Tea - It may be spiced

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Tea - It may be high in the afternoon Tea - Tetley product Tea - This is popular in spots Tea - It may be black or green Tea - Sri lanka export Tea - 4:00, in kent Tea - Social Tea - Parlor drink Tea - Wonderland drink Tea - Coffee alternative Tea - Jetsam of 1773 Tea - Iced ___ Tea - Genteel affair Tea - After-dinner offering Tea - Old-fashioned cold remedy Tea - Oolong, for one Tea - 4:00 gathering Tea - Kind of cozy Tea - It's served in spots Tea - 1773 jetsam Tea - Earl grey, e.g Tea - Steeped beverage Tea - Drink in a cup Tea - Darjeeling or oolong Tea - It may be spiced Tea - It may be served in spots Tea - Part of a baby bottle Tea - Social service? Tea - Caddy's holding Tea - Flight attendant's offering Tea - Brewer's brew Tea - Leaves in a bag Tea - It's effective when it gets in hot water Tea - Sympathy's partner Tea - Hyson, e.g Tea - It may be for two Tea - Leaves for a break? Tea - Beverage order Tea - Hyson, for one Tea - Leaves for the afternoon? Tea - See 15-across Tea - Word with caddy or bag Tea - Afternoon event Tea - British import Tea - Gunpowder, for one Tea - It may be in the bag Tea - Leaves in the cup Tea - Society affair Tea - Social event Tea - Congou or souchong Tea - Pot product Tea - Beverage for two? Tea - Boston brew? Tea - Kind of garden Tea - ___ caddy Tea - Crumpets go-with Tea - Afternoon event in chelsea Tea - Word with black or green Tea - Twinings product Tea - Leaves in the bag? Tea - It may be brewing Tea - Drink from a bag Tea - Crumpet chaser Tea - It may be iced or spiced Tea - Kind of party Tea - New york's russian ___ room Tea - Brighton break Tea - Afternoon social Tea - British break Tea - First product of 53-down Tea - Party still celebrated in boston Tea - It comes in bags Tea - Oolong or pekoe Tea - 4:00 event, in london Tea - Leaves for the future? Tea - Caffeine source Tea - Jasmine, for one Tea - Herbal drink Tea - Spot from a pot Tea - Hatter affair Tea - A&p's original business Tea - Green beverage Tea - Boston castoff Tea - Drink with a bag Tea - Blue mountain ___ (goldenrod) Tea - Break in london Tea - Leaves for a party? Tea - Chinese export Tea - Afternoon reception Tea - Some like it hot Tea - Ceylon black, e.g Tea - Herbal remedy Tea - Social drink Tea - Caffeinated brew Tea - Britain's ___ act of 1773 Tea - Midafternoon repast Tea - It's bagged in the supermarket Tea - Mad hatter's drink Tea - High ___ Tea - Product once harbored in boston? Tea - Afternoon party Tea - Pekoe or darjeeling Tea - Social brew Tea - Good source of antioxidants Tea - Crumpet companion Tea - Caffeine provider Tea - Long island drink Tea - Green brew Tea - Start with spoons and cups? Tea - The mad hatter's beverage Tea - Chinese drink Tea - Leaves for a drink from a bag? Tea - Darjeeling, for one Tea - Beverage choice Tea - Brewed drink Tea - Colonists' castoff Tea - Brewed beverage Tea - Afternoon affair Tea - It may be served with crumpets Tea - Mid-afternoon drink Tea - Kind of service Tea - It may be herbal Tea - Break in england Tea - Drink with crumpets Tea - Reason for a service break at wimbledon? Tea - After-dinner serving Tea - Word with cake or party Tea - Sri lankan export Tea - It gets into hot water Tea - Drink with one lump or two Tea - Leaves for the diner Tea - What's brewing, perhaps Tea - Chanoyu ritual drink Tea - British time Tea - English breakfast, e.g Tea - Pekoe, for one Tea - It's bagged in the supermarket, often Tea - English break Tea - Alternative to coffee Tea - Japanese ceremonial drink Tea - See 