Ussr - Warsaw pact land

Word by letter:
  • Ussr - Letter on U
  • 1 - st. word U
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word R

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Ussr - Pre-1991 atlas abbr Ussr - Former g.d.r. ally Ussr - Red letters? Ussr - Stalin's domain Ussr - One of the allies of w.w. ii Ussr - It broke up in dec. 1991 Ussr - Atlas abbr. before 1991 Ussr - Former world power, for short Ussr - Warsaw pact land Ussr - Boycotter of the '84 l.a. olympics Ussr - Khrushchev's concern Ussr - Cccp on 20th-century maps Ussr - Salt signer Ussr - "back in the ---" (beatles) Ussr - Salt signatory Ussr - Space race participant Ussr - Cold war initials Ussr - Cold war foe Ussr - 1984 summer games boycotter Ussr - Cold war side Ussr - Former world power, briefly Ussr - Communist powerhouse, once Ussr - Former communist country Ussr - Former world power, shortly Ussr - Atlas abbr. until 1991 Ussr - Former olympic team Ussr - Cold war participant Ussr - Former 'evil empire' Ussr - Former empire Ussr - Cold war power Ussr - Wwii power Ussr - "back in the ___" (beatles) Ussr - Moscow's land, once: abbr Ussr - Country founded in 1922: abbr Ussr - Where kalinin was pres Ussr - Locale in a beatles song Ussr - Sputnik's birthplace Ussr - 'back in the ___' Ussr - Nato target Ussr - Former gdr ally Ussr - Cold war inits Ussr - Gorby's former domain Ussr - It's russia now Ussr - Former world power Ussr - Locale in a beatles song title Ussr - W.w. ii ally Ussr - Cold war letters Ussr - Old atlas abbreviation Ussr - 1984 olympics no-show Ussr - One-time superpower Ussr - Cold war concern Ussr - Former un security council member Ussr - Cold war rival (abbr.) Ussr - Salt party Ussr - Former red giant? Ussr - Locale in a beatles title spot Ussr - "miracle on ice" opponent Ussr - Gorby's domain Ussr - J.f.k. adversary Ussr - Nikita's realm, once Ussr - Salt participant Ussr - Gorbachev was its last leader: abbr Ussr - Red giant now broken up Ussr - Kgb whereabouts Ussr - Warsaw pact nation Ussr - Old nato concern Ussr - "evil empire" of the '80s Ussr - Beatles song "back in the ___" Ussr - Sputnik launcher Ussr - Superpower until 1991 Ussr - Salt i signer Ussr - Huac concern Ussr - Cold war empire: abbr Ussr - Where gorbachev ruled Ussr - 1984 summer olympics no-show Ussr - Mir launcher Ussr - George kennan specialty Ussr - Former empire inits Ussr - "back in the ___" (beatles song) Ussr - 15-down rival, once Ussr - Lenin's land, for short Ussr - 1980 summer olympics host Ussr - World power until '91 Ussr - Old polit. letters Ussr - Cold war adversary Ussr - Kgb country Ussr - Brezhnev's land, in brief Ussr - 'red' letters Ussr - Pre-1991 superpower Ussr - See 1-across Ussr - U.n. member through 1991 Ussr - Salt talks participant Ussr - Outdated globe letters Ussr - Bygone atlas listing Ussr - Bloc that dissolved in 1991 Ussr - 20th-cen. superpower Ussr - Former communist state Ussr - Lenin's land Ussr - Yalta conf. locale Ussr - Old map letters Ussr - Warsaw treaty org. member Ussr - Former federation Ussr - U.s. ally in w.w. ii Ussr - Khrushchev's country: abbr Ussr - Evil empire acronym Ussr - Rwr's 'evil empire' Ussr - Former security council member Ussr - Five-year plan implementer, for short Ussr - Wwii u.s. ally Ussr - State dissolved in 1991 Ussr - Once-mighty initials Ussr - State dissolved 31 december 1991 Ussr - Cold war principal Ussr - The beatles' 'back