Tip - 20%, often

Word by letter:
  • Tip - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word P

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Tip - Longtime capitol hill nickname Tip - Service award Tip - Some wait for this Tip - Hint Tip - Tout's offering Tip - Start to fall Tip - End Tip - Stockbroker's freebie Tip - 'the dapple in the eighth,' e.g Tip - Tilt Tip - 20%, often Tip - Line just above the total Tip - It comes to those who wait Tip - Upend Tip - Stiff's omission Tip - Dope on a horse Tip - Service acknowledgment Tip - You might wait for one Tip - Hint from a tout Tip - Gratuity Tip - Bit of investment advice Tip - Pointer Tip - Bit of advice Tip - Overturn Tip - Bill addition Tip - 10 percent, if you're cheap Tip - Broker's offering Tip - It may be left on the table Tip - Word to the wise Tip - Extra amount Tip - First-rate Tip - Broker : commission :: waitress : ___ Tip - Memorable d.c. nickname Tip - Reward for waiting Tip - Reward for waiting? Tip - “psst! smarty jones in the fifth!” Tip - Boating mishap Tip - Waiter's reward Tip - Inside info Tip - Leave a little extra Tip - It may be 20% Tip - Piece of advice Tip - Not stiff? Tip - Diner's prerogative Tip - It's left behind in good restaurants Tip - Trackside advice Tip - Visible part of an iceberg Tip - Something helpful Tip - About 15%, usually Tip - "lucky lady in the fifth," e.g Tip - Cash on the table Tip - Jar drop-in Tip - What to do to hats and waiters Tip - Fall, with "over" Tip - Dinner charge-slip line Tip - Helpful hint Tip - Good thing that comes to those who wait? Tip - Money on the table, maybe Tip - Show instability Tip - Part of an iceberg Tip - 15%-20%, usually Tip - Part of a pointer Tip - It's left on the table Tip - Subject of an anonymous call, maybe Tip - Service bonus Tip - Part of an iceberg that's visible Tip - Upset Tip - Wait for it Tip - Leave cash Tip - You leave it behind in a restaurant Tip - Iceberg feature, figuratively Tip - Redcap's reward Tip - 15%, often Tip - __ sheet Tip - Figure just above the total Tip - Line above the total, maybe Tip - Some expect this if they wait Tip - Word of advice Tip - "take lucky lady in the fifth," e.g Tip - Proverbial iceberg part Tip - 'take the filly in the fifth,' e.g Tip - Q follower Tip - Bread for the waiter? Tip - Scratch left on a table? Tip - Marker's end Tip - 15%, maybe Tip - Extremity Tip - Recommendation Tip - Bettor's boon Tip - Service reward Tip - Waitperson's reward Tip - Bellboy's bonus Tip - Bellhop's expectation Tip - Bit of help Tip - 20%, maybe Tip - Summit Tip - You can bet on it Tip - Reward of a sort Tip - 15%-20%, for a waiter Tip - Disturb, as the balance Tip - Fare addition Tip - Bonus for waiting Tip - Incline Tip - Good thing that comes to those who wait Tip - Apex Tip - Fifteen percent of a bill, perhaps Tip - Peak Tip - Reporter's lead Tip - Server's reward Tip - Hot thing on a horse? Tip - Restaurant table leaving Tip - Thing that comes to those who wait Tip - 18%, maybe Tip - Waiting bonus Tip - Waiter's bonus Tip - Reward for service Tip - Waiting reward Tip - Lagniappe Tip - La gniappe Tip - Baksheesh Tip - Good lead Tip - 15 percent, often Tip - See 38-down Tip - Iceberg part Tip - Fall (over) Tip - Just a little extra at the end Tip - A bit more at the end Tip - Turn it over the hole to get things out Tip - Something for yourself, and that's the end of it Tip - Touch with gratuity Tip - Hint or gratuity Tip - The extreme end of insider information? Tip - The extreme end of something Tip - Gratuity or hint Tip - Give the likely winner for gratuity Tip - Touch with a gratuity Tip - Extreme end of something Tip - Trackside offer Tip - Advice on one's grip, for instance Tip - Hint about a horse Tip - Touch or gratuity Tip - Indication of potential opportunity Tip - Gratuity or light touch Tip - Leave something for the waitress Tip - Grtatuity Tip - Point of gratuity Tip - Hint or dumping ground Tip - Service award? Tip - Some extra bills, maybe Tip - It's gratuitous? Tip - Iceberg extremity Tip - Thank you for waiting Tip - Fifteen percent, often Tip - It may be left on a table Tip - Recognition of good service Tip - Inside information Tip - With 48-across, leader of the house of representatives, 1977-87 Tip - 15 percent of a bill, perhaps Tip - Topple over - hint Tip - Restaurant calculation Tip - End - pourboire Tip - Detective's aid Tip - Thank you for waiting to get some advice Tip - Stockbroker's offering Tip - Part of the iceberg? Tip - Waiter's 20% Tip - Sirloin part Tip - 10%, if you're cheap Tip - Word of advice, e.g Tip - Bread in a jar? Tip - Advice at the track Tip - Insider's hint Tip - Helpful lead Tip - Advice bit Tip - It might be given to a waiter or a police investigator Tip - An iceberg has one Tip - Handicapper's help Tip - It's felt for some pointers Tip - Pinnacle Tip - Informer's info Tip - Waiter's delight Tip - Spike has tea for three at the grand national? Tip - Pointed extremity Tip - Restaurant bill addition Tip - Cash left behind Tip - Hot info? Tip - End; advice Tip - Reward service; end Tip - Advice given gratuitously Tip - Cue prediction Tip - Overbalance; point Tip - Topple; advice Tip - Untidy home? mine's all upside-down Tip - Dump tiny reward Tip - Point, overbalance Tip - Snooker forecast? Tip - Piece of useful advice Tip - Dump; extremity Tip - Some hint i present Tip - Point; gratuity Tip - Point; piece of advice Tip - Pourboire Tip - Pointed end Tip - Small amount offered at end of repast Tip - End; piece of advice Tip - Helpful information; end Tip - Warning: this place is a dump Tip - Advice expected by those who wait Tip - Clue Tip - Gratuity for writers, it may be felt Tip - Advice from those in power, initially Tip - The last place you'll find rubbish clue Tip - Line on a restaurant bill Tip - Point Tip - Advice from a pro Tip - List, gratuity Tip - Dump Tip - Gratuity; hint Tip - A hint of asparagus Tip - Advice given in extremity Tip - Dump; hint Tip - Gratuity; rubbish-dump Tip - Point; sweetener Tip - Clue's a load of rubbish Tip - Bonus point Tip - Point; hint Tip - Helpful suggestion Tip - Useful suggestion Tip - Threaten to capsize, say Tip - Something worth waiting for? Tip - Reward in a jar Tip - Teeny Tip - Raise seed - it's a sound piece of advice Tip - Incline slightly Tip - Threaten to capsize Tip - Iceberg sight Tip - Reward for waiting found in the six longest across answers Tip - Betting aid Tip - You might wait for it Tip - Track advantage Tip - The change, in 'keep the change,' essentially Tip - Racetrack edge Tip - Pro ___: filling in tip here will give you one letter in three other answers Tip - Wrinkle part of one's nose? Tip - Bit of useful advice Tip - Bills left behind, perhaps Tip - Useful hint Tip - Lean over Tip - Bill add-on Tip - 18%, often Tip - 25%, for the generous Tip - Line on a restaurant receipt Tip - Ultimate height Tip - Upset, with "over" Tip - Insider's offering Tip - It often comes to those who wait Tip - Money left on a table, often Tip - Buck for a bellhop, say Tip - Gratuity included in the six longest across answers Tip - Kind of jar in front of a bar band Tip - Put this in jar of bar band Tip - "ooooooohhh ... on the tlc ___" Tip - '97 finger eleven album they left the waitress? Tip - Put in performer jar Tip - List drug written up as class a Tip - Advice tidbit Tip - Good service indicator Tip - Thank-you for waiting Tip - What boats shouldn't do Tip - What an insider might offer Tip - End; overbalance Tip - Lead-in to toe or top Tip - Message left on a hotline, perhaps Tip - Cue stick part Tip - __ jar Tip - Cape horn, for one Tip - Kind of jar in front of bar band Tip - Suggestion Tip - Entry on a merchant copy Tip - Money left on the table? Tip - Thanks for waiting Tip - End of a pool cue Tip - End of a pool cue Tip - Lead Tip - Lead
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20%, often (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - 20%, often. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter P.

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