Asides - Some play lines

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  • Asides - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word D
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word S

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Asides - Comments to the audience Asides - Dramatists' devices Asides - Sotto voce remarks Asides - Digressions Asides - Parenthetical lines Asides - Some play lines Asides - They might be in parentheses Asides - Whispers, maybe Asides - Lines spoken to an audience Asides - Parts of some rambles Asides - Stage whispers, maybe Asides - Private stage remarks Asides - Hand-to-mouth comments? Asides - Stage comments to the audience Asides - Covert comments Asides - Actors' lines to no one in particular Asides - Comments from the stage Asides - Stage whispers Asides - Off-mike comments Asides - Parenthetical comments Asides - Some monologues Asides - Lines to the audience Asides - Whispered wisecracks Asides - Remarks to the audience Asides - Sotto voce stage remarks Asides - Single halves Asides - Spoken thoughts, in a way Asides - Thought-revealing drama techniques Asides - Stage parentheticals Asides - Stage comments Asides - Actor's comments Asides - Tangential remarks Asides - Tangential comments Asides - That sort of a team has reached the stage of speech Asides - They may be said to start with, but only in play Asides - Make father or father in this? Asides - Remarkably, the edge comes in the middle Asides - As it's about the edge, they get spoken in play Asides - Like something fatal to caesar, in a manner of speaking Asides - Said that the ass is about to die Asides - Is 'e sad, in a manner of speaking? Asides - Because about the edge, they're spoken in play Asides - Spoken in play Asides - Said in play that that's like a bad time for caesar Asides - At some stage they get delivered, in manner of speaking Asides - They're on the stage, in a manner of speaking Asides - At some stage or another they're thought to be spoken Asides - Like they're no good for caesar, in a manner of speaking Asides - They are said to die in a silly setting in play Asides - How an eleven is spoken in play Asides - They're thought to be on the stage, in a manner of speaking Asides - They're thought to be said on the stage Asides - Like to have been bad for caesar Asides - They're said to be like a bad time for caesar Asides - How an edge is spoken in play? Asides - Thoughts on the stage, in a manner of speaking Asides - They're thought be said on stage Asides - Edge in the middle for the stage Asides - Not direct speech Asides - Words spoken from corner of mouth Asides - Undertones on stage Asides - Seems a team is getting to the stage of being spoken, perhaps Asides - Seems an edge is spoken on stage Asides - Spoken on stage like it was fatal for caesar Asides - Words spoken from side of mouth Asides - Words spoken in undertones Asides - Words spoken so that only certain people will hear Asides - Words spoken through side of mouth, not for all to hear Asides - Words spoken so that some people will not hear Asides - Stage-whispers Asides - Words spoken so that certain people won't hear Asides - Stage whisper Asides - Stage undertones Asides - Spoken in play, as it's about the border Asides - Thoughts allowed, by the sound of it, in play Asides - Not straight talk, like a bad time for caesar Asides - Said that a fool might be about to die Asides - Said to have an edge that's bad for caesar Asides - The side inside as they're spoken Asides - Is that a team's not direct speech? Asides - Die with an ass around on stage Asides - Spoken in play as it's over the side Asides - Like what were fatal for caesar on the march, you might say Asides - They're thought to be spoken in play Asides - 'they're all for 11 down, in a manner of speaking (6)' Asides - A team is spoken by stages Asides - I'd get spoken in play in the seas Asides - Not straight talk in play Asides - The way i, desmond, speak at this stage Asides - Spoken at some stage during play Asides - Said to be like on the stage of the end of caesar then Asides - Confidential comment smade when team entered Asides - Remarks players ignore as the team comes in Asides - Examples of indirect speech? Asides - Examples of indirect speech when about 11 Asides - Sadie's naughty whispers Asides - Remarks we're not supposed to hear when the team comes in Asides - Actors' remarks in an undertone Asides - Off-mike remarks Asides - Muttered comments Asides - Remarks not intended for the other players Asides - Private words, as over a party Asides - Dramatic revelations Asides - Heard in the abbey is away for salad and chips Asides - Parenthetical remarks Asides - Heard in the abbey, is away getting salad and chips Asides - Remarks not for overhearing Asides - Comments that one player does not direct to another Asides - When fish appear, not everyone hears them Asides - A team's confidences passed on to spectators by players Asides - A team's utterances supposedly not heard by other players Asides - Digressive comments Asides - Something for the audience to answer around the square Asides - Whispers in stage acting Asides - Muttered commentary Asides - Dramatic devices Asides - Comments when team is trapped Asides - Whispered remarks when the thirteenth arrives Asides - Daises (anag.) Asides - Whispers 'when? about eleven?' Asides - Digressions of a teams Asides - Remarks other players ignore as the team comes in Asides - Murmured comments about singular fateful day Asides - Remarks we're not supposed to hear as edge comes into it Asides - Whispers 'team's ahead' Asides - Heard when approaching time to kill caesar? Asides - They're of greater importance though they shouldn't be heard Asides - Whispers when players enter Asides - Comments from assistants welcoming head of security Asides - Whispers a point of view with obvious outcome Asides - Reviewing, in the main criticise particular lines of hamlet? Asides - Assistants concealing small communications not intended for everyone Asides - Many stage mutterings Asides - Songs most often played by d.j.s Asides - They contained the hits Asides - Idiot eating fish producing dramatic comments Asides - Comments in parentheses Asides - They may be dramatic Asides - Brief digressions Asides - Some mutterings Asides - Private digressions Asides - The faces on the records are only heard by individual players Asides - Comments overheard when accommodating team? Asides - Singles (hyph.) Asides - The undertones on stage heard by the players Asides - Parts of a rambling oration Asides - Pretentious air put in as private remarks Asides - Words spoken on stage, for example on caesar's dying day Asides - Verbal incidentals Asides - Comments from assistants besieging head of security Asides - Comments to the crowd Asides - Tangent thoughts Asides - Verbal digressions Asides - 45 moneymakers, once Asides - Incidental comments Asides - Incidental comments Asides - Private remarks from assistants holding squadron leader
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Some play lines (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - some play lines. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter S. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter D. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter S.

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