in the ___' Ussr - Country dissolved dec. 8, 1991 Ussr - Country in a beatles title Ussr - 'evil empire' of the '80s Ussr - Communist state to 1991 Ussr - Cis predecessor Ussr - U.n. member until 1991 Ussr - Stalin's state Ussr - U.s. ally in wwii Ussr - 1984 olympics boycotter Ussr - Cold war superpower Ussr - Russia, once Ussr - 20th-c. nation Ussr - Beatles' "back in the ---" Ussr - Five-year plan empire Ussr - Wwii ally Ussr - Stalingrad's land, for short Ussr - Home to every undisputed world chess champions during the 1950's and 1960's Ussr - "back in the ___" Ussr - Start i treaty party Ussr - Russia, before 1991 Ussr - Old atlas abbr Ussr - Warsaw pact member (abbr.) Ussr - Superpower that left the map in the 1990s Ussr - “back in the __” Ussr - Reagan's 'evil empire' Ussr - Former communist country, briefly Ussr - Ex-un member Ussr - Soyuz launcher Ussr - Kgb locale Ussr - Fallen russian govt Ussr - '84 olympics boycotter Ussr - Extinct red giant Ussr - Red giant now in pieces? Ussr - Cold war country Ussr - It died in 1991 Ussr - Khrushchev's home Ussr - Most of asia, once: abbr Ussr - Former un member Ussr - Country founded in 1922 Ussr - Amer. wwii ally Ussr - Russia was part of it Ussr - Pre-1991 power Ussr - Erstwhile power Ussr - Salt talks nation Ussr - Nation in dec. 1991 news Ussr - Old atlas initials Ussr - Cold war foe, for short Ussr - Salt superpower Ussr - Superpower that dissolved in the 1990s Ussr - Cis forerunner Ussr - Afghanistan occupier, in the 1980s Ussr - Moscow's former country: abbr Ussr - They sent laika the dog into space in 1957 Ussr - Country estab. in 1922 Ussr - Un member until 1991 Ussr - Warsaw pact country (abbr.) Ussr - See 4-down Ussr - Where "the ukraine girls really knock me out" Ussr - Notable break-up of 1991 Ussr - 56-across's cold war foe Ussr - Letters on an old map Ussr - Nation that dissolved in 1991 Ussr - 1984 summer olympics boycotter Ussr - 'the kremlin letter' state Ussr - Empire until 1991: abbr Ussr - Cold war foe, briefly Ussr - 1980 winter olympics host Ussr - Kgb creator Ussr - Former part of 11-down: abbr Ussr - Cccp, in english Ussr - It disappeared on dec. 26, 1991 Ussr - Georgia used to be part of it Ussr - Cold-war adversary Ussr - Red letters Ussr - Locale in a 1968 beatles song Ussr - Us' cold-war adversary Ussr - Khrushchev's country Ussr - Pres. reagan's "evil empire" Ussr - Former eurasian superpower Ussr - Fed. dissolved by the belavezha accords Ussr - Cold war adversary: abbr Ussr - Zangief's country in 'street fighter ii' Ussr - Gp. dissolved 12/26/1991 Ussr - Old map abbr Ussr - Country in a beatles song Ussr - Ex-superpower letters Ussr - Gorbachev's nation Ussr - Whence drago from 'rocky iv' Ussr - Political org. until 1991 Ussr - Sputnik launcher (abbr.) Ussr - "miracle on ice" losing team Ussr - Boac destination, in song Ussr - Erstwhile empire, in brief Ussr - Country that disappeared in '91 Ussr - Onetime un power Ussr - Country with a hammer-and-sickle flag, for short Ussr - Old eurasian letters Ussr - World power until 1991 Ussr - Amer. ally in w.w. ii Ussr - Kgb's home Ussr - Cold war era letters Ussr - Cold war abbr Ussr - Khrushchev's home (abbr.) Ussr - Cold war faction (abbr.) Ussr - Abbr. on old eurasian maps Ussr - See 23-across Ussr - Cold war nation Ussr - Abbr. on old asian maps Ussr - Cold war-era abbr Ussr - Cis preceder Ussr - 'back in the --' Ussr - Cold war-era map abbr Ussr - Abbr. on old maps Ussr - Cold war nation (abbr.) Ussr - Pre-1991 world power Ussr - Brezhnev's empire Ussr - Stalin's empire Ussr - Moscow was its cap Ussr - Brezhnev's fed Ussr - Kgb's place Ussr - Pre-'91 superpower Ussr - Moscow's fed., once Ussr - Gorbachev's fed Ussr - Where kazakhstan was, once Ussr - Red giant, once? Ussr - Most of russia used to be all of russia and more Ussr - We start to be as russia was Ussr - No longer rushin' like that there Ussr - Country established in1922, dissolved in 1991 Ussr - The beatles¿ song 'back in the . . . .' Ussr - Former association of communist republics Ussr - Russia, of yesterday Ussr - Former union of socialist republics Ussr - In brief, former soviet federation Ussr - Former federation of russial and other states Ussr - Former soviet states Ussr - Letters on an old asian map Ussr - Soyuz 1 launcher Ussr - Former red states? Ussr - How one sounded a rusher of late, initially Ussr - 'evil empire' initials Ussr - Treaty signer with ger. in 1939 Ussr - 1-down's land Ussr - Kgb's land Ussr - Notable breakup of 1991 Ussr - Abbr. in old atlases Ussr - Cold war country (abbr.) Ussr - Former russian nation: abbr Ussr - Red state, once Ussr - 'back in the___' (1968 song) Ussr - Pre-'91 world power Ussr - Guardian leaders in series ridiculing former union Ussr - Old nato target Ussr - Locale in a beatles title Ussr - Gorbachev's empire Ussr - Old map initials Ussr - Cold war country: abbr Ussr - 1980 olympics host Ussr - Boycotter in 1984 headlines Ussr - Reagan's 'evil empire,' for short Ussr - Both, say, between your former partners initially Ussr - Red power, initially Ussr - Red state, formerly Ussr - Georgia was a part of it: abbr Ussr - Reagan's "evil empire" Ussr - It broke up in 1991: abbr Ussr - "back in the ___" (beatles hit) Ussr - One of the wwii allies Ussr - Letters on old asian maps Ussr - 1979 afghanistan invader: abbr Ussr - Beatles' 'back in the --' Ussr - Country established in1922 and dissolved in 1991, in short Ussr - It dissolved in dec. 1991 Ussr - Sov. union Ussr - Bygone u.n. member Ussr - Former world power (abbr.) Ussr - Letters for an ex-superpower Ussr - Superpower that split up Ussr - Whence the villains in the original 'red dawn' Ussr - 'master and margarita' locale Ussr - Software purchaser Ussr - It dissolved in december 1991 Ussr - Letters on the allied side in wwii Ussr - One-time red giant Ussr - Bloc established officially in moscow in 1922 Ussr - Five-year plan nation Ussr - Apt anagram of 'russ.' Ussr - State for which 'animal farm' is an allegory Ussr - Brezhnev's land Ussr - Former geopolitical letters Ussr - Gorbachev's former domain Ussr - Red giant that's broken apart Ussr - Cold war opponent: abbr Ussr - Gorbachev led it last Ussr - Space-race participant Ussr - Stalin's land Ussr - Kgb's country Ussr - Gorby's domain, once Ussr - Warsaw pact member Ussr - Stalin's land, in brief Ussr - Gorbachev's land: abbr Ussr - Un member until '91 Ussr - Boac destination in a beatles hit Ussr - Biggest breakup of 1991 Ussr - Anti-ballistic missile treaty signatory, briefly Ussr - It broke up in 1991 Ussr - World power until 1991: abbr Ussr - Miracle on ice loser of '80 Ussr - Lith. and ukr. were part of it Ussr - Cold war rival of the usa Ussr - Euro has-been Ussr - Red giant that disintegrated? Ussr - Sputnik's birthplace, for short Ussr - Group of red states, for short? Ussr - Kgb's milieu Ussr - Russia, on old maps Ussr - Initialism in a beatles title Ussr - Empire until '91 Ussr - Secret service buried in old city by former partners in east Ussr - Khrushchev's land, for short Ussr - The beatles went back to it Ussr - Vladimir kuts had this on his vest Ussr - The beatles went back in it Ussr - Winners of the first euro final in 1960 Ussr - Valeriy borzov had this on his vest Ussr - Old country manors - such retro houses! Ussr - Finishes tiramisu, brownies, macaroons from recipe in old part of eastern europe Ussr - "back in the ___" (beatles tune) Ussr - Country that launched sputnik: abbr Ussr - Vanished superpower Ussr - Now, it's just russia Ussr - Gorbachev's land Ussr - "back in the ___" (beatles jam) Ussr - Former soviet federation Ussr - Gorbachev's nation, once Ussr - Gorbachev's land, for short Ussr - Kgb funder Ussr - Former soviet union Ussr - Setting of the first tintin comic Ussr - Boac flier's destination in a 1968 song Ussr - One 29-across of the u.s. in w.w. ii Ussr - Pre-'91 empire Ussr - Moscow's land, once (abbr.) Ussr - 1991 breakup newsmaker Ussr - Brezhnev's domain Ussr - Cold war country, briefly Ussr - Country established in 1922 and dissolved in 1991, in short Ussr - Moscow's land, once Ussr - Onetime usa foe Ussr - It ceased to be in dec. 1991 Ussr - Onetime rival of 11-across Ussr - Kgb's nation Ussr - Communist state Ussr - Kazakhstan was once part of it (abbr.) Ussr - 'back in the ' Ussr - Let out of ulster's old empire in the east Ussr - Country featured in a beatles song Ussr - Amer. ally in wwii Ussr - Gorbachev's country, once Ussr - Former soviet inits Ussr - Former gp. of red states? Ussr - Where to 'hear your balalaikas ringing out,' in a beatles tune Ussr - Country in a classic beatles title Ussr - Map initials until 1991 Ussr - Salt i participant Ussr - Onetime nato target Ussr - Space race competitor, for short Ussr - Gorbachev's nation: abbr Ussr - 1991 breakup site Ussr - Atlas initials until 1991 Ussr - Superpower no more Ussr - Nation in stunning 1991 news Ussr - America's cold war foe, for short Ussr - Country mentioned on the beatles' 'white album' Ussr - Fed. of brezhnev Ussr - World power inits. until '91 Ussr - "back in the ___, you don't know how lucky you are, boy" Ussr - Billy joel's beatles cover "back in the ___" Ussr - Where the beatles were "back in"? Ussr - "back in the ___"" Ussr - Where the beatles went "back" Ussr - Where the beatles went "back" to? Ussr - Beatles "back in the ___" Ussr - Beatles were "back in" it Ussr - Second country to develop the atom bomb Ussr - Signer of the salt agreements Ussr - Former superpower Ussr - 'back in the ___' (beatles song) Ussr - 'back in the ___' (beatles tune) Ussr - Foe in a four-plus-decade "war" Ussr - Foe in a four-plus-decade 'war' Ussr - Stalin's fed Ussr - Country renamed in 1991 Ussr - Sputnik launcher, briefly Ussr - Ger. invaded it in june 1941 Ussr - Un member, 1945-1991 Ussr - Superpower of old Ussr - World power initials until 1991 Ussr - World power initials until 1991 Ussr - 'miracle on ice' loser Ussr - "miracle on ice" loser Ussr - It dissolved on 12/31/91
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Warsaw pact land (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - warsaw pact land. word on "U". 1 - st. letter U. 2 - st. letter S. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter R.

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