Tosca - Opera about a diva

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Tosca - Cavaradossi's love, in opera Tosca - Opera about an opera singer Tosca - See 32-down Tosca - Teatro constanzi premiere of 1900 Tosca - Teatro costanzi premiere of 1900 Tosca - Puccini soprano Tosca - Opera about a diva Tosca - Debut of 1/14/1900 Tosca - Puccini opera Tosca - Scarpia's killer Tosca - 'vissi d'arte' opera Tosca - Puccini tragedy based on play by sardou Tosca - Famed leontyne price role Tosca - Raven-haired puccini heroine Tosca - Whom scarpia double-crosses Tosca - Puccini work Tosca - Puccini heroine Tosca - Opera that climaxes with a firing squad Tosca - Teatro costanzi debut of 1900 Tosca - Famous 22-down Tosca - Floria ___, opera lead role Tosca - Opera set in rome Tosca - Fictional diva floria Tosca - Cavaradossi's lover Tosca - Opera set in 1800 rome Tosca - Puccini's "___" Tosca - Its title character is an opera singer Tosca - Puccini classic Tosca - 37-across that premiered in 1900 Tosca - Puccini masterpiece Tosca - Role for renata tebaldi Tosca - "vissi d'arte" singer Tosca - Callas role Tosca - Classic callas role Tosca - Puccini opus Tosca - Puccini title role for a soprano Tosca - Cavaradossi's love in a puccini opera Tosca - 'vissi d'arte' singer Tosca - Puccini masterwork Tosca - Floria ___ (character performed by maria callas) Tosca - Object of cavaradossi's affection Tosca - Opera singer in an opera Tosca - Floria ___, puccini title role Tosca - 1900 puccini opera Tosca - Puccini title heroine Tosca - Role first sung by hariclea darclée Tosca - 1900 puccini premiere Tosca - Opera by puccini Tosca - Popular puccini opera Tosca - Puccini title soprano Tosca - It might be made by a scot, but was made by an italian Tosca - Musically, one may put it on, but at a cost Tosca - Singing for a scot? Tosca - That's the coast of puccini Tosca - Does that have puccini's coats in bits? Tosca - How musical a scot can be made to be! Tosca - Coast along with puccini Tosca - So it's in the cat from puccini Tosca - One way to coast along for show 6 down Tosca - Singing on show, but at a cost Tosca - How one might coast along to music Tosca - Coats off for pucccni's opera Tosca - Coats off for puccini's opera Tosca - Coats off for a great opera Tosca - Coats off for the opera Tosca - Opera at ascot? Tosca - A coat's for the opera Tosca - Enough to make coats for puccini Tosca - That cost a lot for puccini Tosca - Opera that debuted in 1900 Tosca - Musical drama cost a bundle Tosca - Composer cutting out four characters in opera Tosca - Revival of 'cats' includes nothing that's by puccini Tosca - Operatic heroine cast down about love? Tosca - A cost to produce opera Tosca - To fell her, scarpia's objective Tosca - Act so badly in opera Tosca - Some of the altos carry on singing something by puccini Tosca - Ascot as represented in opera Tosca - Opera almost in proportion Tosca - Ascot (anag) - operatic heroine Tosca - Puccini's floria ___ Tosca - Cavaradossi's love Tosca - Carreras' met debut Tosca - 'o dolci mani' opera Tosca - Opera with the aria 'recondita armonia' Tosca - Puccini opera or its heroine Tosca - Opera - a scot (anag) Tosca - Apple genius? Tosca - Opera heroine who leaps to her death Tosca - Leaping opera heroine Tosca - Horse on which pat smythe used to coast to show jumping glory Tosca - 'the restorers of readings, the -s' (emerson) Tosca - Luigi -, italian playwright Tosca - Pat smythe's classic horse Tosca - Puccini's roman heroine Tosca - Elevated function involving very big role for diva Tosca - Opera containing desperate acts involving love Tosca - Having little time, hammerstein fails to finish musical work Tosca - Puccini's rome opera Tosca - Tragic opera sardou created, acted originally Tosca - Puccini opera set in rome Tosca - Puccini's 2 dn heroine Tosca - Opera tenor's first award? not right Tosca - Very good in performance, back in title role Tosca - Puccini's jumper Tosca - Heads for the opera, so chooses an opera Tosca - Heroine in tragic opera singing con amore, primarily Tosca - Opera conductor avoids part of uk repeatedly Tosca - Teenagers often scathing at first about opera Tosca - Photographic device Tosca - Work involved in photo scanning Tosca - One of puccini's 19 Tosca - Some altos can be heard in this Tosca - Operatic character appearing in panto -- scary! Tosca - Contraltos can embrace opera Tosca - Closed opera house twice cancelling the french opera Tosca - Puccini title role Tosca - 1900 teatro costanzi premiere Tosca - Opera that premiered in rome in 1900 Tosca - Source of 'vissi d'arte' Tosca - Puccini title soprano whose name is an anagram of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers Tosca - Opera character who hurls herself from a parapet Tosca - 'vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore' singer Tosca - Her final words are 'o scarpia, avanti a dio!' Tosca - Returning thus in performance in title role Tosca - Opera in which luciano pavarotti gave his final met performances Tosca - Character who flings herself from a parapet Tosca - Puccini title character Tosca - Scarpia's killer, in a puccini opera Tosca - Maria callas role Tosca - Coats designed for an opera Tosca - Maria callas signature role Tosca - Opéra en trois actes de puccini Tosca - Opéra de puccini Tosca - Puccini premiere of 1900 Tosca - Part of boito's cast in opera Tosca - Opera that takes place in 1800 and premiered in 1900 Tosca - Floria ____ is a famous singer in a puccini opera Tosca - A scot composed opera Tosca - Section of libretto's captivating in opera Tosca - Puccini opera about an opera singer
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Opera about a diva (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - opera about a diva. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter C. 5 - st. letter A.

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