Lent - Gave for a while

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  • Lent - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word T

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Lent - Fast time Lent - Pre-easter season Lent - Mardi gras follower Lent - Let use Lent - When passiontide falls Lent - Solemn time Lent - Carnival follower Lent - Time to give up Lent - Fasting time Lent - Easter preparation Lent - Temporarily gone Lent - When passion sunday falls Lent - Spring time Lent - Fast time? Lent - Gave for a while Lent - Spring period Lent - Fasting period Lent - Penitential period Lent - Advanced, as cash Lent - Fast period Lent - Time to repent and fast Lent - Gave temporarily Lent - Easter preceder Lent - Season of penitence Lent - 40-day observance Lent - Post-mardi gras period Lent - Solemn stretch Lent - Period of penitence Lent - Passion sunday period Lent - Relinquishing time Lent - Season of fasting Lent - Forty-day period Lent - Spring observance Lent - Advanced Lent - Easter lead-in Lent - Easter forerunner Lent - Time to give up? Lent - Pre-easter time Lent - Ash wednesday follower Lent - 40-day period Lent - Fast forty? Lent - Spring season Lent - Ash wednesday kicks it off Lent - Catholic observance Lent - Penitent period Lent - It starts on a wednesday Lent - Passiontide time Lent - Fast season Lent - Pre-easter period Lent - When quadragesima occurs Lent - Lead-in to easter Lent - Provided for a time Lent - It begins on ash wednesday Lent - Spring break, in a way Lent - It may begin in february Lent - It ends with easter Lent - Palm sunday period Lent - 40-day period of penitence Lent - Period before easter Lent - 'ah, for the good old days,' e.g Lent - Season of repentance Lent - Allowed to use Lent - Easter ends it Lent - Given temporarily Lent - Spotted Lent - March fast? Lent - Provided, as credibility Lent - Ignored polonius' advice Lent - Pancake day is the day before this begins Lent - Gave conditionally Lent - Time of sacrifice Lent - Furnished for a time Lent - Time to give it up? Lent - Spring fast Lent - Time to give it up Lent - Advanced, in a way Lent - Pre-easter observance Lent - It follows mardi gras Lent - Holy week lead-up Lent - Hot cross buns season Lent - Allowed to use for a while Lent - Quitting time? Lent - Period of fasting Lent - Period beginning on ash wednesday Lent - Ash wednesday to easter Lent - Ash wednesday's season Lent - Pre-easter fasting period Lent - Time for hot cross buns Lent - Fasting season Lent - Time for fasting Lent - Time to give something up Lent - Period of abstinence Lent - Time after mardi gras Lent - Fronted, in a way Lent - When good friday occurs Lent - Holy week's period Lent - Gave for a bit Lent - Period after mardi gras Lent - Catholic season of self denial Lent - Maundy thursday period Lent - Period of sacrifice Lent - Period beginning ash wednesday Lent - Fat tuesday follower Lent - Gave for a time Lent - Mardi gras follow-up Lent - Period of deprivation Lent - It's offensive in, so with a fast time like this Lent - When one will go fast Lent - Not given to being fast Lent - Not given to being fast, then? Lent - Being so fast, there was no give in it Lent - That's not given to be fast Lent - Not given to being a fast time Lent - Not given to being 8 across Lent - For church living with abstinence, or not given to it Lent - Ta, this could be a gift that's not been given Lent - As this ends 19 across begins Lent - Fast enough not for giving, perhaps Lent - The fast way for this to be 8 down Lent - Lean, not loan, is what it's been Lent - Might have an interest in having done this in fast time Lent - Not given to being a fast time? Lent - Forty days of fasting Lent - Gave for a limited period Lent - Christian penitential period Lent - Not given to putting an end to 8 across (4) Lent - Penitential season Lent - Forty days of penance Lent - From ash wednesday to holy saturday Lent - Christian penitential season Lent - Mardi gras aftermath Lent - Period of penance Lent - A penitential season Lent - The penitential season Lent - Not given to being fast this time Lent - Not given for the fast time Lent - Not given to being so fast, then Lent - Not given, yet given to be a fast time Lent - Sounds as if it's inclined to be fast, then Lent - 'quite fast, but not for the present (4)' Lent - Not given to being at the end of the start of 7 down Lent - Provided temporarily Lent - Time of forbearance Lent - Advanced making fast time Lent - Time to abstain Lent - Advanced fast Lent - Advanced one good reason for sacrifice Lent - Period from ash wednesday to easter Lent - Period after shrove tuesday Lent - Given for a time Lent - Easter precursor Lent - Traditional time for hot cross buns Lent - Good friday's time Lent - Contributed temporarily Lent - Post-mardi gras observance Lent - 5 down in favour of fast time Lent - Pre-easter stretch Lent - Post-carnival period Lent - It starts with ash wednesday Lent - Loaned Lent - Season of abstinence Lent - Quadragesimal period Lent - Ash wednesday-to-easter time Lent - Gave the use of for a time Lent - Nearly six-week period Lent - Post-carnival time Lent - Season preceding easter Lent - Did a baker's job Lent - Imparted Lent - Provided loans of forty days Lent - Christian period of abstinence Lent - The season is advanced Lent - Stretch of water? not so fast! Lent - Giving-up time Lent - Not given permanently Lent - Passiontide is part of it Lent - Gave an advance to Lent - Donated, temporarily Lent - Season leading up to easter Lent - Advanced one good reason for abstinence Lent - Time of fasting Lent - Advanced the time for sacrifice Lent - On borrowed time so close to easter Lent - The opposite of borrowed time Lent - Expected to return in spring Lent - Expected to get back in fast time Lent - Not quite slow or fast Lent - Conditionally given a fast time Lent - Slow very nearly becomes fast Lent - Loaned; a fast Lent - What pancake day precedes Lent - Forgoing time Lent - Time for abstinence Lent - Shrove tuesday follower Lent - Time for giving up Lent - Ash wednesday starts it Lent - Provided pro tem Lent - Period of loss? Lent - Preholiday period Lent - Not given, say Lent - Christian season Lent - Less important banks synonymous with those pulling a fast one perhaps Lent - Advanced, as funds Lent - Ash wednesday begins it Lent - Gave credit to Lent - Advanced producing fast time Lent - Time of self-sacrifice Lent - Dont l'effet n'est pas rapide Lent - Nonchalant Lent - Steve poltz "give you up for ___" Lent - Allowed a buddy to borrow your guitar Lent - Let opening guy borrow your axe Lent - Season after shrove tuesday Lent - 40-day observance, roughly Lent - Loin d'être instantané Lent - Advanced recording costs Lent - Facile à rejoindre Lent - Qui met du temps à agir Lent - Qui manque de rapidité Lent - Lambin Lent - Fast learner on specialist ward Lent - Period after fat tuesday Lent - Time for giving up? Lent - Gave to temporarily Lent - About six weeks on the liturgical calendar Lent - Fast? for nancy it's slow Lent - Let opening guy borrow your ax Lent - Passion sunday's period Lent - Qui met trop de temps Lent - Extended credit to Lent - Rio's carnaval precedes it Lent - Holy week season Lent - Pas diligent Lent - Time to be abstinent Lent - Season of relgious sacrifice Lent - Time of abstinence Lent - Catholic season of sacrifice Lent - Provided short-term Lent - Provided short-term
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Gave for a while (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - gave for a while. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter T.

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