the batsmen has no peer running Opener - Church-key, for one Opener - A bat found in the kitchen Opener - He begins to be less secretive Opener - Overture made by top batsman Opener - He's beginning to be less reticent! Opener - Less reticent with a team member Opener - More willing to talk about a member of the team Opener - Key Opener - Cricketer's initial event Opener - Cricketer giving you what's on the tin? Opener - Number one or number two batsman Opener - During 5 out of 6 deliveries, enclose batsman Opener - Instrument used to get into sealed containers Opener - C in cook? Opener - No.1 or no.2 bat Opener - Batsman's need for bottle? Opener - Batsman who starts innings Opener - Batsman gets duck -- fellow takes name Opener - Key batsman facing the first ball of the innings Opener - Key number one or two? Opener - Key work by magritte withdrawn Opener - Batsman Opener - Initial event Opener - Kitchen hand tool Opener - Concert's first song Opener - Tin or tape cutter? Opener - Cook maybe being more honest? Opener - One of those doing warm-up with chaperones drop cash Opener - Back frenchman by river – first or second in Opener - It concludes the offseason Opener - First in to bat Opener - Old writer the queen is the first to receive? Opener - Tool you need to get in the can Opener - Cook, perhaps, poisoned person with third piece of beef, not second Opener - First of all Opener - In cricket, a batsman who plays the first ball of an innings Opener - Card player who starts the bidding Opener - Series start Opener - No tutsi in pretentious first act Opener - Bar tool Opener - First of a series Opener - Oval then lord's welcoming new batsman initially Opener - Does a job on cork in the early stages Opener - Kitchen utensil Opener - One's first to take deliveries -- and usually runs Opener - Game one of any series Opener - Key batsman Opener - First of a series of games is key Opener - Letter tool Opener - Expect to use this on 17 across in the early stages Opener - First in batting order Opener - One's batting bottle is undone by this Opener - Specialist with bat or jemmy, perhaps? Opener - Word with "letter" or "can" Opener - Part of a concert that many people impatiently sit through Opener - First man in is key? Opener - Swiss army knife tool Opener - Key sporting event about to return Opener - Act that may warm up the crowd Opener - Mysterious peron consumed by the first evita - the initial one who took to the stage
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Kickoff (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - kickoff. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter N. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter R.

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