Dna - Focus of a genome study

Word by letter:
  • Dna - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word A

All questions by word:
Dna - Some trial evidence Dna - Genes material Dna - Kind of testing, in law enforcement Dna - Genetic initials Dna - Kind of test Dna - Watson-crick model Dna - Modern-day evidence Dna - Kind of fingerprint Dna - Some forensic evidence Dna - Modern means of identification Dna - Subj. of the 1962 nobel prize in medicine Dna - Life's blueprint Dna - Means of id Dna - It may be recombinant Dna - Focus of a genome study Dna - Trial evidence, sometimes Dna - Kind of strand Dna - Genealogical info Dna - Forensic tool Dna - Helical inheritance Dna - Carriers of genetic code Dna - Kind of testing Dna - Tool of forensic science Dna - Modern evidence Dna - Code carrier Dna - Cell occupant? Dna - A type of evidence Dna - Type of testing Dna - Forensic finding Dna - Genetic template Dna - Carrier of genetic info Dna - Kind of fingerprinting Dna - Chain letters? Dna - Human genome project topic Dna - Gene id Dna - Id provider Dna - Heredity helix Dna - Evidence type Dna - Some evidence Dna - Modern courtroom evidence Dna - Gene component Dna - Chain material Dna - Kind of 'fingerprint' Dna - Watson and crick subject Dna - Genetic evidence Dna - Genetic material Dna - Strand from a parent Dna - Strands in a cell? Dna - Test material Dna - Genomic matter Dna - Gene material Dna - Fingerprint's cousin Dna - Key to heredity, briefly Dna - Paternity test factor Dna - The latest in evidence Dna - Modern id form Dna - Crime solver's aid Dna - Test material? Dna - Form of evidence Dna - Chromosomal component Dna - Id factor Dna - Form of evidence, these days Dna - High-tech id Dna - Da's interest Dna - Gene's id Dna - Crime scene evidence Dna - Modern forensic tool Dna - Trial evidence Dna - Csi identifier Dna - It's stranded Dna - Initials linked to watson and crick Dna - Highly reliable evidence Dna - Life's building block Dna - "csi" proof Dna - Biotech material Dna - Cloning need Dna - Forensic id Dna - Genetic letters Dna - ___ lab Dna - Stuff in a sequence Dna - Makeup carrier? Dna - Genetic id Dna - Paternity identifier Dna - Double helix Dna - Gene's id? Dna - Cell substance Dna - Evidence in a paternity suit Dna - Crime lab stuff Dna - Gene's place Dna - Letters providing evidence? Dna - Lab exam subject Dna - Paternity determiner Dna - Genetic stuff Dna - Genetic identifier Dna - Biological id Dna - Hereditary stuff Dna - Cloner's raw material Dna - Crime lab evidence Dna - Legacy from an x and y Dna - Evidence type, briefly Dna - Hi-tech id Dna - ___ testing Dna - "csi" evidence Dna - It must be in the genes Dna - Type of lab Dna - Type of evidence Dna - 'jurassic park' stuff Dna - The tiniest bit of evidence? Dna - Strand material Dna - Forensics focus, often Dna - Kind of testing, briefly Dna - Genetic identification Dna - C.s.i. evidence Dna - Watson and crick's focus Dna - Kind of sample Dna - Csi evidence, sometimes Dna - Genome makeup Dna - Evidence from a hairsplitter? Dna - It's in the genes Dna - 'who's your daddy?' test Dna - Genetic marker Dna - Big molecule Dna - A strong sort of evidence Dna - Double helix material Dna - Genetic information carrier Dna - Strands in the lab Dna - Csi evidence Dna - Strong sort of evidence Dna - The stuff of life Dna - Genetic info Dna - Genetic-fingerprint material Dna - __ testing Dna - Convincing evidence, these days Dna - Subj. of a court exhibit Dna - Passed-down strands Dna - Exonerator, in some cases Dna - Evidence that may reopen a case Dna - Gene's makeup? Dna - Material at the basis of 'jurassic park' Dna - Genentech's apt ticker symbol Dna - Reproductive material Dna - Case-breaker, at times Dna - Genetic info transmitter Dna - Strands in the body Dna - Letters from your folks? Dna - It's in chains Dna - High-tech "fingerprint" Dna - Code of life