Lsd - Trip-taker's aid, perhaps

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  • Lsd - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word D

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Lsd - "acid" Lsd - "acid" drug Lsd - "acid" used for trips Lsd - "acid" used in some trips Lsd - "acid," briefly Lsd - "blue tabs" Lsd - "dropped" '60s drug Lsd - "dropped" drug Lsd - "dropped" substance Lsd - "lake shore drive" for short Lsd - "lucy in the sky with diamonds" subject, supposedly Lsd - "lucy in the sky with diamonds" topic, some thought Lsd - "lucy in the sky with diamonds," briefly? Lsd - "turn on" drug Lsd - "turn on, tune in, drop out" drug Lsd - '60s hallucinogen Lsd - '60s "trip" drug Lsd - '60s 'acid' Lsd - '60s counterculture hallucinogen Lsd - '60s counterculture hallucinogenic Lsd - '60s counterculture substance Lsd - '60s drug Lsd - '60s hallucinogen Lsd - '60s hallucinogenic Lsd - '60s inspiration, for some Lsd - '60s psychedelic Lsd - '60s psychedelic drug Lsd - '60s trip cause Lsd - '60s trip inducer Lsd - '60s trip starter, initially Lsd - '60s tripper's substance Lsd - '60s tripping drug Lsd - 'acid' Lsd - 'dropped' '60s drug Lsd - 'dropped' drug Lsd - 'dropped' substance Lsd - 'fear and loathing in las vegas' drug Lsd - 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' subject, supposedly Lsd - 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' topic, presumably Lsd - 'purple haze' Lsd - 'tabs' Lsd - 'the joyous cosmology' subj Lsd - 'turn on, tune in, drop out' drug Lsd - 'turn on, tune in, drop out' subject Lsd - 'turn on, tune in, drop out' substance Lsd - 'used to be of sterling worth, now a drug on the market (3)' Lsd - ... Lsd - 1960s drug Lsd - 1960s hallucinogen Lsd - 1960s hits? Lsd - 60's trip cause Lsd - 60's turn-on Lsd - A drug on the market as money used to be Lsd - A hallucinogen Lsd - A raver might drop it Lsd - A turn-on Lsd - Acid Lsd - Acid dropper's need Lsd - Acid for trips Lsd - Acid in the '60s Lsd - Acid one can ingest Lsd - Acid that many dropped Lsd - Acid that will make you see things Lsd - Acid used in some trips Lsd - Acid, briefly Lsd - Acid, in the '60s Lsd - Acid, in the 60's Lsd - Acide Lsd - Acide lysergique diéthylamide Lsd - Agent for a trip taker? Lsd - Agent for a trip? Lsd - Agent for trips? Lsd - Agent of psychedelic therapy Lsd - Alternative to 3-down Lsd - Alternative to mushrooms Lsd - Although it's old money, it may give the illusion of being worthwhile Lsd - Angry samoans "stp not ___" Lsd - Blotter material Lsd - Blotter paper substance Lsd - Blotter substance Lsd - Blotting paper application Lsd - C20h25n3o, commonly Lsd - Cause of a bad trip? Lsd - Cause of a hippie high Lsd - Cause of a trip Lsd - Cause of many trips, once Lsd - Cause of some '60s trips Lsd - Cause of some flashbacks Lsd - Cause of tripping? Lsd - Certain illegal drug, for short Lsd - Certain illegal turn-on Lsd - Certain psychedelic Lsd - Certain turn-on Lsd - Concert contraband Lsd - Dea agent's find Lsd - Deadhead's hits? Lsd - Deadhead's supply Lsd - Decathlons drop cheat on synthetic drug Lsd - Does that create the illusion of former wealth? Lsd - Dr. leary used it on some trips Lsd - Dr. leary's drug Lsd - Dr. leary's turn-on Lsd - Drogue Lsd - Dropped drug Lsd - Dropped hallucinogen Lsd - Dropped stuff Lsd - Dropped stuff? Lsd - Drug "dropped" in the '60s Lsd - Drug banned in the u.s. in 1967 Lsd - Drug called "acid" Lsd - Drug dropped in the '60s Lsd - Drug for hunter s. thompson Lsd - Drug for timothy leary Lsd - Drug for tripping Lsd - Drug in some fabulously misguided episodes of 'dragnet' Lsd - Drug in tabs Lsd - Drug ingested in 'easy rider' Lsd - Drug initials Lsd - Drug on blotter paper Lsd - Drug on blotting paper Lsd - Drug once available under the commercial name delysid Lsd - Drug once tested extensively by cia employees Lsd - Drug referenced in 'the joyous cosmology' Lsd - Drug sold in microdots Lsd - Drug sold on blotting paper Lsd - Drug some were leary of? Lsd - Drug taken in tabs Lsd - Drug tested on u.s. citizens by the cia in the 1950s Lsd - Drug that can cause flashbacks Lsd - Drug that causes