Aces - Tennis statistic

Word by letter:
  • Aces - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word C
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word S

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Aces - Good blackjack holdings Aces - Super-duper Aces - One-spots Aces - A very good pair Aces - They're unreturnable Aces - Crackerjacks Aces - Tops Aces - Passes easily Aces - They're nonreturnable Aces - Some 120 m.p.h. serves Aces - Scores on a serve Aces - Hand helpers Aces - Cards up one's sleeve? Aces - Top-notch Aces - Whizzes Aces - Top parts of suits Aces - Ones that may be high? Aces - Makes a hole-in-one Aces - They're good for tricks Aces - Air force heroes Aces - First-rate, slangily Aces - They're part of a good deal Aces - Peachy Aces - Tennis statistic Aces - Top four Aces - Unreturnable shots Aces - Gets no return Aces - Singles in suits? Aces - They're more important than kings Aces - Doesn't merely pass Aces - Serves well done Aces - Virtuosos Aces - Tops of suits Aces - Golf coups Aces - Serves well Aces - High cards Aces - Blackjack components Aces - They cannot be returned Aces - Top guns Aces - Experts Aces - The most powerful pair? Aces - Pair in a dead man's hand Aces - The best three in a three-of-a-kind Aces - Whiz kids Aces - Deck's highest quartet Aces - They may get you the upper hand Aces - Bullets in poker Aces - Strong pair Aces - Decorated pilots Aces - They're worth 1 or 11 points Aces - Great, slangily Aces - Ones in suits? Aces - Kings are lower than them Aces - Nails Aces - Deck quartet Aces - Does perfectly Aces - Ideal serves Aces - Links rarities Aces - Top-flight individuals? Aces - They can be high or low Aces - Ones of a kind? Aces - Dogfight participants Aces - The red baron and others Aces - Bullets, in poker Aces - They're unbeatable in war Aces - Handles with mastery Aces - High holdings Aces - High fliers Aces - They're worth 1 or 11 in blackjack Aces - Blackjack favorites Aces - Bullets Aces - Kings are beaten by them Aces - Passes with panache Aces - They may be one or eleven Aces - The best pair? Aces - They're not returned Aces - They count as one or eleven Aces - Quick points Aces - "go-to-guys" on the pitching staff Aces - Top mounds men Aces - Breezes through, as a test Aces - Great serves Aces - Court winners Aces - Hotshots Aces - More than passes Aces - The go-to guys on staffs Aces - Deck tetrad Aces - 1/13 of 52 Aces - Good opening pair Aces - Super serves Aces - They're often seen with kings and queens Aces - They get shuffled around Aces - Old pros Aces - They are not returned properly Aces - They could be the highest or the lowest Aces - Trumps, perhaps Aces - They're part of a really good deal Aces - First-rate Aces - Two-way 21 cards Aces - Some federer serves Aces - Big hearts Aces - Components of good deals Aces - Vegas highs? Aces - Versatile blackjack holdings Aces - High pair Aces - They may be split in vegas Aces - Poker holding Aces - Good poker draws Aces - Some playing cards Aces - They may be split in casinos Aces - 11's in blackjack Aces - Defeaters of kings Aces - Big hearts? Aces - Gets 100 on Aces - Components of snake eyes Aces - Parts of good deals, often Aces - Rare eagles Aces - You may hold them in vegas Aces - Leaders of the pack? Aces - One-spot cards Aces - Assets in poker Aces - They may be high or low Aces - They're often included in good deals Aces - Fighter pilots Aces - Holes in one Aces - Ones Aces - Big diamonds Aces - Tip-top Aces - Scores quickly? Aces - They're sometimes more important than kings Aces - Killer shots Aces - They're out of reach Aces - Killer serves Aces - They're part of a good deal, usually Aces - "pocket rockets," in texas hold 'em Aces - Hold 'em holdings, sometimes Aces - Breezes through Aces - Perfect serves Aces - Highest parts of decks Aces - Standout pitchers Aces - Highest cards Aces - Good vegas holdings Aces - Eddie rickenbacker and manfred von richthofen, e.g Aces - High holdings, perhaps Aces - Certain diamonds Aces - They may give you the upper hand Aces - Flying greats Aces - Unretured serves Aces - Suit tops Aces - Top cards Aces - Air heroes Aces - Playing cards Aces - Great pair Aces - They might be found up sleeves Aces - Court feats Aces - Unreturned tennis scores Aces - Kings' superiors Aces - King toppers Aces - Trick takers, usually Aces - They're better than kings and queens Aces - Big clubs Aces - Unreturnable serves Aces - Doesn't come close to flunking Aces - "dead man's hand" cards Aces - Great, in slang Aces - Pair split in vegas Aces - Go-to guys