52-across Tea - Leaves for a drink Tea - Picker-upper Tea - Herbal brew Tea - It comes in bags, often Tea - Four o'clock serving, perhaps Tea - What some balls are filled with Tea - Garden party, maybe Tea - Leaves in the bag Tea - Lipton product Tea - A perk-me-up? Tea - Bag content Tea - Scone's go-with Tea - Word with spoon or cup Tea - It's in the bag Tea - Time in london? Tea - Souchong, e.g Tea - High __ Tea - Herbal beverage Tea - Gunpowder, e.g Tea - Kettle contents Tea - Hot or iced drink Tea - It's often iced in summer Tea - Kind of cozy? Tea - Sympathy partner Tea - 4:00 social Tea - Nonalcoholic brew Tea - Kind of cart Tea - Tazo product Tea - Texas ___ (oil) Tea - Bagged leaves Tea - Rugby ritual Tea - Cozy intro? Tea - Tazo, e.g Tea - "coffee or ___?" Tea - Pot leaves Tea - Hot drink Tea - Drink served hot or cold Tea - Kind of bag or ball Tea - Actress leoni Tea - It was once harbored in boston Tea - Winter warmer upper Tea - Between-meals reception Tea - With 45-down, beverage dispenser Tea - Afternoon serving Tea - Beverage for a genteel affair, e.g Tea - It's for two, in song Tea - Something overthrown shortly before the american revolution Tea - Crumpets partner Tea - Leaves in bags Tea - World's most popular drink Tea - Yunnan or keemun, e.g Tea - Chinese beverage Tea - Word that can precede the start of 17- and 59-across and 11- and 25-down Tea - Red zinger, for one Tea - Crumpets' colleague Tea - Leaves for a drink? Tea - Brewer's product Tea - Traditional beverage Tea - With 53-down, ingredient in some soaps Tea - Sleepytime or gunpowder Tea - Herb __ Tea - Leaves at 4? Tea - It's measured in spots? Tea - Mint __ Tea - ___ rose Tea - Common make-believe drink Tea - Pekoe Tea - Ubiquitous beverage Tea - Pekoe purchase Tea - Pekoe, for instance Tea - Jetsam in 1773 Tea - Boston __ party Tea - Cozy do Tea - ____ for two Tea - Herbal __ Tea - You may have a spot of it Tea - 4:00 affair Tea - 4:00 get-together, in london Tea - Herbal concoction Tea - Steeped stuff Tea - English breakfast or orange pekoe Tea - Stuff in a ball Tea - Mad hatter's serving Tea - Rooibos, for one Tea - Mad hatter's beverage Tea - Drink available in black, white, green and red Tea - It may require a cart and a caddy Tea - It may come in spots Tea - Famous party Tea - Afternoon service Tea - Brit's break Tea - Leaves underwater? Tea - Drink in england Tea - Dorset drink Tea - March hare's offering Tea - Blackpool break Tea - British east india company product Tea - Djarling or pekoe Tea - Starbucks serves it Tea - Social type Tea - Bubble ___ Tea - Leaves after dinner? Tea - Brighton brew Tea - Four spot? Tea - Hot spot? Tea - Word with ball or party Tea - Word with ball or caddy Tea - Lipton's line Tea - ____ as it should be! Tea - Lemon ___ Tea - Leaves in hot water Tea - Sri lankan crop Tea - 4 p.m., in kent Tea - It's steeped in tradition Tea - Spot in the afternoon? Tea - Orange pekoe, for one Tea - Historic boston harbor flotsam Tea - It can be for two or for the tillerman Tea - Texas __: petroleum Tea - White-gloves affair Tea - Party drink? Tea - Brit's beverage Tea - Major export from 45-down Tea - Pekoe or djarling Tea - "high" beverage Tea - Bag of leaves, perhaps Tea - Genteel gathering Tea - Surrey sip Tea - 4:00 drink Tea - Pick-me-up cupful Tea - 1773 jetsam in boston harbor Tea - 1773 boston harbor jetsam Tea - British beverage Tea - Twinings offering Tea - What's in the bag? Tea - It may be taken in the afternoon Tea - Something brewing? Tea - Spot from a pot? Tea - Contents of some bags Tea - Leaves in the pot Tea - It's bagged