tripping Lsd - Drug that might cause flashbacks Lsd - Drug used in old cia mind-control experiments Lsd - Ergotamine derivative popular in the '60s Lsd - Experimental alcoholism treatment of the past Lsd - Fait halluciner Lsd - Flashback cause Lsd - Flashback cause, maybe Lsd - Flashback causer Lsd - Flashback drug Lsd - Fuel for some trips? Lsd - Grain-fungus drug Lsd - Hallucination cause Lsd - Hallucination drug Lsd - Hallucination producer Lsd - Hallucinatory drug Lsd - Hallucinatory stuff Lsd - Hallucinatory tab Lsd - Hallucinogen Lsd - Hallucinogen letters Lsd - Hallucinogen popular in the '60s Lsd - Hallucinogen, for short Lsd - Hallucinogène Lsd - Hallucinogenic "acid" Lsd - Hallucinogenic drug Lsd - Hallucinogenic initials Lsd - Hallucinogenic letters Lsd - Hallucinogenic tabs Lsd - Hardcore punkers rich kids on ___ Lsd - Hippy's high Lsd - Hit from the '60s? Lsd - Hits from the 1960s? Lsd - Hot hot heat "jfk's ___" Lsd - Hot hot heat song "jfk's ___" Lsd - If you drop it, you may see things Lsd - If you drop it, you may trip Lsd - Illegal "acid" Lsd - Illegal thing to drop Lsd - Infamous acid Lsd - Inspired "the acid queen"? Lsd - It can cause one to trip Lsd - It can cause strange visions Lsd - It can have you seeing things Lsd - It can take you on a trip Lsd - It causes hallucinations Lsd - It greatly improves animal collective records Lsd - It helped dr. leary take some trips Lsd - It made leary bleary Lsd - It made leary bleary? Lsd - It may be dropped when one trips Lsd - It may cause a bad trip Lsd - It may cause you to trip Lsd - It may make you see things Lsd - It might be taken before a trip Lsd - It might cause you to trip Lsd - It might come with a sugarcube Lsd - It produces visions Lsd - It sends people on trips Lsd - It sent timothy leary on a trip Lsd - It used to be worth having a drug Lsd - It was dropped at woodstock Lsd - It was dropped before trips Lsd - It was dropped in the '60s Lsd - It was dropped in the 1960s Lsd - It was dropped in the 60's Lsd - It was heavily dropped about four decades ago Lsd - It was often dropped in the '60s Lsd - It'll change your mind Lsd - It's dropped Lsd - It's dropped before tripping Lsd - It's dropped for a trip Lsd - It's dropped on trips Lsd - It's illegal to drop Lsd - It's illegal to drop it Lsd - It's only effective if dropped Lsd - It's taken for a trip Lsd - It's taken for trips Lsd - It's taken on a trip? Lsd - It's used for some trips Lsd - It's usually tripped on deliberately Lsd - Its purpose is to turn on Lsd - It’ll make you see things Lsd - Kind of trip Lsd - Leary tripped on it Lsd - Leary's 'prescription' Lsd - Leary's drug Lsd - Leary's drug of choice Lsd - Leary's hallucinogen Lsd - Leary's prescription Lsd - Leary's special dose? Lsd - Leary's turn-on Lsd - Letters associated with timothy leary Lsd - Means of changing one's mind Lsd - Means to buy - but not now Lsd - Mind-altering drug Lsd - Mind-altering stuff Lsd - Mind-blowing material, briefly Lsd - Mind-expander of a sort Lsd - Money used to be a drug on the market Lsd - Much-discussed initials of a 1967 beatles song Lsd - Narc's find Lsd - Narc's find, perhaps Lsd - Narc's haul Lsd - Nowadays its worth may be only hallucinatory Lsd - Old money - or a hallucinogenic drug? Lsd - Old money and hallucinogenic drug Lsd - Old money is now a drug on the market Lsd - Old salt drops a lot of drugs Lsd - Once this might have given one the illusion of money Lsd - One may trip on it Lsd - One way to change your mind? Lsd - Onetime aid in psychotherapy Lsd - People tripped on it at woodstock Lsd - Perception-changing drug Lsd - Petty "girl on ___" Lsd - Project mkultra drug Lsd - Psychedelic asap rocky song? Lsd - Psychedelic asap rocky song? Lsd - Psychedelic cali rockers ___ and the search for god Lsd - Psychedelic drug Lsd - Psychedelic drug, briefly Lsd - Psychedelic drug, for short Lsd - Psychedelic initials Lsd - Psychedelic music drug Lsd - Psychedelic of the '60s Lsd - Psychedelic of the 60's Lsd - Psychedelic stuff Lsd - Psychedelic substance Lsd - Public enemy song about psychedelic? Lsd - Senators' supporters Lsd - Show trip producer? Lsd - Sixties drug Lsd - Sixties hallucinogen Lsd - Sixties hallucinogen, for short Lsd - Sixties halucenogen, abbr Lsd - Sixties halucinogen Lsd - Sixties halucinogen, for short Lsd - Sixties trip starter, initially Lsd - So-called 'battery acid' Lsd - Some '60s hits? Lsd - Some baby boomers dropped it Lsd - Some dropped tabs Lsd - Something dropped at woodstock Lsd - Something dropped before tripping? Lsd - Something taken in preparation for a trip Lsd - Something that's illegal to drop Lsd - Something to drop for a trip Lsd - Something to trip on Lsd - Something you might trip on Lsd - Source of a hippie's high Lsd - Source of a hippie's high, perhaps Lsd - Source of some '60s trips Lsd - Source of some flashbacks Lsd - Source of some hallucinations Lsd - Source of some strange visions Lsd - Source of some strange visions, for short Lsd - St. drug of the sixties Lsd - Start of a bad trip? Lsd - Start of a trip Lsd - Start of a trip, perhaps Lsd - Start of a trip? Lsd - Start of some trips Lsd - Stuff 'tested' in the 1960s' acid tests Lsd - Subj. in 'the electric kool-aid acid test' Lsd - Subject of 'hofmann's potion' Lsd - Subject of secret cold war military experiments Lsd - Subject of some '50s-'60s experiments Lsd - Subject of some of 32-down's writings Lsd - Subject of some overreaching 1960s anti-drug propaganda movies Lsd - Substance hallucinogène Lsd - Subtext of jefferson airplane's 'white rabbit' Lsd - Tab for a great trip Lsd - Tab for a trip? Lsd - Tabs that cause hallucinations Lsd - Take it for a trip Lsd - That gives one the illusion of former currency Lsd - That gives one the illusion that it used to be worth something Lsd - That might give one the illusion of old money Lsd - That used to be worth something, but it's just an illusion Lsd - That will give the illusion of old currency Lsd - That'll give one the illusion of old money Lsd - The drug acid, by another name Lsd - The drug that used to be worth something Lsd - The merry pranksters' drug Lsd - The trip subject, 1967 Lsd - The u.s. banned it in 1967 Lsd - The u.s. banned it in 1968 Lsd - Thing dropped for trips Lsd - This will give one the wrong idea that it's still worth anything Lsd - Time was when it was worth something; now it's just an illusion Lsd - Timothy leary drug Lsd - Timothy leary stash Lsd - Timothy leary turn-on Lsd - Timothy leary's hallucinogen Lsd - Timothy leary's turn-on Lsd - Tom petty "girl on ___" Lsd - Trip agent? Lsd - Trip beginner Lsd - Trip cause Lsd - Trip inducer Lsd - Trip inducer, in brief Lsd - Trip inits Lsd - Trip instigator Lsd - Trip letters Lsd - Trip medium of the '60s Lsd - Trip need, perhaps Lsd - Trip need? Lsd - Trip preparation Lsd - Trip producer Lsd - Trip producer? Lsd - Trip promoter? Lsd - Trip provider Lsd - Trip provider? Lsd - Trip starter Lsd - Trip tab Lsd - Trip vehicle? Lsd - Trip you might take to 'find the truth' but that will probably just end up making you even more annoying Lsd - Trip-taker's agent? Lsd - Trip-taker's aid, perhaps Lsd - Tripper's buy Lsd - Tripper's drug Lsd - Tripper's tab Lsd - Tripper's turn-on Lsd - Trippy '60s drug Lsd - Trippy drug Lsd - Trippy letters Lsd - Trippy stuff Lsd - Trippy tab Lsd - Used to be worth something, but now is a drug on the market Lsd - What 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' may or may not be about Lsd - What a drug money used to be! Lsd - What a hippie may have dropped Lsd - What got old sid somewhat spaced out? Lsd - What leary tripped on Lsd - What the 'turn on' part refers to in 'tune in, turn on, drop out' Lsd - When i dropped it, a deck of tarot cards came to life Lsd - Will this give one the illusion of money of old? Lsd - Will this give one the illusion of old money? Lsd - Woodstock supply Lsd - You can trip on it Lsd - You'll trip if you drop it Lsd - Your parents might have dropped it
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Trip-taker's aid, perhaps (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - trip-taker's aid, perhaps. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter S. 3 - st. letter D.

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