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Pat - Game show host sajak

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Pat - "best shot" benatar Pat - "fire and ice" benatar Pat - "wheel of fortune" first name Pat - "wheel of fortune" host sajak Pat - "__ the bunny": touch-and-feel baby book Pat - '50s legend boone Pat - '60s first lady Pat - '80s icon benatar Pat - 'heartbreaker' singer benatar Pat - 'light touch, on the back say (3)' Pat - 'the prince of tides' author conroy Pat - A way to get it down Pat - A way to stand Pat - Action that is a synonym of its reverse spelling Pat - Actor morita Pat - Affectionate gesture Pat - Affectionate gesture - postman Pat - Affectionate touch Pat - Androgynous "s.n.l." character Pat - Androgynous 's.n.l.' character Pat - Answers, sometimes Pat - Apply 63-across to this word in three pairs of answers Pat - Apt anagram Pat - Apt for tender touch Pat - Back stroke? Pat - Benatar of rock Pat - Best way to get it down Pat - Best way to get it down? Pat - Billy the kid slayer garrett Pat - Bit of butter Pat - Bit of congratulations Pat - Bit of consolation Pat - Bit of encouragement Pat - Bit of frisking Pat - Boone or benatar Pat - Boone with the kitschy 'in a metal mood: no more nice guy' Pat - Boston footballer, for short Pat - Butter bit Pat - Butter helping Pat - Butter lump Pat - Butter measure Pat - Butter portion Pat - Butter quantity Pat - Butter serving Pat - Butter slice Pat - Butter square Pat - Butter unit Pat - Butter unit, in a restaurant Pat - By heart Pat - Caress girl, hitting the mark precisely Pat - Caress tenderly Pat - Coach riley Pat - Cold type takes up knob of butter Pat - Comedian paulsen Pat - Compliment "on the back" Pat - Congratulate nonverbally Pat - Congratulations indicator Pat - Congratulations, of a sort Pat - Contrived Pat - Conveniently; light touch Pat - Dab Pat - Dog's reward Pat - Early 70's white house name Pat - Either way, it's no great blow Pat - Emcee sajak Pat - Encouragement "on the back" Pat - Encouraging touch Pat - Excessively glib Pat - Facile Pat - Familiar saint? Pat - Famous prime ministerial pooch Pat - Father time, an irishman? Pat - Firm way to stand Pat - First lady after lady bird Pat - First lady before betty Pat - First lady nixon Pat - Frisk (with "down") Pat - Frisk, with "down" Pat - Frisk, with 'down' Pat - Frisking action Pat - From ireland with love Pat - Game show host sajak Pat - Gentle stroke Pat - Gentle stroke of the hand with fluent repetition Pat - Gentle touch Pat - Germs/nirvana/foo fighters guitarist ___ smear Pat - Gesture of affection Pat - Gillette stadium player, for short Pat - Girl dad has time for Pat - Give one on the back to 15 across back there Pat - Glib Pat - Glib; touch affectionately Pat - Glibly unconvincing Pat - Good way to get it down Pat - Good way to get something down? Pat - Got off him, word perfect Pat - Greet fido Pat - Guitarist metheny Pat - Has the one from ireland learned to have got it off? Pat - He has it off by heart Pat - He might have ella on his knee Pat - He will knock one back a little here Pat - He's well-rehearsed Pat - Highbury rice Pat - Hit gently Pat - Hit lightly Pat - How he might get it off, having learnt it well Pat - How some stand Pat - In ireland give him to a dog Pat - Inexact quantity of butter Pat - Irishman climbs up on the bar Pat - It might go on a roll Pat - It would be rather a blow if he were to come back Pat - It's up to him to turn it on Pat - Julia sweeney character Pat - Keep a tab on deposit for irishman Pat - Kind of hand Pat - Knob (of butter) Pat - Knock him up a little in ireland Pat - Knock him up from this part of the world Pat - Knock him up just a little Pat - Lady bird's successor Pat - Let this be the end of the spat paddy Pat - Light blow Pat - Light hand stroke Pat - Light hit Pat - Light stroke Pat - Light touch Pat - Light touch from boy or girl Pat - Light touch or stroke Pat - Light touch, on the back say Pat - Lightly touch a portion of butter Pat - Like some answers Pat - Like some poker hands Pat - Loving touch Pat - Mackenzie king's dog Pat - Male or female head, not english Pat - Margarine portion Pat - Margarine serving Pat - Margarine square Pat - Memorized Pat - Morita of "the karate kid" Pat - Motion while saying 'good dog!' Pat - Mr. sajak Pat - Mrs. nixon Pat - New england athlete, to fans Pat - New england gridder, for short Pat - New england player, for short Pat - Nice touch Pat - Nonverbal congratulations Pat - On the back at work, it's good; on the backside at work, it's bad Pat - On-the-back praise Pat - One may be dogged with approval of him in ireland Pat - One way to get something down Pat - One way to get things down Pat - One way to stand Pat - Opportune Pat - Overly glib Pat - Overly practiced Pat - Overly rehearsed Pat - Overly smooth Pat - Paleoconservative commentator buchanan Pat - Part 4 of advice Pat - Part 4 of epigram Pat - Perfectly Pat - Portion of butter Pat - Reassurance to rover Pat - Reassuring touch Pat - Rehearsed Pat - Return listening device for irishman Pat - Reward for an obedient puppy Pat - Reward, as a dog Pat - Rocker benatar Pat - Rover's reward Pat - Sajak of "wheel of fortune" Pat - Sajak of tv Pat - Sajak or boone Pat - Sajak or summerall Pat - Search, with "down" Pat - Serving of butter Pat - Show of support Pat - Show your approval of his coming from ireland Pat - Simplistic Pat - Singer benatar Pat - Singer boone Pat - Single serving of butter Pat - Slick; dab Pat - Small butter piece Pat - Small butter portion Pat - Small butter unit Pat - Smythe, who was supreme on tosca Pat - Soft touch Pat - Square for a roll Pat - Square in a breadbasket Pat - Square of butter Pat - Square on a muffin Pat - Square on a roll Pat - Square on the table? Pat - Square on toast Pat - Square spread on a slice Pat - Stand __ Pat - Stand __ (take no cards) Pat - Stand ___ (take no cards) Pat - Stroke Pat - Suitable Pat - Tap Pat - Tap affectionately Pat - Tap lightly Pat - Their debut single was this charming man Pat - To a tee Pat - To the point Pat - Too 3-down Pat - Too glib Pat - Too rehearsed Pat - Too simple Pat - Too slick Pat - Too smooth Pat - Touch affectionately Pat - Touch gently Pat - Touch gently; glib Pat - Touch lightly Pat - Touch lightly - bit of butter? Pat - Touch with hand Pat - Touch with tenderness Pat - Touch, as the bunny in a kid's book Pat - Touch; name Pat - Train singer monahan Pat - Trite Pat - Tv host sajak Pat - Tv's sajak Pat - Unconvincing Pat - Unconvincing, as an alibi Pat - Unconvincingly facile Pat - Unisex name Pat - Vanna's co-hort Pat - Vanna's co-worker Pat - Vanna's cohort Pat - Vanna's cohost Pat - Vanna's colleague Pat - Vanna's companion Pat - Vanna's partner Pat - Way of standing Pat - Way to stand Pat - Weezer drummer wilson Pat - Well-practiced, as an answer Pat - Well-rehearsed Pat - What a friendly gesture from an irishman Pat - What one from ireland might give to 9 or 12 across Pat - When you've learned it, you can get it off with him Pat - Word after stand or down Pat - Word before or after 'down' Pat - Word that is its own synonym when spelled backward Pat - Word that, spelled backward, can be a clue for itself Pat - Word whose meaning can be the same when read backward Pat - You can stand this! Pat - You might not be able to stand this Pat - Yukon premier duncan Pat - [see 39-down] Pat - __ hand Pat - __ on the back Pat - ___ down (frisk) Pat - ___-a-cake Pat - _____quinn