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Assists - Magic johnson's number 10,141

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Assists - Magic johnson's number 10,141 Assists - Messier specialty Assists - Hockey stat Assists - Gives a hand Assists - Lends a hand Assists - Basketball stat Assists - Makes oneself useful Assists - Cager's credits Assists - They help you make your goals Assists - Basketball stats Assists - Court stat Assists - Utah's john stockton led the nba in them for nine straight years Assists - Pitches in Assists - Gives a hand to Assists - Helps out Assists - Stats in hockey and basketball Assists - Rink stats Assists - Aids Assists - Gives a hand to be so silly before one sits all twisted Assists - It's all to the good if the silly one is up the street Assists - Gives a hand to the silly one that sits here Assists - The sac is sound and gives a hand Assists - It helps to be so silly if one is up the street Assists - Helps or waits on Assists - Helps Assists - If the fool's a backward saint, that's a help Assists - The silly one is up the street like a good samaritan Assists - How silly it is at the backstreet for them Assists - Shortstop's statistics Assists - Goal facilitators Assists - Stat for steve nash Assists - Eliot is a fool? putting it the other way helps Assists - Helps in a way in italian town, when one is lost Assists - Gives a leg up when society sits around Assists - Provides 13 across for guitar players, though no lead Assists - Provides help as stupid creature is crossing street Assists - Seconds where intro missed by guitarists Assists - Emulates gophers Assists - Magic johnson's 10,141 Assists - Court statistic Assists - Helps string-players after missing entry Assists - Helps to show where saint was born, shortly before saint returned Assists - Is in the way in a ship, but helps Assists - Helps when a ship sits, listing Assists - Helps a fool go one way to sweden Assists - Gives help for a couple of seconds - first point Assists - Sits jogging on. animal is cooperative Assists - Acceleration in four seconds, it's cracking and helps striker Assists - After getting behind in the us, doctor sits and helps Assists - Helps foolish person -- is crossing street Assists - Chips in Assists - Baseball or basketball statistics Assists - Precursors to scoring Assists - There are two in a 5-4-3 double play