in the grocery store Tea - Black __ Tea - Word after beef or cream Tea - Leaves in a cup Tea - Focus of a 1773 party Tea - Stash offering Tea - It goes with crumpets Tea - Word with "bag" or "caddy" Tea - English breakfast, for one Tea - Leaves in a vessel Tea - Mad hatter affair Tea - Earl grey or darjeeling Tea - Drink with a scone Tea - It was once harbored in boston? Tea - Drink in the afternoon Tea - Celestial seasonings offering Tea - Beverage often served with sugar or lemon Tea - Word after green or gunpowder Tea - Party drink Tea - Celestial seasonings product Tea - Leaves from china, often Tea - Leaves in the pot? Tea - With 49-down, "spanglish" actress Tea - With 76d, "spanglish" star Tea - Chanoyu drink Tea - Steeper? Tea - Wonderland spot Tea - Pekoe or green Tea - Hunan or dynamite Tea - It may be bagged Tea - Afternoon drink, for many Tea - Event at which some people wear gloves Tea - '___ with mussolini' (zeffirelli film) Tea - Leaves with a caddy? Tea - Pinky-out drink Tea - Cup with crumpets Tea - Something steeped Tea - Earl grey, for one Tea - Social beverage Tea - Bigelow offering Tea - Leaves with dessert? Tea - What some caddies carry Tea - Bagged beverage Tea - 49-across product Tea - "___ with mussolini" (1999 film) Tea - Cricket drink Tea - Afternoon ritual Tea - What the hatter and the march hare drank Tea - It's taken in spots Tea - Jasmine or monk's blend Tea - Afternoon quaff Tea - Samovar beverage Tea - Break fluid? Tea - Social gathering Tea - What the mad hatter served Tea - Soho social Tea - Afternoon nosh Tea - Leaves held in the bag Tea - __ service Tea - Chief crop of 1-across Tea - Bagged leaves? Tea - Black or green drink Tea - Submerged leaves Tea - It may be iced Tea - Herbal preparation Tea - Black or green stuff Tea - Texas __: oil Tea - Cozy drink? Tea - After-dinner drink Tea - Hyson or oolong Tea - Dainty beverage Tea - __ party Tea - Something bagged in the pantry Tea - Afternoon drink Tea - It can be black or green Tea - Pekoe,for one Tea - It may be iced in warm weather Tea - Beverage served hot or cold Tea - Darjeeling drink Tea - Leaves in hot water? Tea - 4:00 london social Tea - White-glove affair Tea - Kettle filler Tea - Crumpets' partner Tea - Drink with a string in it, perhaps Tea - Drink with its own character in the chinese alphabet Tea - Soho drink Tea - Chinese restaurant drink Tea - Beverage with scones Tea - __ leaf Tea - See 49 down Tea - What the mad hatter pours on the dormouse to wake it up Tea - Orange pekoe, e.g Tea - What some caddies hold Tea - ___ party movement Tea - Wonderland beverage Tea - "iced" drink Tea - Afternoon meal, across the pond Tea - Breakfast cupful Tea - Crumpet's go-with Tea - See 21-across Tea - Scone go-with Tea - It's bagged at the market Tea - Afternoon potful Tea - Drink in a pot Tea - Drink served in "spots" Tea - Pekoe, e.g Tea - Crumpet accompaniment Tea - Beverage with crumpets Tea - It may be sun-brewed Tea - Reefer, in slang Tea - Afternoon drink, for some Tea - Oolong or darjeeling Tea - Drink served in spots? Tea - Something to take in the afternoon Tea - Coventry cupful Tea - Kind of party for glenn beck? Tea - Camellia sinensis product Tea - Society event Tea - Afternoon break Tea - Type of leaf or service Tea - Drink from leaves Tea - Small bag of buds that might chill you out Tea - It may be taken in a parlor Tea - Beverage often served with lemon Tea - Kiwi's mealtime Tea - Red rose beverage Tea - Green or black brew Tea - Lipton drink Tea - British east india co. monopoly Tea - Robert anderson’s “___ and sympathy” Tea - Word with "service" or "ceremony" Tea - __ set Tea - Hot beverage Tea - Quaint get-together Tea - Oolong or earl grey Tea - Earl or lady grey Tea - Sri lanka crop Tea - Drink with a 13 across Tea - Drink with dim sum Tea - Word with cozy or bag Tea - Party for palin Tea - 4:00 english drink Tea - See 3-down Tea - Product of the camellia sinensis plant Tea - Mad hatter's offering Tea - Mad hatter's quaff Tea - ___ party Tea - British brew Tea - Pot brew Tea - Assam export Tea - Pot fill Tea - Brit's brew Tea - Scone accompaniment Tea - Boston harbor jetsam Tea - Afternoon get-together Tea - Pekoe or oolong Tea - Hot drink Tea - Midafternoon social Tea - Assam product Tea - Samovar serving Tea - 1773 castoff Tea - Indonesian export Tea - '-- and sympathy' Tea - Crumpet eater's quaff Tea - Mid-afternoon social Tea - '-- for two' Tea - Caddy contents Tea - Darjeeling, e.g Tea - With 38-across, wonderland event Tea - Wonderland quaff Tea - Afternoon gathering Tea - Mad hatter's affair Tea - Alternative to 56-across Tea - Bag of leaves? Tea - Afternoon delight? Tea - Boston -- party Tea - Four p.m. affair Tea - Chamomile, for one Tea - Afternoon beverage Tea - Chai, e.g Tea - Oolong, e.g Tea - Starbucks' offering Tea - Sipped drink Tea - Chamomile, e.g Tea - Hot brew Tea - Healthful drink Tea - Steeped drink Tea - Universal beverage Tea - Caffeinated drink Tea - Caffeinated beverage Tea - Lipton option Tea - Caddy drink Tea - Caddy quaff Tea - 4 p.m. drink Tea - Healthful quaff Tea - Green or black Tea - 58-across, thru the chunnel Tea - One way to take opium Tea - Bag contents, often Tea - Pot substance Tea - Word with garden or party Tea - Leaves in the afternoon? Tea - Drink offered to alice Tea - Mad hatter's brew Tea - Beverage for wallace and gromit Tea - 42 followers, by the sound of it Tea - One might pour this over you, by the sound of it Tea - Sing afterwards, just so as to annoy Tea - This ring is a rip Tea - 15 across is what to do with this before you Tea - The sort of ring that's absolutely ripping Tea - The sort of ring that's a rip in the cup Tea - One might give this a ring and let it rip Tea - That might get the cup before you Tea - You follow such ring for a rip Tea - A rip might have this sort of ring Tea - One gets drunk before you Tea - Not after you, before you Tea - You follow this for a meal? Tea - This ring for a rip Tea - Sounds as if you might be a follower of this Tea - That sort of ring is a rip Tea - You might have this drink before you Tea - After the gala, a drink will make her lively Tea - A drink that made 31 across come to life Tea - May be poured before you Tea - Perhaps it's potted Tea - This could get a ring for a rip Tea - How ripping it could be to have such a drink with a ring! Tea - Aged enough to be up for the cup Tea - You sound like a follower of this Tea - You might sound like this after a drink like this Tea - 42 afterwards, by the sound of it Tea - Sounds as if you follow the pouring of this Tea - -42? Tea - Before you get a ring for a rent Tea - Sounds as if the drink comes before you Tea - You follow this for a cup Tea - You follow it for a drink Tea - 2 4 this Tea - There's a drink before you Tea - This 42? Tea - Sing after this just to be a nuisance Tea - After this you come for a cup Tea - 42 following this? Tea - Before you with the cup Tea - Beverage from leaves Tea - Popular drink Tea - The cup that cheers but not inebriates Tea - Light afternoon repast Tea - Afternoon repast Tea - Just before you, by the sound of it Tea - Word with bag or cup Tea - Evening meal - eat up Tea - Ate the drink? Tea - Drink