Dna - It's shared by identical twins Dna - Csi concern Dna - 6-across evidence Dna - It can prove kinship Dna - Father identifier Dna - Genentech's ticker symbol Dna - Watson's code letters Dna - Chromosome component Dna - Stuff of life Dna - Double-helix material Dna - Chromosome material Dna - Fingerprint with a twist? Dna - It could prove paternity Dna - 'csi' evidence Dna - Sample in a crime lab Dna - Crime lab letters Dna - Human genome project stuff Dna - "csi" concern Dna - Trait transmitter Dna - Genetic info carrier Dna - Forensics aid Dna - ___ sequence Dna - ___ fingerprinting Dna - Forensic topic Dna - Crime-lab evidence Dna - Cloning material Dna - Modern test subj Dna - Crime-lab sample Dna - Modern "fingerprint" Dna - Material for forensic scientists Dna - Subject of the human genome project Dna - Stuff in genes Dna - Kind of sequencing Dna - Coiled material Dna - Internal makeup of a sort Dna - Body-building stuff? Dna - Main component of chromosomes Dna - Ticker symbol for genentech Dna - Parentage prover Dna - Codis focus Dna - Microscopic crime scene clue, briefly Dna - __ sequencing Dna - What identical twins have in common Dna - Forensic material Dna - Essence of a person, one might say Dna - It has four bases Dna - Hereditary letters Dna - Evidence gathered by a csi team Dna - Genetic marker, abbr Dna - Csi sample Dna - Type of forensic evidence Dna - Biological identifier Dna - Crime-lab specimen Dna - Letters from the family? Dna - Letters heard on "csi" Dna - "csi "clue Dna - Paternity test evidence Dna - "csi" test subject Dna - Paternity confirmer Dna - What's cloned during cloning Dna - Biological blueprint Dna - "fingerprinting" sample Dna - Heredity double helix Dna - Stranded molecule Dna - Strand in a lab Dna - Crime lab subject Dna - Stranded material Dna - 'csi' topic, often Dna - Paternity suit evidence Dna - Genetic evidence source Dna - Forensic evidence Dna - Evidence in paternity suits Dna - It makes you you Dna - Letters from your parents? Dna - Basis of many positive ids Dna - Crime lab evidence, briefly Dna - Watson and crick's lab material Dna - Kind of profiling Dna - It takes the shape of a double helix Dna - It's stranded in police labs Dna - Evidence that puts many people away Dna - Crime scene matter Dna - Chain of life? Dna - It may be used against you in a court of law Dna - Paternity suit letters Dna - Bodily code Dna - Genetic code letters Dna - High-tech "fingerprint": abbr Dna - "csi" sample Dna - Lab subject Dna - Parent identifier Dna - Type of test on "csi" Dna - "who's your daddy?" test Dna - Type of fingerprint? Dna - Paternity-suit evidence Dna - Adonis ___ Dna - Paternity proof, briefly Dna - Subj. of modern mapping Dna - Forensics focus Dna - Double-helix molecule Dna - Twisted sample Dna - Genetic code container Dna - Some crime evidence Dna - Double-helix stuff Dna - Some crime evidence Dna - 'csi' topic Dna - 'csi evidence' Dna - 'csi evidence ' Dna - 'csi' concern Dna - 'csi' proof Dna - 'csi' find Dna - Spiral molecule Dna - 'csi' findings Dna - Geneticist's abbr Dna - Genetics letters Dna - Definitive evidence Dna - Modernday evidence Dna - Genetic substance Dna - Genetic helix Dna - Genetic chain Dna - Hereditary chain Dna - 17-down material: abbr Dna - Crime lab material Dna - Gene stuff Dna - Cell stuff Dna - With 85-across, potential paternity prover Dna - Genetic molecule Dna - Genetic matter Dna - It's in your genes Dna - Cell material Dna - Cellular stuff Dna - Gene-splicing need Dna - Paternity test material Dna - 'fingerprinting' sample Dna - See 106-across Dna - Code to live by? Dna - Would his job on board be to get the rolls started? Dna - That gets 17 across back to inheritance Dna - In jeans, by the sound of it - up, too Dna - It's in the form of a helix, and there you have it Dna - And it turns in the form of a double helix Dna - In the chromosomes - also goes the wrong way Dna - It's in a double helix and it's 1 across Dna - Substance that stores genetic information Dna - It carries genetic information Dna - Substance that stores genetic information - and how! Dna - Substance that stores genetic information - often used by police Dna - Substance in chromosomes that stores genetic information, used by police Dna - Initially, it stores genetic information Dna - Bodily substance that stores genetic information Dna - Main constituent of chromosomes Dna - Genome material Dna - Substance that stores genetic information in body Dna - Bodily substance that stores genetic information - police use it to identify Dna - Substance in chromosomes that stores genetic data Dna - Genetic material often used by police Dna - Briefly, substance in chromosomes used by police to identify criminals Dna - It was genentech's stock ticker symbol, aptly Dna - It's part of the gene pool Dna - Biological marker Dna - Makeup letters Dna - Crime-scene evidence Dna - Forensic science tool Dna - It may be used to id a perp Dna - Forensic science clue Dna - Material studied by watson and crick Dna - "the double helix" subject Dna - 14-across evidence Dna - Genetic code carrier Dna - Genetic strands Dna - Blueprint with four bases Dna - Building block, of sorts Dna - Fbi identifier Dna - Code letters Dna - Heredity helixes Dna - Personal matter? Dna - 'csi' evidence, often Dna - Forensic sampling Dna - Modern means of id Dna - Genetic stuff (abbr.) Dna - Strands in a lab Dna - Trial evidence, perhaps Dna - Modern id verifier Dna - Heredity molecule Dna - "law & order" evidence Dna - Daniel playing tricks with evidence of life Dna - Trial evidence, at times Dna - Genetic strand Dna - Csi lab stuff Dna - Test subj Dna - Biochem strand Dna - Rose cut from undercoats evidence for court case Dna - Stranded stuff Dna - Evidence that no one disputes Dna - Recombinant letters Dna - What makes you you? Dna - Id material Dna - Forensic evidence letters Dna - Crime lab clue Dna - Material that may cinch some suits Dna - Geneticist's study Dna - Some "csi" evidence Dna - "csi" tool Dna - "csi" find Dna - Material used in "jurassic park" Dna - __ sequence Dna - Evidence in some exonerations Dna - Some court evidence Dna - Human genome project concern Dna - "csi" find, sometimes Dna - Rosalind franklin studied it Dna - Id clincher Dna - Court evidence, sometimes Dna - 'ncis' evidence Dna - Parentage proof Dna - Hair strands? Dna - Crime lab sample Dna - Evidence of descent Dna - Chromosome's home Dna - 18 across material Dna - Molecule for which linus pauling proposed a triple-stranded structure Dna - Crime-lab material Dna - Genetic material, for short Dna - Nucleic acid Dna - 'csi' material Dna - One form of id Dna - Trial topic Dna - Evidence in a paternity case Dna - Junk __ Dna - Genetic-code molecule Dna - Double-helix molecule (abbr.) Dna - Their 1992 chart album was can you handle it Dna - Genetic carrier Dna - Modern-day court evidence Dna - Strong evidence Dna - Evidence letters Dna - 'csi' test subject Dna - Something that might be left at the scene of a crime Dna - Evidence that's tough to overcome Dna - ___ test Dna - Molecule hidden in 4-, 11-, 23-, 25- and 29-down Dna - Code used in many court cases Dna - Turned up with a tiny bit of one's make-up Dna - Cloner's material Dna - Double helix stuff Dna - Genetic profile Dna - Genetic code Dna - Second name included for deoxyribonucleic acid Dna - Acid also taken up Dna - Acid responsible for transmission of heredity characteristics from parents to their children Dna - Something shared by identical twins Dna - Evidence with a twist? Dna - Id factor, perhaps Dna - Tiny strands Dna - Important forensic evidence Dna - Lab test subject Dna - Double-helix genetic material Dna - Paternity prover Dna - Forensic investigator's molecule Dna - Friend leaves ferdinand evidence