Knew - Was positive

Word by letter:
  • Knew - Letter on K
  • 1 - st. word K
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word W

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Knew - "... yorick! i __ him, horatio" Knew - "... yorick! i __ him, horatio": hamlet Knew - "i __ it!" Knew - "i ___ it!" Knew - "portrait (he ___)" by kansas Knew - 'i __ it!' Knew - 'i ___ it!' Knew - 'what maisie __' Knew - Acknowledged Knew - Acknowledged that it sounded fresh Knew - Appreciated Knew - Apprehended Knew - Ascertained, as that you were trouble when you walked in Knew - Beatles "i thought i ___ you, what did i know?" Knew - Could answer Knew - Could correctly answer Knew - Did no sound past with no wing Knew - Didn't guess Knew - Didn't have to fact-check Knew - Didn't have to guess Knew - Didn't just guess Knew - Didn't just think Knew - Didn't need to guess Knew - Distinguished name in garden suburb Knew - Fathomed Knew - Felt in one's bones Knew - Fully grasped Knew - Fully memorized Knew - Got the picture Knew - Grand to get novel recognised Knew - Grasped Knew - Had a gut feeling Knew - Had a hunch Knew - Had a knowledge of marie leaving winemaker Knew - Had all the answers Knew - Had already learned Knew - Had dealings with Knew - Had down Knew - Had down cold Knew - Had down pat Knew - Had in mind Knew - Had inside information Knew - Had learnt; sounds like modern Knew - Had memorized Knew - Had met Knew - Had met before Knew - Had more than a feeling Knew - Had more than a gut feeling Knew - Had more than a hunch Knew - Had more than an inkling Knew - Had more than just a hunch Knew - Had no doubt Knew - Had no doubt about Knew - Had no doubts Knew - Had no doubts about Knew - Had run into before Knew - Had sex with, biblically Knew - Had the answer Knew - Had the facts Knew - Had the information Knew - Homophone of 46-down Knew - Intuited Knew - Kafka's first novel may be recognised Knew - Memorized Knew - Met previously Knew - More than sensed Knew - More than suspected Knew - More than thought Knew - No end of a 1 across? Knew - Perceived Knew - Perceived as fact Knew - Pink "who ___" Knew - Presumably had already read steinbeck's last novel Knew - Probably had read steinbeck's last novel Knew - Raised one's hand, ostensibly Knew - Realized Knew - Recognised Knew - Recognised it might be novel to the listener Knew - Recognised modern sounds Knew - Recognised novel being read out Knew - Recognised that it sounded fresh Knew - Recognized Knew - Savage garden "i ___ i loved you" Knew - Sensed Knew - Slept with, biblically Knew - That's not hte old sound i was accustomed to Knew - Understood Knew - Understood kay used the opposite Knew - Was able to answer on a test Knew - Was absolutely sure Knew - Was acquainted with Knew - Was acquainted with ken playing centre-forward Knew - Was acquainted with steinbeck's last novel Knew - Was aware Knew - Was aware of Knew - Was aware of a novel sound Knew - Was aware of fresh hearing Knew - Was aware of modern sounds Knew - Was aware of the fact Knew - Was certain Knew - Was certain of Knew - Was cognizant of Knew - Was conscious of Knew - Was familiar with Knew - Was familiar with central character in dickens novel Knew - Was familiar with kafka's first novel Knew - Was familiar with kingsley's first novel Knew - Was familiar with kipling's first novel Knew - Was forewarned Knew - Was friends with Knew - Was in on Knew - Was in the loop Knew - Was onto Knew - Was positive Knew - Was positive about Knew - Was positive of Knew - Was privy to Knew - Was sure Knew - Was sure about Knew - Was sure of Knew - Was thick with Knew - Was told about Knew - Was up on Knew - Was versed in Knew - Wasn't guessing Knew - Wasn't ignorant Knew - Wasn't in the dark Knew - Wasn't oblivious Knew - Wasn't surprised
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Was positive (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - was positive. word on "K". 1 - st. letter K. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter W.

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