for a meal Tea - Eat the drink? Tea - This towel is for drying dishes Tea - Drink made from leaves Tea - Popular beverage brewed at home Tea - Strangely, ate this drink Tea - Light afternoon meal Tea - Afternoon or evening meal Tea - A light meal - eat up Tea - Popular brew Tea - Light meal - eat up Tea - Just a meal - eat up Tea - Strangely, one may eat this drink Tea - What you afterwards poured Tea - Gets poured before you Tea - The sort of drink that can be absolutely ripping with a ring Tea - You follow it, by the sound of it Tea - Put it before you? Tea - Not after you - just drunk Tea - Four two after this at four Tea - Before you for the after noon? Tea - This ring is simply ripping Tea - Poured before you, by the sound of it Tea - Pour out the start of 21 across before you, by the sound of it Tea - You sound like a follower of this in a cup Tea - By the sound of it, it's before you to brew (3) Tea - Sounds as if you follow a soft drink Tea - All that the driver can drink, of course Tea - Leaves before you, by the sound of it Tea - Just one drink before you, by the sound of it Tea - Sound before you Tea - 42? Tea - 'before you, in short, and before 1 across (3)' Tea - 'sounds before you come, sing afterwards annoyingly (3)' Tea - 'sing after this, just to have you after it annoyingly (3)' Tea - A pro might get the blooming cup for this Tea - Sounds as if it's taken before you Tea - 42 before you? Tea - Leaves make it before you, by the sound of it Tea - Leaves in the pot for this Tea - Green or sassafras Tea - Four o'clock is a brand of it Tea - "when i take my sugar to __": 1931 hit Tea - Comes before you, by the sound of it Tea - Brit brew Tea - It may be green or black Tea - Afternoon cup Tea - Something sipped with a scone Tea - Drink this and listen to the letter before you i say Tea - See 7-down Tea - Hot herbal drink Tea - Potable Tea - 4 o'clock refreshment Tea - Type of service or caddy Tea - Drink a drop shortly Tea - From which one drives, say, for a drink Tea - Non-alcoholic drink is what driver needs, we hear Tea - Afternoon social event Tea - Meal - drink Tea - Drink - meal Tea - Beverage Tea - Sort of garden, chest or service Tea - Cuppa Tea - Cha Tea - Lapsang souchong Tea - Leaves for brewing Tea - Kenyan export Tea - Type of spoon or cup Tea - Kind of bag for leaves? Tea - Lapsang souchong, e.g Tea - Leaves producer with party Tea - Drink from tazo Tea - Spot in a pot Tea - Drawing room event Tea - Long island iced ___ Tea - Caddy's contents Tea - Small bag of leaves Tea - Hot brewed beverage Tea - Party serving Tea - Export of india Tea - 4 p.m. refreshment, perhaps Tea - Alternative to 38-down Tea - Contents of some small bags Tea - Major kenyan export Tea - Leoni of 'tower heist' Tea - Afternoon brew Tea - Tetley drink Tea - Oolong or souchong Tea - __ bag Tea - Indian export Tea - With 6-down, cups and saucers and such Tea - Spot in front of the telly? Tea - Leaves in cups Tea - Twinings drink Tea - Weak ___ Tea - Leaves in the pantry Tea - Oolong, for example Tea - Chinese restaurant freebie Tea - Orange pekoe or english breakfast Tea - Subject of a 1773 act of parliament Tea - Brew in a bag Tea - After-dinner order Tea - Cuppa contents Tea - Steeped brew Tea - Beverage brewed in bags Tea - Drink Tea - Bangladesh export Tea - Drink served with scones Tea - Mad hatter's party drink Tea - Contents of some hot pots Tea - Infuser contents Tea - See 125-across Tea - "sweet" symbol of the south Tea - Labrador _____ Tea - Constant comment, e.g Tea - Afternoon cupful, say Tea - It may come in loose-leaf form Tea - World's