for court Dna - Your basic makeup? Dna - Cold case solver, maybe Dna - With 47-down, forensic tool Dna - Code material Dna - Major macromolecule Dna - Bio subject Dna - Part of a forensic database Dna - Subject of many 10-downs Dna - Hereditary helix Dna - Baby identifier Dna - Forensic tool, nowadays Dna - Biological blueprint, briefly Dna - Hereditary helices Dna - What many markers are made of Dna - Genetic "blueprint" Dna - Scientific discovery of 1869 Dna - Cheek swab evidence Dna - Project ___ ('big brother' twist featuring half siblings who'd never met and a pair of swapping twins) Dna - Id clincher, at times Dna - 'csi' sample Dna - Type of profiling Dna - Evidence that's hard to disprove Dna - It trumps fingerprints Dna - Modern test subject Dna - Genetic cell stuff Dna - Story of my life? Dna - Chromosomal material Dna - Fbi evidence, at times Dna - Criminologist's clue, for short Dna - With 45-down, place for paternity testing Dna - Inheritance with a twist Dna - It's stranded twice in every organism Dna - Paternity lab evidence Dna - Swabbed specimen Dna - Crime clue from genes Dna - Crime scene material Dna - It has base pairs Dna - Little, twisted part of us all? Dna - __ lab Dna - Helical strands Dna - Material in mitochondria Dna - Very small chain Dna - Crime lab specimen Dna - Shred of evidence? Dna - Biological building block Dna - Paternity suit evidence, briefly Dna - Modern aid in anthropology Dna - Innocence project evidence, briefly Dna - Modern evidence type, briefly Dna - It might be recombinant Dna - Not straight Dna - Type of modern testing Dna - Type of modern lab Dna - Genetic info letters Dna - Part of a modern police database Dna - Essence of a federal profile database Dna - Fingerprint alternative, to a detective Dna - Subject for watson and crick Dna - Id tag, of a sort Dna - Evidence acceptable in court Dna - It's in our genes Dna - "a flock of seagulls" song Dna - A flock of seagulls biological song "___" Dna - Xzibit song used for testing? Dna - Organic no wave band? Dna - Letters in a cell, and a punny description of 16-, 25-, 43-, and 56-across Dna - Genetic stuff used as evidence Dna - Helical stuff Dna - Double helix letters Dna - Series of chain letters? Dna - Model project for science class Dna - Evidence that's tough to dispute Dna - Positive id maker Dna - Forensic id determinant Dna - Evidence that is hard to refute Dna - Mitochondrial stuff Dna - Junk ___ (creationism topic) Dna - Kind of modern "fingerprint" Dna - Case breaker, perhaps Dna - 'it's in my ___' Dna - Genomics sample Dna - Genetic 'code' Dna - Nucleus contents Dna - Evidence that's extremely hard to dispute Dna - Watson-crick subj Dna - Evidence in an fbi lab Dna - Came back and produced evidence for court Dna - Evidence for determining paternity Dna - Amber-preserved stuff in "jurassic park" Dna - It makes us turn up as well Dna - Molecular evidence Dna - Modern kind of fingerprint Dna - Deoxyribonucleic acid (abbreviation) Dna - 38-down material Dna - Characters mispronounced names of genetic material Dna - Human genome project material Dna - Letters in crime 100 across Dna - Crucial biological molecule Dna - Dr. watson's claim to fame Dna - Id you cannot see Dna - Genomics material Dna - Strand with a twist Dna - Ancestry.com test material Dna - Superhelix material Dna - "csi" specimen Dna - Paternity test letters Dna - Trait carrier Dna - ___ sample Dna - ___ sample Dna - Stuff in the gene pool Dna - Stuff in the gene pool Dna - Evidence that's hard to refute Dna - Essence of everyone Dna - Type of lab or fingerprint
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Focus of a genome study (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - focus of a genome study. word on "D". 1 - st. letter D. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter A.

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