on the pitching staff Aces - Mavens Aces - Star pitchers Aces - Golf tournament highlights Aces - Bullets, to poker players Aces - Blackjack requirements Aces - "great!" Aces - Top playing cards Aces - Serves perfectly Aces - Part of a dead man's hand Aces - They're unbeatable in war? Aces - Cards Aces - Passes with flying colors Aces - You may see them split in reno Aces - King and queen toppers Aces - Hard-to-beat quartet Aces - Serves superbly Aces - A foursome for poker? Aces - High poker pair Aces - Serves very well Aces - Perfect tennis serves Aces - Bullets, in card slang Aces - Serves them right? Aces - Hotshot pilots Aces - Reno's aaa baseball team Aces - Sports winners Aces - Strong hold'em holding Aces - "bullets" in poker Aces - Bullets in a deck Aces - Fancy fliers Aces - Best poker pair Aces - Best pair Aces - Nonreturnable serves Aces - Big diamonds? Aces - King beaters Aces - Scores 100 on Aces - Big diamonds, maybe Aces - Bullets, in texas hold'em Aces - Top pitchers Aces - Top poker cards Aces - Suit toppers Aces - Waldo pepper et al Aces - Unreturned serves Aces - Oft-palmed cards Aces - Unreturned tennis serves Aces - Highly regarded, so to speak Aces - Highest poker pair Aces - Poker "bullets" Aces - Good hole cards Aces - Top pair in poker Aces - "cloud hoppers" Aces - Does tremendously well on Aces - High pair in poker Aces - Blackjack needs Aces - Top poker pair Aces - Provides service that can't be beat? Aces - Pitching staff leaders Aces - Commonly split pair in blackjack Aces - 'bullets' Aces - Prized blackjack cards Aces - Golf rarities Aces - Two fifths of a dead man's hand Aces - "dead man's hand" pair Aces - Reason for the downfall of many kings? Aces - Ones in decks Aces - Useful cards in blackjack Aces - Go-to guys Aces - Scores 90+ on Aces - They outrank kings Aces - Highest poker cards Aces - Successful fliers Aces - "easy __" (old-time radio show) Aces - Pack foursome Aces - Stars in a rotation Aces - Perfect serves in tennis Aces - Good pair Aces - Deck toppers Aces - Good cards Aces - Trick-takers, often Aces - Top pilots Aces - Trick takers, often Aces - Superb serves Aces - Dogfight fighters Aces - Dogfight combatants Aces - 'dead man's hand' pair Aces - Dogfight battlers Aces - Good news in texas hold 'em Aces - 21 players often split them Aces - Ideal pair Aces - Top pair, maybe Aces - Ideal 'pocket pair' Aces - Dead man's hand pair Aces - 'bullets,' to a poker player Aces - 'bullets' at the poker table Aces - Scores 100% on Aces - They often beat kings Aces - Men may be threatening withsuch ones as these Aces - Fifty such ones will get in a knot Aces - Each of them is one 3 down Aces - Four in pack but fifty in shoes Aces - They're all one, the way one may have them dealt with Aces - Case of top cards Aces - One's places at the end Aces - One may get dealt with 15 across Aces - The best ones are winning Aces - One's got to get them in a knot after fifty Aces - Ones that could make men very dangerous Aces - Ones may have won Aces - May be one's winners Aces - It's on the cards that one has won with them, by the sound of it (4) Aces - Tennis serves the receiver can't reach Aces - A case of top cards Aces - Top cards or people Aces - Parts of a great deal? Aces - Ones in cards Aces - They're high and low on cards Aces - Ones or elevens in cards Aces - Case or cards Aces - Ones that have won Aces - It's on the cards that each one will have won Aces - Ones winners one's dealt with Aces - Best pocket pair Aces - Sails through Aces - Untouchable tennis serves Aces - Gets an a+ Aces - Gets an a Aces - Masters Aces - Nails it, say Aces - Experts break the case Aces - Top contestants' top shots Aces - Marchers ignoring the odds - points of no return? Aces - Top (or bottom) cards Aces - Winning serves Aces - Some tennis winners Aces - War pilots Aces - High poker cards Aces - Texas hold 'em pair called 'pocket rockets' Aces - They count as one or 11 Aces - Unreturnable services Aces - Hard-to-hit pitchers Aces - Unable to return them as they¿re important in pack Aces - Shots served neatly? Aces - Experts (in their field) Aces - Winning cards Aces - Items up one's sleeve, maybe Aces - Crack pilots Aces - Poker pair Aces - They're often helping hands Aces - Tennis coups Aces - They aren't returned Aces - Passes by a mile Aces - Blasts through Aces - Some war heroes Aces - Air-force heroes Aces - Nails, as a test Aces - Versatile playing cards Aces - Proven pros Aces - Top war pilots Aces - Superb, in slang Aces - Deck foursome Aces - They're good for your hands Aces - Ones or elevens