most popular drink after water Tea - No-calorie drink Tea - Boston ___ party Tea - __ leaves Tea - Word before caddy or bag Tea - Tan breakfast beverage Tea - Sleepytime ___ Tea - Sussex sip Tea - It comes in a bag, often Tea - Devonshire drink Tea - Iced drink Tea - Drink "for two" Tea - It gets hot in a bag Tea - Historic jetsam Tea - Earl grey or orange pekoe Tea - Common drink Tea - Something brewing Tea - It is popular in spots Tea - Leaves at starbucks? Tea - Popular beverage Tea - Darjeeling or earl grey Tea - Red rose or earl grey Tea - Leaves with biscuits, say? Tea - With 33 down, caterer's devices Tea - It's bagged in the market Tea - Earl grey? Tea - Beverage at the plaza Tea - Word before set or service Tea - People often strain to make it Tea - Common beverage Tea - Type of pot plant easily kept inside Tea - Midafternoon drink, for many Tea - "green" beverage Tea - Bled for a social affair, perhaps Tea - After-dinner beverage Tea - Leaves on a trolley, say Tea - Players forgoing the last drink Tea - Meal; drink Tea - Drink with a meal Tea - Drink a visitor from outer space rejected Tea - Brew a drop? not entirely Tea - Drink most of a small amount of salt water Tea - Afternoon meal Tea - Eat free meal Tea - (infused) drink; meal Tea - Norwegian popsters headed by morten harket Tea - Players finally denied refreshment? Tea - Cup interval Tea - Drink; meal Tea - Liquid interval Tea - Char's outfit finally not needed Tea - Drink a peg, say Tea - Cup that stops play? Tea - Drink regularly offered by telegraph Tea - Left in the sun by status quo Tea - Piece of meat trimmed at the edges for a light meal Tea - A refreshing cricket cup! Tea - It comes before the final session Tea - Eg, gunpowder, pekoe Tea - Meal starts in the early afternoon Tea - Cup break? Tea - Cricket cup of sorts! Tea - Tisane Tea - Cup interval of sorts Tea - Players unable to finish drink Tea - Schoolmaster less than halfway through meal Tea - Cup interval! Tea - Meal in which source of milk could run short! Tea - Cup interva! Tea - What's provided in late afternoon? Tea - Infused beverage Tea - Meal of duck cut short Tea - Meal, drink Tea - Pinter's party Tea - Perhaps indian character is pronounced Tea - Infusion of dried leaves Tea - Infused drink Tea - Shrub; drink Tea - Duck's short drink Tea - For japanese ceremony, leaves much to be desired? Tea - Drink provided by the van regularly Tea - Infused leaves Tea - Leaves having packed one's bags? Tea - Drink with character, say Tea - Group of players refuses minute drink Tea - Meal instead's drunk Tea - Drink a peg by the sound of it Tea - Dried leaf infusion Tea - Leaves, getting in hot water Tea - Why there's a break in the cricket? it's hot, but wet Tea - Rent last shed in darjeeling, for example Tea - Side cut short a meal Tea - Drink from mouth of bottle endlessly Tea - Early evening meal Tea - Refreshment at regular intervals during the day Tea - Drink regularly obtained from the bar Tea - Duck hiding tail in the drink Tea - Brew producing endless steam Tea - Char originally engaged amid cheers Tea - Tips of plant, the camellia Tea - You might have a ball with it Tea - Sporting side forgetting last tips for the cup? Tea - ___ cozy Tea - Drink often iced Tea - Crumpets' go-with Tea - Drink in boston harbor? Tea - Colonial castoff Tea - Event with crumpets Tea - Word before party or ball Tea - See 56-down Tea - It can be iced or spiced Tea - Midday quaff Tea - Word with cake or break Tea - Chamomile concoction Tea - Word after high or before dance Tea - Tetley offering Tea - Plant going to pot? Tea - Light meal Tea - Refreshment Tea - Elevenses, though it's not quite eleven Tea - Finally phone in thanks for meal Tea - - - for two (song) Tea - Initially the english aristocracy's drink Tea - Drink to consume (or consumed) when cycling? Tea - Beverage officer let off steam about Tea - Beverage served hot or iced (3) Tea - Char Tea - Meal/drink Tea - Refreshment was taken at the junction, we hear Tea - Meal or just drink? Tea - Leaves in the bag obtained at the supermarket Tea - Leaves before you for the audition Tea - Three-quarters of the players drink Tea - Afternoon meal; drink Tea - Afternoon meal, drink Tea - Volunteers taking drug in drink Tea - Drink or meal? Tea - Leaves side incomplete Tea - Duck left out for a meal Tea - Plant not half producing leaves Tea - Pot or its contents Tea - Drink obtainable in the bar (only odd characters here) Tea - Refreshment that elsewhere anna would serve, early or late Tea - Meal Tea - Afternoon meal (3) Tea - And 18 across: utensils for afternoon meal Tea - Side having tail dismissed -- reason for break in cricket Tea - After end of concert run out of time to get something to drink Tea - Assam, for instance Tea - Us party leaves collective enterprise short of money Tea - Food and drink Tea - Gang disposing of money in brewer's product Tea - A lot of wood producing leaves? Tea - Something for elevenses? it's not quite eleven Tea - Long island iced cocktail Tea - Wonderland serving Tea - What a caddy carries Tea - ___ party (modern political group) Tea - 20-across, for one Tea - Cups' contents, perhaps Tea - Serving at a chinese restaurant Tea - Drink served with sushi Tea - Afternoon pouring Tea - Export from 50-down Tea - Green, for one Tea - Gathering that may involve a wagon Tea - Contents of some chests Tea - Oolong Tea - Afternoon affair in pot-boiler? Tea - Drink or meal Tea - Kencha or kukicha Tea - Word with black or blended Tea - Brewed soother Tea - Leaves for some refreshment Tea - Herb Tea - Samovar contents Tea - Major sri lankan export Tea - Serving in japanese ceremonies Tea - Black, white or (earl) grey, e.g Tea - Assam, for one Tea - Chai ___ Tea - Afternoon affair can be a bit sugary at times Tea - Leaves behind for sibyl in afternoon social Tea - Wimbledon quaff Tea - See 16-across Tea - Gunpowder is a type of it Tea - Instant ___ Tea - Preceder of caddy or cup Tea - With starter finally re­placed, consumed meal Tea - Beverage "for two" Tea - Word with caddy or ball Tea - Long island iced __: cocktail Tea - 4 p.m. social Tea - Caddy option Tea - Red rose, for one Tea - East india company product Tea - Leaves of the camellia sinensis shrub Tea - Contents of small bags Tea - Starbucks order for weird hippies Tea - ___ party (social movement that i guess just evolved into donald trump) Tea - Cupful served with crumpets Tea - Bigelow's sweet dreams, e.g Tea - American party drink? Tea - British "break" Tea - Samovar brew Tea - Word with "spoon" or "bag" Tea - Brewed quaff Tea - Tetley option Tea - Dim sum beverage Tea - Something to take in the parlor Tea - Black or green cupful Tea - Caddy contents, perhaps Tea - See 65-across Tea - Mcc, perhaps, curtailed what was taken at interval Tea - Chai or pekoe Tea - Duck not wanting lake leaves Tea - Pot contents Tea - Red rose or oolong Tea - What a caddy might hold Tea - Beverage with a scone Tea - Drink that may be accompanied by scones Tea - Was dining, first to finish meal? Tea - Keemun or lap sang Tea - The twinings shop at 216 strand in london, e.g Tea - It might be in the bag Tea - United kingdom brew Tea - Beverage leaves Tea - Drink often served with a lemon wedge Tea - Toper leaves operetta for a drink Tea - Coffee's alternative Tea - Orange pekoe or red rose Tea - Crumpets accompaniment Tea - Caddy holds this thing golfer needs we hear Tea - Taken drink Tea - Caddy contents, sometimes Tea - "alice in wonderland" party drink Tea - Starbucks order Tea - Leaves from sri lanka Tea - Drink that's steeped Tea - Snapple stuff Tea - It may be iced when it's warm outside Tea - Hot infusion Tea - Drink from milk dispenser endlessly Tea - Caffeinated brew, often Tea - Some submerged leaves Tea - Brew popular in britain Tea - Jetsam of dec. 16, 1773 Tea - Caddies carry it Tea - Breakfast spot? Tea - Chinese restaurant quaff Tea - Stereotypical english drink Tea - Spot of ___ Tea - Loose leaf product, at times Tea - Leaves for a chinese dinner Tea - Bancha or dimbula Tea - Nirvana "sit and drink pennyroyal __" é 2010 todd santos written by: todd santos Tea - Aerosmith lyric "sleeping late and smoking ___" Tea - The kinks "have a cuppa ___" Tea - King diamond song about earl grey? Tea - Kinks "have a cuppa ___" Tea - Nirvana's is "pennyroyal" Tea - What "mama kin" smoked Tea - Buddy guy "sweet ___" Tea - What mama kin smoked, according to aerosmith Tea - What "mama kin" smoked, according to aerosmith? Tea - What mama kin smoked in aerosmith tune Tea - Paul mccartney "english ___" Tea - Aerosmith "sleeping late and smoking ___" Tea - Chai or chamomile Tea - Common british drink Tea - Elevenses drink Tea - The march hare's brew Tea - Bagful in the pantry Tea - Scones go-with Tea - Downton abbey meal Tea - Leaves note attached to article Tea - Bohea, e.g Tea - Drink with scones Tea - Product broken before bagging Tea - Common potable Tea - Lipton offering Tea - Drink accompanying dim sum Tea - Type of caddy or cup Tea - Pot plant? Tea - 30-across in america Tea - Austin powers band ming ___ Tea - Hot stuff at a party Tea - Type of indoor caddy Tea - Buddy guy drinks it "sweet" Tea - Crew's unable to finish meal Tea - Women's club event Tea - Sweet __ Tea - What fills some pots Tea - "- is like the east he grows in, / a great yellow mandarin" (g. k. chesterton) Tea - Boston harbor jetsam of 1773 Tea - Pretenders "i'm convenient and i make good ___" Tea - It comes in black, white, green and red varieties Tea - Leaves for socials? Tea - Something served with scones Tea - Common hot beverage Tea - Common hot or iced drink Tea - Word with "caddy" or "cup" Tea - Crumpets companion Tea - Drink offered by a caddy Tea - 1ac initially knocked back drink Tea - Arizona offering Tea - Chinese restaurant beverage Tea - Common u.k. brew Tea - It's purchased by the bagful Tea - What precedes do: a drink Tea - Loose-leaf purchase Tea - Subject of a controversial tax, once Tea - Bagged stuff at the supermarket Tea - Chinese green, e.g Tea - Tisane, e.g Tea - Serving from a trolley Tea - Beverage brewed from bags Tea - See 33-down Tea - Crumpet accompanier Tea - It may come hot or iced Tea - After-dinner option Tea - Darjeeling or pekoe Tea - Source of caffeine Tea - See 83-across Tea - Ate drunken meal Tea - Reading out letter, earl grey, say? Tea - Light meal athena regularly provides Tea - Apt brew for a golfer? Tea - -- party Tea - A cozy drink? Tea - Hot winter drink Tea - Hot winter drink Tea - Black or green beverage Tea - 'eat drink man woman' drink Tea - "eat drink man woman" drink Tea - Type of party
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*** - it may be spiced. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter A.

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