Lying - Reason for a spanking, maybe

Word by letter:
  • Lying - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word Y
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word G

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Lying - "advertising is legalized __": wells Lying - 'falsely ingenious' might cover it Lying - A romancer specialises in this position in bed? Lying - Ananias' forte Lying - Anything but upright, so not to be trusted? Lying - Area portrayed by blake and kafka Lying - Band of horses "___ under oak" Lying - Band of horses "___ under oak" Lying - Bearing false witness Lying - Being deceitful Lying - Being dishonent, having position that's not upright Lying - Being dishonest Lying - Being prone to deceit Lying - Being prone to dishonesty Lying - Being situated Lying - Breaking a commandment Lying - Cause of nasal growth? Lying - Couched in deceit Lying - Covering up the truth Lying - Deceit Lying - Deceitful Lying - Deceitful salesman evades answering Lying - Deceitful, doing well to skim off capital Lying - Deceiving Lying - Deception Lying - Deceptively situated Lying - Deviating from the truth Lying - Deviating from truth Lying - Dishonest Lying - Duplicity Lying - Extending production of pork pies Lying - Fabricating Lying - Fabrication Lying - Fabricator's forte Lying - Failing the polygraph Lying - False(hoods) Lying - Fellow leaving operation of aircraft and remaining on the ground Lying - Fibbing Lying - Fish caught in beginning of year? on the contrary -- whoppers being invented Lying - Flat or crooked? Lying - Flat-out production of pork pies? Lying - Flunking a polygraph Lying - Fooling the polygraph Lying - Full of baloney Lying - Full of it Lying - In no sense upstanding! Lying - Invention is airborne without force Lying - Is in great form off one's head telling fictitious stories Lying - Is prone to untruth? Lying - It's stretching the truth to say bob has no part in lobbying Lying - It's stretching the truth to say bob is no longer involved in lobbying Lying - Left scotch for one german telling stories Lying - Long swimmer admits final indignity of producing piece of fiction Lying - Making stuff up Lying - Making things up Lying - Mendacious Lying - Mendacious; recumbent Lying - Mendacity Lying - More than misleading Lying - Not being disturbed by matilda's behaviour Lying - Not standing falsehoods Lying - Not standing for dishonest behaviour Lying - Not standing for dishonesty Lying - Not standing for falsehoods Lying - Not straight down Lying - Not up to telling porkies Lying - Not upfront Lying - Not, in truth, prone to be like this Lying - Offering "alternative facts" Lying - One is prone to be doing this to an unbelievable extent Lying - Perjury Lying - Pinocchio's problem Lying - Possible cause of a spanking Lying - Prevaricating Lying - Prone Lying - Prone (to fabrications?) Lying - Prone - mendacity Lying - Prone - telling porkies Lying - Prone - untruthful Lying - Prone or supine Lying - Prone to be 16 across Lying - Prone to be false Lying - Prone to be not 25 down Lying - Prone to be not true Lying - Prone to be telling fibs Lying - Prone to be unbelievable Lying - Prone to being unbelievable Lying - Prone to being untruthful Lying - Prone to deceit Lying - Prone to deceit ... Lying - Prone to deception? Lying - Prone to have no regard for 29 across after tea Lying - Prone to mendacity Lying - Prone to romance Lying - Prone to telling fibs Lying - Prone to telling stories Lying - Prone to terminological inexactitude Lying - Prone, possibly, to be mendacious Lying - Prone; untruthful Lying - Prostrate Lying - Prostrate - prone Lying - Prostrate during assembly in germany Lying - Prostrate, perhaps - unlike george washington? Lying - Reason for a spanking, maybe Lying - Recumbent Lying - Resting Lying - Resting horizontally; fibbing Lying - Resting in plane after initial take-off Lying - Romancing in bed? Lying - Said to dismiss deceitful cur keeping head low? Lying - Section of family in gateshead retailing pork pies Lying - See 23 Lying - So one can't stand deceit Lying - Some really ingenious duplicity Lying - Spread out neatly in gift boxes Lying - Stretched out in the air, topless Lying - Stretched out or crooked Lying - Telling 'porkies' Lying - Telling falsehoods Lying - Telling fibs Lying - Telling it like it isn't Lying - Telling porkies Lying - Telling stories Lying - Telling stories in bed, perhaps? Lying - Telling stories, some originally in german Lying - Telling tales Lying - Telling untruths Lying - Telling whoppers Lying - Truly, it's not 15 across Lying - Two-faced Lying - Untruthful Lying - Untruthful - in bed? Lying - What causes the circled letters to grow? Lying - Working studiously without first taking a rest
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Reason for a spanking, maybe (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - reason for a spanking, maybe. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter Y. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter N. 5 - st. letter G.

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