Aces - Leaders of the pack Aces - Champions that never come back Aces - They were high for iron maiden Aces - Expert fliers - what they are put through, without pressure? Aces - A church has shortened services Aces - Not even archers can make holes in one Aces - Bullets, in poker slang Aces - "bullets," to a poker player Aces - Top guns, in the air Aces - Expert pilots Aces - High cards in poker Aces - Tennis stat Aces - One-spot playing cards Aces - Four of the best? Aces - Ones that are non-returnable Aces - They're brilliant cards Aces - Watchers regularly taken to be experts Aces - They are the ones in suits Aces - Ones that are champions Aces - Dabs, caught in the sea, thrown back Aces - One spots the experts Aces - Makes a point of giving good service Aces - The masters, serves very well indeed Aces - Experts break case Aces - Champions of the pack Aces - Experts regularly cut out pancreas Aces - Masters rare golfing feats Aces - Two will make deuce but from deuce can you make two? Aces - 'israelites', a uk no.1 single by desmond dekker and the -- Aces - Ones put in place subsequently Aces - Far from fails Aces - Highly paid pitchers Aces - High-paid pitchers Aces - Bullets, in vegas Aces - Excellent hold 'em holding Aces - Just swell Aces - Experts? they can be worth more than kings and queens Aces - Excellent, slangily Aces - Gets 100% on Aces - Highest deck quartet Aces - Airborne war heroes Aces - Hot shots in cocktail case Aces - Combat pilots Aces - Word with code or road Aces - Hunky-dory Aces - Go-to people Aces - Vanquishers of kings Aces - Opens academic conference by finishing dispute with school masters? Aces - U.s. open feats Aces - Wallops from 52-down Aces - Best possible pair Aces - A pair of these are called pocket rockets in hold'em Aces - The bomb dot com Aces - Card shark's stash Aces - Cards that top kings Aces - See 2 Aces - High or low cards Aces - Unusual case for playing-cards Aces - Outstanding head of social services - the best Aces - Quick points on the court Aces - Doesn't just pass Aces - Hard-to-beat foursome Aces - Pocket rockets, in poker Aces - Pitching whizzes Aces - Bullets in vegas Aces - Rickenbacker et al Aces - Air force hotshots Aces - Box on a yahtzee score sheet Aces - Seasoned experts Aces - Clubs to beat people with? Aces - Four __ (probable winner) Aces - Big dogs in dogfights Aces - Prize-winning quartet, most likely Aces - Poker player's 'bullets' Aces - Jet fighter heroes Aces - High/low cards Aces - Experts in cards Aces - 'pocket rockets,' in poker slang Aces - Air force standouts Aces - Frehley and spades? Aces - Frehley and hood Aces - Nails an audition Aces - What's "high," to maiden Aces - Iron maiden "___ high" Aces - Passes audition w/flying colors Aces - Smokes audition Aces - What's "high" to maiden on "powerslave" Aces - Frehley and enders Aces - Motorhead comp "all the ___" Aces - Top guns in industry Aces - Vain song about top guns? Aces - Suzy bogguss song for poker? Aces - Certain serves Aces - Ones at the top of their game Aces - Queen-conquering quartet Aces - Serves, and gets nothing in return? Aces - Versatile cards in blackjack Aces - Top diamonds Aces - Powerful pair Aces - Tee shots into the hole Aces - Versatile blackjack cards Aces - Bullets on a poker table Aces - Great poker cards Aces - Hero war pilots Aces - Everclear song about playing cards? Aces - "pocket rockets," in casinos Aces - Amidst place settings for experts Aces - Cy young award candidates, often Aces - Duffers' dreams Aces - First-class, in slang Aces - Tennis zingers Aces - Parts of true blackjack hands Aces - Scores on serves Aces - Cards sometimes hidden up sleeves Aces - Power poker pair Aces - Pocket rockets, at the poker table Aces - Yahtzee category Aces - More than one great performer hurts when losing heart Aces - Pair in a "dead man's hand" Aces - Strikeout stars Aces - Nails, as an exam Aces - Tennis match stat Aces - Terrif Aces - Flexible blackjack cards Aces - Unbeatable cards in war Aces - Many legendary pilots Aces - Wonderful, in old slang Aces - Golf video highlights Aces - Nails a test Aces - Highest cards in the deck Aces - Stars Aces - A very good pair? Aces - Bullets, in cards Aces - Flexible cards in blackjack Aces - Serves cards
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Tennis statistic (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - tennis statistic. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter C. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter S.

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